I followed Bella up the stairs leading to the front door with my hand resting on the small of her back, I wanted to laugh at Esme's question..but I didn't think it was funny until we had our talk and found out what was going on. I took a sideways glance at Bella from the corner of my eye, I had to smirk a little, she was going be fun. I can't actually believe she smelled me, and I'm totally amazed she managed to hide her scent, there was no way I was going to be able to be this close to her without trying kill her especially with her being my singer, that would be a shame because she felt so good in my arms, like she was actually made to be there, Well I suppose he technically was.

Edward do you know what's going on I heard in my head, I looked up at Carlisle and gave him slight nod to let him know in fact I do know, He gave me a wary look as I led Bella over to the couch in the middle of the room.

I looked over at her, and from the look on her face she was in pure shock, I had to chuckle quietly to my self, I lent down to her ear a whispered "Bella, you OK?"

She jumped a little and spun around to look at me and said "Huh?...yeah, This place is amazing, and huge!" her eyes went as large as saucers as she said huge. It was hard not to laugh at her, as far as I'm concerned it was just a house, I suppose it was quite impressive to a normal persons standards. And now I sound like a snob...nice.

"Esmé designed it, it was like a project of hers" I said

"Wow..It's really nice, you should be proud of your mum Edward" She whispered.

Out the corner of my eye I saw Esmé give a smile as I sat on the couch, She was proud of the house, It was one of the best she's done yet or so she says. "Oh I am Bella...come sit, let's get this out the way and see if we can get you some answers"

She sat down next to me but left a respectful gap between us, I wanted to frown at her for sitting so far away but I didn't want to make her uncomfortable. Get that look off your face Edward, you look like a lost puppy it disgusting. My head snapped up and my eyes locked on to Rosalie, and gave her the most menacing glare I could muster and hissed "What did I tell you, or have you forgotten already" I looked over at Emmett and glared at him, I know it's not his fault, but I was sick of his wife's attitude. "Emmett shut your wife up before I throw her into the fucking wall!" I snapped my head but up to Rosalie "You've been warned". I hissed again.

"Edward" I looked over at Carlisle and Esmé, They both had a shocked look on their faces I just shrugged at them and heard a huff from Rosalie, selfish little bitch. I looked over at Emmett when I heard sorry dude in my head, I nodded at Emmett

I sat back and then heard another voice in my head Edward calm down, your making me nervous. my head snapped to Bella and looked at her in the eye and said I'm sorry, Rosalie is just being bitch is all. I gave her a half-smile which she returned and said I know you forget I can hear everything she's thinking, to be honest I think she's a bit self-absorbed her eyes went huge as I laughed out loud and nodded at her Your not the first to say that I said and chuckled again. I'll be the first to admit I need a new verbal filter. I laughed again and slung my hand over her shoulder and tucked her in my side, it felt so natural. "There's nothing wrong with you verbal filter beautiful" I said.

"Yeah OK, Wouldn't be the first time I got myself in trouble". she said with a chuckle as a light shade of pink dusted her cheeks. God she was beautiful.

I lifted my finger and slowly stroked her cheek, smirked and said "Oh yeah?" Her heartbeat stuttered and my smirk got a lot wider. We were knocked out our bubble from the rather loud huff from across the room, My eyes left Bella and looked at the rest of my family in various stages of shock, I gave them all a funny look and said "What?"

"Nothing Edward, Esmé and I were just wondering why you brought a human here" He said to quite for a normal human to hear, but of course Bella could hear.

I chuckled, looked over at him and said "Carlisle she can hear you"

He sat up straighter and said "What?"

"She can hear you, that's part of the reason we brought her hear to talk to you" I said.

I looked over at Bella and thought Do you wanna tell or do you want me to.

"You and then I'll answer any questions I can" She said, and I gave her a nod.

I looked back at Carlisle and said "It seems Bella here is my singer and also my mate"

"How are you sat there like that with no problem Edward, I don't think its true?" You know what happened to Emmett's singer.

"It's OK she's managed to cover her scent, if you smell you'll see she doesn't smell of anything" I said rather proud of her.

"Impossible" He said sat there staring at her like she was a fascinating science project or something.

"From what Bella has told me so far in short story... she was told stories by her grandmother growing up, they were actually some sort of prediction" I said looking at Bella "Am I right so far?"

"Yes, she told me an awful lot of stories growing up, and I thought that's all they were, But she died a few months back and left me a letter in her will explaining that they were in fact true and the little girl from the stories was in fact me. I thought she was just bat shit crazy you know, that was until the things she said in the letter about changes actually started to happen" she looked so scared.

"What changes?" Carlisle said, he and everyone else was in the room was on the edge of their seats, although Jasper,Alice, Rose and Emmett already knew. Bella looked up at me and I nodded to let her know it was OK to carry on.

"Well at first I tried to block it out, and not look for anything, it was just ramblings from an old woman who had experience telling stories. But then my eyes went from brown to like a dark shade of gold over the last few weeks and there getting lighter as the days go by, my hair was shoulder length a month ago, it's now down to my waist, If I cut it, it automatically grows back" She said, I have to say I'm impressed, I rather like her hair as it is.

"So do you know exactly what's happening to you Bella?" Esmé said, She wasn't sure she believed Bella as her eyes for starters were brown and not dark gold like she said it seemed far-fetched to her. Bella looked up and me and thought please can you say it Edward I nodded at her and looked at the rest of my family and took a deep breath and let slowly.

"Well it seems as well as them changes, Bella's sense's have gotten better, her eye sight is sharper, smell is stronger, and from what she told me she can hear everything with in a mile, and her skin is taught, harder and paler compared to how it used to be." I heard shocked gasps from Carlisle and Esmé Are you saying what I think you are Edward. I looked up at Carlisle and said "Yes Carlisle, it appears Bella is turning without being bitten and with no pain it seems."

Carlisle stood rather quickly it made Bella jump as he started to pace the floor, I pulled her tighter to be and thought It's OK, just give him a minute to think, he's never heard anything like it before. She looked up at me and gave me a little smile and said "I know that I can hear him remember" I chuckled and thought I know.

"What was that?" Carlisle said as his gaze snapped to mine.

"What?" I said.

"What was that, just then, between you two?" He said as his eyes widened. You want to tell him? I thought looking at Bella, She flicked her gaze to me and nodded with a wary gaze.

"Well you see, that's not the only thing I've gained since all this started, I seem to have some abilities as well, I have 4 at the moment until I reach the age of 18 I will turn full immortal and then I regain the full amount...I'm not sure what they are, they seem to just come to me when I least expect it" She said in a small voice.

"OK, lets start with what abilities you've gained then we'll start with the rest" Carlisle said.

"Erm..well so far I have Telekinesis, can read minds, if I touch some one like skin to skin contact, like I did with my father I saw flashes or memories from the past and manipulation, I found that out my accident." She said, She looked up at Carlisle, I didn't have to to read her mind to know she was hoping he had all the answers she needed.

"Interesting, OK we'll talk a little more about that them in a minute, Tell me what you meant by turning immortal?" He said.

"As far as I know on my 18th birthday I'll turn full immortal, a vampire like the rest of you, In the letter it said I may never have to feed, I guess I'll find that out soon as my birthday is in 2 weeks. In the mean time I'll gain more abilities up an till my birthday then I'll receive the full amount I don't know how many that is." she said in a meek voice.

"And you say that this was predicted?" He said.

"Yes, I was told told to remember the stories from my childhood and then I would know what to do, But the more I think the more my mind goes blank, But I did recover some this afternoon in my truck...From what I remember in the 1800's there was a woman named Edna Higgingbottom and she predicted that a girl would be born sometime in the future, as the chosen one she would have a birth mark in the shape of a crescent moon on her shoulder blade...And that seems to be me along with the other changes so far" She said

"It's true, my god!" My head snapped up to Carlisle as soon as the words left his mouth.

"You know about this?" I said.

"I've heard yes, everyone has."

"Well I haven't" I said with a bit of a huff.

"According to what I've heard Bella, your meant to destroy the Volturi, But I'll have to talk to Eleazar and get all the facts before I can tell all, Aro has been searching for years for the person that is meant to over power him and take his place." Carlisle said. I sat there along with the rest of my family in shock.

"What place...I don't want a place, and who is Aro.?" She asked in a panicked voice.

I looked down at Bella and said "He's what you call the king of all Vampires, He's over 3000 years old and with his guard he has to protect him, that makes him the most powerful." I said in a somewhat somber voice.

"Well ain't that just fucking great" She muttered.

Carlisle stood up again and walked over to the stairs and said "Right I'm going to call Eleazar and see what he can tell me, Apart from him I want you all to keep this to your selves. Aro has been looking for years, we don't need him turning up here if he hears rumours through the grape-vine, We only speak of this here, we don't know if anyone is about" and that was that as he made his way upstairs to make the call.

"Can you trust this person Carlisle is going to call Edward?" Bella asked.

"Yes, he and his family are like ours..Gold eyes." I said with a smile.

"And who would be about to hear us talk?" she asked.

"From time to time Aro sends a few members of his guard to keep a check on us, We are a large coven as far as coven's go, and with the abilities Jasper Alice and I have he looks for the slightest thing we do wrong and tries to use it against is to make us join him and his guard." I said.

"Well don't he sound like he's just full of fun and games" I had to chuckle at her wit in the middle of everything she was going through she still manages to find a way to joke.

"Lets go and get you a drink while we wait for Carlisle to finish on the phone". I pulled her up using my hand and led her to the kitchen. I just prayed he had more info than he gave us earlier, and if Bella remembered the stories hopefully that will help, I don't wont to lose her now that I've found I mean I've waited over 90 years for her and not even known it.

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