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A/N – Okay, for those of you who may not know, Turles is Goku's twin brother who popped up in the movie 'tree of might.' This fic is an A/U based around what might have happened if Goku had gone with Raditz and left the Earth open to attack, namely from Turles.

This first chapter, the prologue, is going to be Bulma's POV, but only this chapter, the other chapters will all be in 3rd person POV.

Anyhow I just ask that people be open minded about this fic, be prepared for lots of lemon, angst and most likely romance. Enjoy!

A big thankyou to Ane S. Thesia for beta reading for me! ^_^

Prologue –Ultraviolence- by Vegeta Goddess

(Lyrics 'Ultraviolence' by New Order)


Who saw those dark eyes

Who saw those dark eyes

These years gone by

Deep within

Burn my skin

All those years gone by

In the heat of the night

All those years gone by


I can still remember the day that our world began its first few spirals into darkness, the day that the world's hero left us behind.

Raditz stood almost seven feet tall, his hair reached down to his ankles in jaggered spikes and a ferocious scowl marred what could have been attractive features. Raditz was everything Goku was not; cruel, evil, malicious and devious. He appeared to know everything about Goku, his brother whom he called Kakarot, and what little Raditz didn't know he was quickly able to piece together.

Within minutes of Raditz's untimely arrival, all of those who were gathered on Kami Island knew that Goku was a saiyan and that he had been sent to Earth to destroy it. It was easier for us to accept this then it was for Goku. But Master Roshi confirmed everything that Raditz told us, and soon enough even Goku was forced to believe that indeed he was born to be a murdering planet pirate.

Raditz soon discovered that Goku had been hit on the head as a baby and had forgotten his mission to destroy Earth and kill all life forms.

Goku took it pretty well, all things considered, but no matter how well he had taken the news, what Raditz said next was something that none of us had been prepared for.

He told Goku that he had to leave with him, that he had to leave the Earth and his family behind and join the last remaining saiyans in space.

Goku declined, but Raditz new he would of course and knew exactly how to get Goku to change his mind.

He threatened to kill us, all of us, and after quickly beating Goku in a scuffle brought on by these threats, it was obvious not only that Raditz would do exactly as he had threatened, but that he had the power to do it too.

And so Goku had left with his long lost brother, he said his goodbyes to his son and his friends and had gone.

I had thought then that I would never see Goku again, of course I was wrong.


Who felt those cold hands

Who felt those cold hands

Touch my skin

Deep within

Burn my soul

Fell to the ground

Where I was found

All those years ago

All those tears ago

All those years ago


Two years had passed since Goku had left us and, slowly but surely, we had all given up hope of ever seeing him again.

But then he came.

There was no warning of his coming; I just woke up one day to find Capsule Corp in chaos and most of the world's largest cities destroyed by his gang of thugs.

His name was Turles, and it was he who ultimately destroyed the Earth.

He landed on Earth and planted a seed, which sucked out the Earth's energy, killing everything, plants and animals alike.

The Z gang tried to defend the Earth to the best of their abilities, and to give them credit, they were able to take out nearly all of Turles' men. But, when they were faced with Turles himself, the Z warriors fell one by one; Gohan, Yamcha, Krillen, Master Roshi, Tien, Choutzu and even Piccolo fell victim to his power.

And the whole time they were fighting Turles, the seed he had planted was flourishing, tearing through the worlds cities until a giant tree stood tall, feeding off the Earth's life energy to grow it's hellish fruit.

For the fruit from the tree of might had the ability to give the person who ate it incredible strength and it was this fruit, of course, which Turles thirsted for.

After the Z fighters were gone, the world stood no chance against him. Turles devoured the fruit and set out on a destructive rampage across the globe, killing anyone who had survived the initial growth of the tree.

And soon enough Turles stumbled upon me.

When I first saw him I thought it was Goku, for Turles was the mirror image of his brother. It wasn't until he spoke that I realised that this beast wasn't the man I had grown up with.

I alone was spared the fate which the rest of the Earth suffered; death. And in return for his apparent favour, Turles demanded that I become his lover.

And so, his strength now God-like from the fruit, Turles and his few remaining men left the Earth with me in tow, their esteemed leader's personal whore.

Turles was never cruel to me. I was never treated badly by him or any of his men, in fact, they were for the most part, civil to me. But each night Turles would take me into his bed and would use me again and again.

It had been three years since Goku left, one year since the Earth was destroyed, and not a day goes by that I wouldn't give anything to see Goku's smiling face one more time, to know that he's still alive.

Instead, I have to content myself with a face almost identical which stares at me with such passion in its gaze that sometimes I fear for my safety.


Everybody makes mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes

Even me

Just be free

This is a place

Where in the end

It happens in

Our world within


I lie in bed, Turles' arm wrapped possessively around me, my blue hair frames my face as I stare up at the ceiling. I know Turles is still awake, but he doesn't move or make a sound as he lies next to me, his tail twitching.

"Turles?" I hesitantly speak, unsure of how to talk to my lover.

"Mmm?" He yawns and his arm detangles from around me, giving me leave to turn over and stare at him. "What is it?"

"Why didn't you kill me?" I have never before asked Turles why he spared my life. I always assumed it was simple lust, but at times I have caught him staring at me from the corner of his eye, as if he is as puzzled by my feelings towards him as I am of his. He does not love me, I know that, but sometimes I feel that there is more to him keeping me alive them he tells me.

Now Turles stares at me as if I've gone mad, his usually scowling face now has a curious look on it. "What does it matter?"

"I don't know, it just does." I ignore his tail as it sweeps up my body and curls around my thigh; this is just his way of distracting me.

"I wanted a woman, you suited my purpose." He shrugs and moves closer to me.

"But why? Of all the woman you came across why me?" I allow Turles to take me into his arms.

Once again he shrugs. "You didn't scream when you saw me." He kisses my neck affectionately. "You feared for your life, I could smell your fear, but you didn't run or scream or faint. Maybe I thought you deserved to live."

I know that Turles won't tell me anymore, his eyes have a burning look to them as he pulls me closer yet, his hands stroke down my body as if I were a pet of some kind and he nibbles on my ear.

Despite my best efforts I giggle.

I do not love Turles, I do not even like him very much, but I would be lying if I said I do not enjoy sex with him.

Turles is a very passionate lover and everything he does to me is designed to arouse. Even from the very first time he took me he was gentle and caring with me, always careful not to hurt me too much, even in the very throws of passion.

Strange as it may be, I am glad that I didn't die on Earth with the rest of my species. I am now the only human being alive in the universe and although at first the thought of taking my own life crossed my mind many a time, I have since accepted my fate.

I am Bulma Briefs, the lover of a murderer who destroyed my planet, friends and family. Yet, despite all this, a gleam of affection lies within me for this man.


Time to go

Time to go


A/N – Okay that is the prologue, I hope it wasn't too shoddy, I'm not used to writing in first person POV you see. Anyhow in the next chapter stuff actually happens, maybe a lemon, maybe some romance…all I know is that Goku is going to come onto the scene again.

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