I was sitting in the front row listening to the priest going on about how god had taken a great woman from us and how loved she was by all of us and how she would be sorely missed by friends and loved one's and all I could think about was...has he lost his fucking mind! Could he honestly say he believed the shit that was coming out of his mouth!

I don't know why we're even here to be honest, she never wanted this shit, she wanted to be cremated and sent off in the ocean, she never believed in god. If that fucker was real then he would have prevented her from dying in the first place, I know she was old she was coming on 70 but it still don't make it right. I'm gonna miss like hell, my grandma Higgingbottom was bat shit crazy, but I loved her till the end, it's sad to say, but she was my best friend, and I had no clue what I was going to do without her.

So here I sat next to my mum, she was crying her eyes out, I don't know why they weren't really that close, don't get me wrong they loved each other in their own way, and saw each other from time to time but they weren't close that's just the way they were. But I had done my crying for the last few days since she had been gone, she would have been pissed at me for crying anyway, so I held back knowing she wouldn't like it.

When the priest finally shut his mouth, people began to stand, mum grabbed mine and Phil's hands as we made our way up the aisle to stand my the doors and thank everyone for coming. I was dreading this part because most of these people hadn't even been so see my grandma in years. I would know I visited her everyday and I didn't know half of these people, and there telling me that I was lucky to have such a great woman for a grandma and sorry for your loss...guess what I have to say to that..fuck this I was done, and I walked out of the church just as the next person was coming to give their condolences with my mother shouting my name.

I walked over to the bench outside and sat their, It was sunny as always in phoenix, it was about 85 degrees already and I was sitting here in a black dress that came to just below the knee with short sleeves...cos that wont make me hotter at all I thought sarcastically. I hated dressing like this it wasn't me, but according to my mother we had to look the part, which is stupid really, my grandma would have laughed if she saw me in this shit, But apparently we had to keep up appearances...yeah of course, if half the people here really knew her they, wouldn't have turned up in their snotty clothes they were wearing.

Sat there lost in my thought I didn't hear my mother until she sat next to me, I looked over at her, she was staring over at the grave yard when she said "What are you doing out here, why did you walk out like that huh?"

It was my time to look over at the grave yard this time and said "Cos its stupid just standing there while all these people telling me what a great woman she was, and how lucky I am...I think its complete bullshit, when is the last time half them snotty people in there came to visit her for a cup of tea..or to see if she needed anything or even to see how she was doing huh?...I was the one that went round every fucking day to see her, I did her washing, cleaning and the odd bit of cooking when she couldn't...and all these people have the guts to turn up here and tell me how fucking lucky I am.. They didn't give a shit and yet they still turn up and pretend they were great friends!" I didn't realise that we had drawn a crowd or that I had tears streaming down my cheeks...so much for not crying.

My mother was just staring at me with the look I could only describe as a deer caught in headlights look, if I wasn't so distraught and trying to stop crying I would have laughed at her, I don't think my mum had ever heard me talk like that ever.

When she'd composed herself, she looked up at me and smiled "You are so much like my mother it's not even funny Bella" She said and then laughed.

I stood there for a minute and looked around at the people still gawking at us..and I fucking glared right back at them, stared them right in their eyes until they looked away and walked off...snobs!

I looked over at my mum, who was looking at me with a rather proud look on her face. "Do you mind if I go home, I don't want to go to the wake a listen people talk about a woman they didn't know, I'm tired and I've had enough for one day?" I asked.

My mother gave me a mega watt smile and said "Sure sweetie...go home curl up and take a nap, if your still asleep when I get home I'll make you something to eat and bring it up to you" I gave her a pointed look and she let out a little laugh and said "or you could make something when you wake up" Renée was not a cook, the woman could burn a salad.

I gave my mum a hug and kiss on the cheek and said thanks as I walked over and got into my car to make my way home. It didn't take long we were only 5 minutes away from the church. I parked in the drive got out, I didn't bother locking it no one would bother to steal it, it was a pile of shit.

I walked through the front door and headed straight for the stairs into my bed room, I stripped out of the god awful dress, got a pair of boy shorts and a tank top and headed to the bathroom to jump in the shower, I didn't bother washing my hair, I had a shower a few hours ago, but its was hot outside and I needed to cool down. Once I got out I dried off and got dressed, brushed my teeth and got straight into bed and fell asleep.

And that's how I spent the next 2 weeks, I didn't have school we were on summer break, so all I did was eat, shit and sleep. I had my own little routine, I was handling things my way. Until my mum had enough and come barging in my room saying enough was enough that I had to sort myself out because we had things to do. We had to move on...like it was that easy, it had only been 3 weeks since she died, what did she want me to do forget her and pretend that she didn't exist.

"And what is so important that means I have to get out of bed mother of mine..huh?" I said, I didn't even bother looking up at her.

"We need to get to the solicitors for the reading of grandma's will" She said.

That got my attention, I sat up and looked at her in the eye "Well why do I have to go, ain't that your job?" I asked her.

"Well the solicitor called yesterday afternoon, said you and me had to be at their offices by noon today for the will reading, I have no idea what its about...so get up, showered and dressed and lets go..the sooner we go, the sooner we can get back" She said as she walked out of my room without giving me time to reply.

By the time I was showered, dressed we were out the door and on our way. It didn't take long..we were only 20 minutes away so it wasn't long before we were parked and walking into the block of offices. I hated stuffy buildings like this, they were full of pretentious people in expensive suits and had bad attitudes. We took the elevator up to the sixteenth floor, my mother went to talk to the slutty receptionist while I sat down and looked around. The place was nice if you like that sort of thing, It looked like someone had spent a lot of money to try to prove their worth somehow, quite sad really. The walls were like a deep red all dark wood chairs and coffee tables with magazines on them...yeah all very expensive.

Mum came over and said it would only be a few minutes wait, she was right..the door to the right opened and a balding fat man with glasses came out and called us in and told us to take a seat. His office was pretty much the same was the waiting area but with white walls and a book-case full of what I assume are legal books...nothing interesting then.

When the man started talking, I turned my attention to him as he introduced himself "Good afternoon. I'm Mr Andrews..I called you because Mrs Higgbottom had written a will about 3 weeks before she past, there's not much to get through so we can start"

They way he said 3 weeks before she past, it was almost as if he was insinuating that she knew she was dying before she wrote the will and didn't tell anyone. I looked a mum to see if she caught the slip and she looked at me as if to say...yeah I caught that too. I would've known she would have told me...I would've have known if something was wrong I would have!

I turned back to Mr Andrews again when he said "The will for Mrs Eva Higgingbottom states 50,000 dollars each to Mrs Renée Higgingbottom and Miss Isabella Marie Swan" I just fucking gawked at him...Where the fuck did she get all that from. I looked over at mum and she had the same bloody look.

I turned back as he was till talking "The house at 234 Barns road is to be given to Mrs Renée Higgingbottom, she said she knew you liked the house, now she has gone you can quit moaning it's all yours...so I'll put the keys and the deed in an envelope for you in just a minute" He said, my mum started crying and laughing at the same time and I just laughed coos it was just the sort of thing she would say.

"And finally Isabella, I was informed to give you this, and was asked to tell you to read it on your own please" He said. I gave him a funny look as he handed me a medium-sized brown envelope and said OK. I looked at my mum again, she smiled...she didn't seem to think anything was wrong so I didn't think anything of it.

Another 20 minuets later me and my mother were finished signing all the paper work stating we'd received all the paper work from the will reading. Then we were on our way home and the letter was burning a hole in my pocket...What did she want to tell me that's was so important that I couldn't show anyone else.

By the time we made it back. I wanted to run straight upstairs and find out what the letter said, but I was starving and needed a drink...it would have to wait a few minutes. I said hey to Phil as I walked to the kitchen to make a sandwich, he gave me the look of pity and I wanted to punch him in the face for it, I didn't need it.

After making a turkey salad sandwich and grabbed a can of coke from the fridge, I took it up to my room and sat on my bed where I had also placed the letter and just stared at it. I picked at my home-made turkey club...Come on Bella, be brave...what can she possibly have to say. Great now I'm talking to myself...it cant get much worse than that can it?. I let out a big whoosh of air, ripped the envelope open and pulled out the letter before I even registered what I was doing and started to read.

My dearest Isabella

Well all I can say is if your reading this letter then you know my time is up. I don't want you to be sad that I'm gone, as you probably guessed I knew it was coming it gave me a chance to prepare and make peace with that. And I did, I was OK with dying. As you read this I'll be with your grandfather and I'll be happy. So you can get out of bed now, because I know that's where you are young lady mopping around.

Anyway the real purpose for this letter was to let you know that your special..the chosen one as some might say.

You remember all those stories I told you as a little girl?...Yes you remember, I started when you was about 10 yrs old right up until a few weeks before I was gone. And I know you were just humoring me, thinking they were stories from a crazy old fool.

They weren't my dear.

I know you wont believe me until you see the changes your self and that's OK. Some of the changes wont be that noticeable, but I've noticed and that's why I'm writing you this letter. You have started loosing weight, you might not have noticed but I did, your face is thinner and you have grown taller, not to mention your balance problems have all but disappeared. I don't want you to be scared..next your hair will grow and then stop..if you cut it...it grow right back you will have to keep it tied up at all times, people are bound to notice until you move. I'll get to the moving part in a minute. Your eyes will also change color gradually, they'll go a few shades lighter until the eventually turn gold and your skin will become as hard as a rock.

Now when these things happen Isabella its time to move with your father in Forks. I don't care how you get there, what excuse you use...just get there. You are going to be needed..this is your destiny. You remember from the stories about the people I was talking about...their not like us, but cold ones...er.. Vampires in today's terms. I want you to listen to me carefully only trust those with Gold eyes Isabella its important. They will do you no harm, you stay with them and they will keep you safe. You will receive some but not all your powers, they will come gradually maybe 1 or 2 at a time... by the time your 18 you will have them all. You must keep your powers hidden from everyone but the Cullen's, they will help you. You will turn 100% immortal on your 18th birthday, but as far as I know you wont need to feed like the Cullen's do, you may not feed at all. They survive on the blood of animals, which is why they have gold eyes and not red and I this only once...STAY AWAY FROM THE RED EYES ISABELLA UNTIL YOUR 18 AND RECIEVED ALL YOUR POWERS.

You will be powerful Isabella I need you to remember all the stories I told you as a child. With great power comeS great responsibility. Remember those words. You have a destiny to fill. I'm not entirely sure what it's about... but you will have trouble with a big powerful coven that could end everything as we know it. as I said before you are the chosen one you must do what must be done.

Finally a bit about the Cullen's. You will be mated...you will find your soul mate and it will be instant on your part you'll know as soon as you look at him...but not on his, he will have to contend with his bloodlust...again remember the stories. I believe your mate goes by the name of Edward and he can also read minds...but not yours unless you let him.

Alice Cullen can see the future when you let her. (mates with Jasper)

Jasper Cullen can change and manipulate emotions...again not your unless you want him too.

Emmett Cullen he has nothing but strengh..but you will be stronger.

Rosalie Cullen Is very loyal to her family comes across cold. (mates with Emmett)

Esmé Cullen is this the mother, does a lot of charity work (mates with Carlisle)

Carlisle Cullen, Doctor at local hospital (father )

You will need these people Isabella, they will help you with what needs to be done. I know you wont believe me. Just remember when the changes start to move along... its time to move. They don't know your coming but you must move..you must!

That's all I can tell you...The rest is up to you now dear..its vital you remember the stories they will help you along the way and tell you nearly everything you will need to know. I'll be watching over you and I love you with all my heart dear, go and make me proud.

The crazy old fool

I put the letter on my and bed sat back..then laughed my fucking ass off...she was bat shit crazy for sure!

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