Here it is guys, my new fic! As you can read, it's a Naruto crossover, but with a visual novel called Fortissimo/Akkord: Bsusvier, which most of you likely have never even heard of. In which case, I highly recommend it as it is an excellent visual novel (strictly my opinion). A guy by the username of COMegamanexe has an entire walkthrough of FortissimoEXA/Akkord: Bsusvier (essentially a complete version of the original mentioned) on Youtube, so if you're interested in checking it out, watch his walkthrough(s) of it.

Now with that bit said, this fic is sort of a crossover in that I will be using a lot of concepts from the visual novel (that I will be doing my best to stay faithful to for the sake of making things easy to understand and all) though I will be putting my own twist or changes on a small number of them. While this could easily be done and presented in a non-crossover Naruto fic, I want to still give credit when credit is definitely due. That and I want to try and promote Fortissimo a bit; it needs more love.

And on another note, with the exception of perhaps one or two characters (perhaps not even that), I won't actually be using any characters from the visual novel, but I will be creating OCs that are heavily based on them with the exception of a few. So if you're not a real big fan of OCs, then you might want to stop reading this already. The reason for this is that this is yet another thing I want to try out and see how I do in addition to the fact that since characters carrying over from one manga/game/etc. to another for them to essentially do the same thing as they did in canon as seen in a number of fanfictions I've come across are a little redundant in a way, I want to try and mix things up.

Also, as you'll quickly see, I'm also using another fanfic concept in this fic that has proven to be rather popular with others.

Now with that out of the way, let's get it started!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Fortissimo/Akkord: Bsusvier, though I certainly wish I did. They belong to Masashi Kishimoto and La'cryma respectively.

One last side note: title of fic may be subject to change, just letting you know for the sake of things.

The God Slaying Wolf Prologue

In the time of the Sage of the Six Paths, there was more than just more going in the world than the birth of ninja. It was also around this time that magic came to be, leading to the birth of magi. No one is quite certain just how or where exactly magic first got its start – though overtime through meticulous study, it would be revealed that strange, alien stones had something to do with this, merging with certain people prior to them ever awakening as a magus – but the number of people who could use it grew slowly overtime and usually kept their powerful abilities hidden from the rest of the world, not wanting to attract the attention of the shinobi, whose culture was flourishing following the Sage of the Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, defeating the monstrous Juubi, the God Tree, and spreading the art of ninjutsu across the countries.

However, one day this all changed. A group that called itself Voluspa, which was dedicated to researching the unearthly stones, was found out by a small number of shinobi and these shinobi, upon discovering the existence of magi, attacked Voluspa in an attempt to take the stones they had and try to use them to make themselves stronger. Members of Voluspa fought back, but unfortunately their abilities, strange in the eyes of shinobi, earned them far more attention than they ever would have preferred and soon more and more shinobi would show up to try and take them down.

In the end, a small war erupted between magi and shinobi, this war kept secret from the rest of the world. This miraculous secrecy was due to Voluspa who eventually managed to create a machine that generates a dimension known as Ai Space, where magi could fight against shinobi that had managed to take and merge with the stones, thereby becoming magi themselves upon awakening.

All the while, the people that were not fighting on the frontlines tried to think of ways to put an end to all of the fighting and restore order to the world, before things escalated anymore. To this end, the most brilliant and dedicated scientists of Voluspa did their best to try and replicate a stone, which was nearly pitch black in color and odd in shape upon creation. This stone was created with the intention of whoever it merged with would become the ultimate magus, one with the power to finally put an end to the war.

However, much like the original stones, this manmade stone would only fuse with a person who was born with latent magical abilities that lied dormant deep within themselves. And in this case, and this case alone, the stone would only bond with the strongest of them all.

After many failed attempts, Voluspa would finally find the only person that the stone had deemed worthy of merging with, a member of their own group, much to their bitter irony after having spent months on end of searching outside of the organization.

This member was a man that had a certain air about him, one that radiated absolute confidence and power and commanded respect from everyone around him, despite not being a shinobi nor a warrior in general at the time.

Voluspa and other magi had rejoiced following the merging of this man and the black stone, thinking that soon their battle with the shinobi would be brought to an end so that they can return to secrecy. But, much to the shock of everyone, including the man himself, he could not awaken as a magus. No matter how much he trained, no matter how many battlefields he fought on, no matter how many people he ended up defeating, he did not awaken his innate magus abilities.

Euphoria amongst magi had given way to resentment overtime and soon the man was seen as a sort of outcast, a failure. Despite how strong he grew even without awakening, he simply was not powerful enough to end the war. And so the war continued.

But one day, this had changed.

One shinobi who had merged with a stone stolen for Voluspa, awoke as a magus and his abilities had proven to be terrifyingly powerful. Quickly becoming drunk on his own power, the newly awakened magus had gone on a rampage, during this time managing to destroy the machine that generated Ai Space and as a result the dimension collapsed. The fighting between Voluspa and the shinobi-turned-magi spilled over to the real world, where the insane shinobi that had now been labeled as the Rogue Flame would proceed to slaughter them all, laying waste to everything around him in maddening glee.

It was at some time during his rampage that he had stumbled across a small village that by sheer chance the man who had bonded with the pitch black stone lived. The man, who along with the rest of Voluspa had not foreseen the Rogue Flame's attack, had only watched in horror and helplessness as he returned to his home village in time to see it burning, the flames rising high into the sky and flickering malevolently, like a scene directly out of the pits of hell.

The man had searched whatever had remained intact of the village, desperate to save anyone, but to no avail. Everyone that had been in the village at the time of the attack had been killed. The only survivors were those who had been out of the village at the time.

Despair had struck the man as he eventually stumbled across the charred corpse of his wife. This shock, combined with everything that had led up to this horrific sight, was enough for the man to finally awaken as a magus.

Immediately following his awakening, the man hunted down the Rogue Flame and killed him and then proceeded to put an end to the war before it was even night that very same day, his abilities proving to be above and beyond anything any other magus has ever known.

But despite his victory and the return to secrecy for magi, it had been a most bitter irony for the man; in order for him to have awakened as a magus to protect what he held dear, he first had to lose it all.

The man, overcome with bitterness, would then disappear from the world, with a new goal in his mind. It was a goal that he vowed he would see accomplished.

No matter what it may take.

Many, Many decades later…..

"I got it!" a young girl, seven years old, exclaimed happily. Said girl was of slightly below average height for her age and had long red hair and bright blue eyes, which she had inherited from her mother and father respectively. She was Reiko Uzumaki Namikaze, daughter of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze.

Her father, the esteemed Yellow Flash himself, stood nearby with a proud smile on his face. "Great job, Reiko!" he said proudly as he looked over the damage done to the log they had used for Reiko to practice a low level wind jutsu on.

Kushina was nearby as well and was all but squealing for her daughter's success. "You'll be a great kunoichi in no time," she said, with a big smile on her face.

From his room in the family's pleasant two storied house, Naruto Namikaze, elder twin brother of Reiko, watched the rest of his family interacting from through the window. Unlike his sister, who mainly took after their mother with the exception of the eyes and skin complexion, Naruto took almost completely after Minato, with the only real difference being their skin complexion. Whereas Minato had a skin complexion that was almost more along the lines of a tan, Naruto had the light, almost pale complexion of his mother. And unlike his sister, Naruto was of slightly above average height for his age.

The elder Namikaze child sighed tiredly. "There they go again…." He muttered with a hint of disdain in his voice. It's always been this way, for as long as he could remember.

This was because of what happened nearly seven years ago, when the two of them had been born. The powerful biju, the Kyuubi, had attacked the village on that very same day and Minato had gone off to fight the beast, only to be incapable of actually defeating it. With the impossibility of actually defeating the Kyuubi, Minato was only able to turn to one option: sealing it, which is exactly what he did, sealing the strongest of all the biju into Reiko, turning her into a jinchuriki. Amazingly, Minato didn't die as a result of the sealing, as the Reaper Death Seal was supposed to kill the user, only for said creature to decide holding off on taking Minato's soul for the time being apparently.

It had been following this that she was proclaimed a hero by the village when Minato revealed what he did to the populace. Ever since then, Reiko has been treated like gold while Naruto had simply been pushed off to the side. Even his own parents paid more attention to his sister over the years than they ever have to him.

At first, this had greatly angered him and caused him great despair. But as of now, at only seven years of age, Naruto had simply stopped to feel any real connection with his family as his parents were always busy attending to Reiko outside of their own duties – Minato as hokage and Kushina as an occasional instructor for new Anbu recruits – while paying him less and less mind. Though every now and then, he'd feel a smidgen of anger whenever he saw scenes like this.

"And they've never said just how the Kyuubi got loose anyway," he thought as he got up from his current sitting spot. He and Reiko were both aware of the fact that their mother had been the previous jinchuriki for the Kyuubi. While Reiko didn't really seem to pay this little fact any mind, Naruto did, wondering just how in the hell the Kyuubi got free in the first place then. Naturally, this was a question his parents never bothered to answer.

Putting his shoes on, Naruto ran a hand through his spiky hair as he then walked out of his room, down the stairs and decided to leave for a bit. It's been a few days since he's seen his friends anyway. "Heading out for a bit," he said loud enough for his parents and sister to hear. He received no reply. This got a twitch out of him, though his facial expression seemed unreadable.

He slammed the door on his way out.

Naruto walked with hands in pocket through the village as he made his way to where he and his two friends mainly hung out, that being one of the training fields, one that was the furthest away from the village. As he took his time walking to the training field, not a single villager or shinobi he passed by so much as even glanced at him. Even though he was the eldest child of the hokage, he meant very little in the eyes of others, being virtually unknown as everyone paid far more attention to his outgoing and energetic sister.

Naruto walked in silence, in turn not paying the rest of the crowd any heed at the moment. It took him a while to get there, but about twenty minutes of walking later, he finally arrived. As luck would have it, he was not the only one there.

"Naruto," said the only other person, a boy around the same age as Naruto. He was of average height for his age and was of a lean and wiry build for a kid. His somewhat shaggy black hair framed his face a bit, the boy's matching black eyes locking onto Naruto. He smiled. "How are you doing?"

Naruto smiled too. "Doing good, Ryuichi. You?" he replied as he walked forward, his eyes unconsciously looking over the training field like always. The training field he and his friends favored was pretty plain, with a flat grass land look to it, though there were several boulders surrounding the large field in a circular pattern. But there was one thing that made the training field stand out and it was this that Naruto's eyes locked onto.

Right there, on the opposite end of the training field from where Naruto was at, stood a large and beautiful sakura tree, its petals practically glowing in the sunlight. Wordlessly, Naruto walked up to it and pressed his right hand against it and closed his eyes. Ryuichi watched this in silence, having grown used to this; it was a habit that Naruto had developed when they first started coming to this training field.

Naruto sighed in contentment as a moment later he finally took a step back. He wasn't sure just why this sakura tree was even here in the village at all, as it contrasted with the other trees that were in the general area, but he wasn't complaining. For reasons he just couldn't explain, there was just something about this tree that put him at peace whenever he came.

"I'm doing well too, by the way," Ryuichi said in amusement.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, having already forgotten he had just asked how Ryuichi had been doing too. "Ah, my bad."

Ryuichi just laughed and got off the boulder he had been sitting on and began to approach Naruto. He began to clench and unclench his right hand. "Well, since all we've been doing lately is either just hanging out or training on our own, how about we have a quick spar? It's been a while since we've done that," he stated.

Naruto smirked. Whenever it came to conversation, things always did appear a little awkward between the two of them, just like now with how they've barely said anything to one another for the past few minutes since arriving.

But then again, the two of them never really one for verbal communication. Instead, they communicated with one another through another way.

Naruto chuckled as he took up a fighting stance, one that was based off of the standard stance taught by the academy, though with his own spin on it. "Sounds good to me. Bring it, Ryuichi."

Ryuichi grinned and took up a fighting stance as well. As soon as he did so, he let out a bit of a battle cry as he then charged straight at Naruto, surprisingly fast for one so young.

But Naruto wasn't taken off guard by the speed and so was able to tilt his head back in time to dodge the punch that Ryuichi promptly tossed his way.

Ryuichi wasn't done just yet though, letting the momentum of the punch spin him about to execute a roundhouse kick that Naruto had to actually leap back to avoid.

Then Naruto took advantage of the opening left after it to rush forward and deliver an uppercut at Ryuichi's exposed torso, only for his friend to raise his right arm to guard against the hit. Naruto threw a few more punches after that, one aimed for Ryuichi's face while the others were aimed for his lower torso, but Ryuichi, despite being a kid, dodged them all with a finesse that would have looked more at home on a seasoned chunin.

Naruto couldn't help but grin a bit and the same went for Ryuichi. Both of them were unusually talented in taijutsu for kids so young as shown when the two of them began to start trading more blows right now, with the two being nearly even, though Ryuichi was beginning to gain an advantage and Naruto found himself slowly getting forced back as he started to attack less and defend more, dodging and blocking the many punches and kicks that Ryuichi was throwing at him.

It got to the point where Naruto had no choice, but to roll out of the way as Ryuichi leapt a bit to do a fierce reverse roundhouse, the kick just barely missing Naruto. As he rolled underneath the airborne Ryuichi, Naruto managed to reach out and grab him by the leg and pull down. Ryuichi could only yelp in surprise before he crashed into the ground.

Naruto then charged at him, but this was rewarded with Ryuichi quickly recovering and kicking him hard in the chest with both feet. Naruto gasped, losing air as he staggered back and fell, though he rolled to end up on his knees rather than on his back.

He did this just in time to see Ryuichi leap to his feet and Naruto spotted an opening as he did so. Shrugging off the pain as best as he could, he ran forward at Ryuichi. His friend saw this coming and threw a haymaker, but Naruto had in turn seen this coming too and moved low, spinning about and smashing an elbow right into Ryuichi's side. Ryuichi's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets from the strong and well placed hit and he stumbled back, clutching the wounded area.

Naruto dashed forward a few steps and punched Ryuichi again in the midsection, nearly making him double over. Naruto blinked in surprise right after that as Ryuichi appeared to double over too much. Then surprise gave way to shock when Ryuichi somersaulted forward. "Oh cr-!" he began only to get cut off as the back of Ryuichi's right shoe smashed into his face.

Naruto was knocked back at a bit of an awkward angle, as though he did a backflip and failed at it. He groaned. "Owww….." he said, clutching his nose, which was now bleeding a bit.

"That's my line," Ryuichi coughed out as he slowly got up. He wheezed as he rubbed the spots where he got hit. He then made his way over to Naruto and offered him his hand, which Naruto took and stood up. "You alright?"

Naruto grinned despite the pain. "Eh, I'll heal. Times like these make me glad I'm an Uzumaki; strong vitality and all that." He paused as he began to wipe the dirt off his clothes. "You've gotten better."

Ryuichi smiled a little cheekily, a bit of surprise as he was usually not the playful type. "So have you. Amazing what training can do for us if we really give it our all."

Naruto nodded as he finished wiping off the dirt. "Yeah. That and it's because of that scary Bushy-Brows guy…."

He and Ryuichi shivered at that as they recalled the first time they met Maito Gai, nearly a year ago or so when they had first met and started to train. The green jumpsuit wearing man had been passing by at the time of them training one time and lent them a hand in their physical and taijutsu training, having been touched by their 'youth' (i.e. the surprising intensity in which the two had put forth in their training) at that time. Every now and then, Konoha's Green Beast would seek them out to see how things were progressing with their training. While his help was much appreciated, the two boys could go without the man's terrifyingly large eyebrows and obsession with youth.

"Y-Yeah…." Ryuichi muttered. He and Naruto respected the man greatly, but damn it if he wasn't an odd one.

"Oh, you two are already here?" a young girl's voice called out to them.

Both boys turned to see a young girl, just a few months younger than them, entering the training field. Said girl was of average height for her age, with a skin complexion almost matching Naruto's. The girl had long light brown hair currently tied back into a ponytail and light blue eyes. Currently, the girl was dressed in plain clothing, the kind one wouldn't have a problem with getting dirty. In her right hand, she carried a wooden sword.

"Miki, hey there," Naruto said with a smile as he waved to his other only friend. Ryuichi waved too, but didn't say anything, simply opting for a cheerful smile.

Miki simply looked at the two and took note of Naruto's nose, which was still bleeding. She also didn't miss the disheveled look of the clothes both boys wore. She simply giggled as she walked towards them. "Already sparred, huh?"

Both boys looked sheepish. "Yeah, you know it. Shame you weren't here; you'd have seen me have Ryuichi on the ropes," Naruto bragged.

Ryuichi shook his head and smacked Naruto lightly on the back. "Odd. That's not how I remember it just a moment ago. Maybe I hit you too hard?" he said.

The child of the hokage rolled his eyes. "As if."

At this point, Miki had gotten close enough to the boys for her to pull a small clothe out of her pocket and use it to wipe Naruto's nose, which took said boy by surprise. "M-Miki?"

She smiled a bit ruefully. "You did know you still had a bloody nose, right?" She wiped up the blood and then tossed the clothe onto one of the boulders. She made a mental note to wash the clothe later or something.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Ah, my bad." He glared at Ryuichi right after that as he heard the other boy chuckle.

Ryuichi stepped forward a bit, eyeing Miki's wooden sword. "How goes the kenjutsu training?" he asked.

At that, Miki sighed. "Not too bad, but it'd be nice if I can pick up the training pace a bit more; tou-san and kaa-san fret too much." She looked a little bummed, but there was a bit of understanding in her looks too. After all, it wouldn't do for someone so young to practice with deadly weapons.

Ryuichi nodded in agreement, his eyes closed and arms crossed. Then he opened his eyes. "In that case, care for a spar? I'm curious to see how good your technique is now."

Miki smirked and nodded. Ryuichi smirked in return and then looked at Naruto. "How about it, Naruto? You want to spar again too?"

Naruto waved him off as he started to walk towards one of the boulders. "Sure. After you guys are done though. The last time all three of us fought at the same time, things got a little too out of hand, even for me at the time."

His friends wordlessly agreed with that and thus proceeded to get to their spar. Both Miki and Ryuichi took several steps away from each other, Ryuichi taking up his earlier fighting stance while Miki raised her sword at an angle in front of her.

Both of them had a steely look in their eyes, a stark contrast to the semi-serious and mostly playful look that Naruto and Ryuichi had during their spars. The reason behind this was simple enough: both Miki and Ryuichi were essentially mortal enemies when it came to sparring. In Miki's case, since she was so young and all she's focused on was kenjutsu so far in her short life, her taijutsu skills were horrible and if she ended up with her wooden sword knocked out of her hands, then she has essentially lost as she wouldn't be able to go against Ryuichi's far superior taijutsu.

In Ryuichi's case, while he held the taijutsu advantage, Miki had the range advantage due to the size and length of her wooden sword. And her skill with it was praiseworthy for one barely starting out in kenjutsu, so that just made her all the more dangerous. But what he was always worried about when sparring with her was her philosophy of kenjutsu being a deadly art meant to defeat the opponent as swiftly as possible. Because of this philosophy of hers, Miki always goes for what could be deemed the ending blow, not holding anything back. And while this philosophy-turned-training may not leave her with too much stamina since she always tried to end things swiftly, Miki's strength was surprisingly great, being just a few notches below him and Naruto, so a direct hit from her is going to hurt a lot, to the point where he'll be wishing he had Naruto's constitution afterwards.

It was a bit funny in a way; Miki took sparring so seriously because of her own surprising philosophy and the belief that not ending it quickly could lead to defeat whereas Ryuichi took things so seriously because of Miki never holding back and in turn always unconsciously not holding anything back either, leading to Miki being on the offensive more to keep him from disarming her and so on. It was really one big circle in a way.

Naruto sat down on one of the boulders, shifting around a bit as it felt rather unbalanced, like it might roll out of place if he moved too much.

It was as he did this that his friends started their spar.

As Ryuichi expected, Miki immediately rushed forward, wooden sword held high overheard. With a yell, she swung down fast enough that Ryuichi only barely managed to step back to avoid it. The young boy then moved a bit to his right and jabbed at Miki, but she raised her sword in time to guard against it, Ryuichi's fist smashing harmlessly into the wooden object.

Undeterred by this, Ryuichi went low and performed a leg sweep, but Miki lightly jumped to avoid it and swung her sword at an angle. Ryuichi had duck to avoid the swing and rolled back after his failed attack, trying to put some space in between him and Miki.

But his female friend gave chase. Despite how serious he takes this, Ryuichi couldn't help but chuckle very briefly. "Always on the offensive," he thought.

Miki spun around, arms extended as far as she can manage as she swung. It was once again dodged by Ryuichi and the boy retaliated against this with a high kick aimed for Miki's chest. Just like he had done, Miki dodged, but only barely as she had to use the back of the wooden sword to slightly deflect the kick in the process. She then moved forward a bit and tried to smash the bottom of her sword hilt into Ryuichi's side, but he actually caught her arms before she could do anything and pushed her back.

Miki stumbled and it was at this sight that Ryuichi actually decided to really go on the attack and he charged right at her, jumping and attempting to kick her in the chest. Miki saw it coming and managed to regain her balance in time to jump a bit and as Ryuichi's kick passed right by her, both of them lashed out, cross countering one another.

Miki had swung her wooden sword and the flat side of it slammed into Ryuichi's side, while Ryuichi had managed to swivel his upper body enough to throw a punch that had hit Miki in the left side of the face. Both of them cried out in pain and surprise from the cross counter and ended up getting knocked back, with Miki falling onto her butt while Ryuichi, who had still been slightly airborne when hit, hit the ground a little awkwardly and ended up rolling across the ground a bit.

Naruto, having watched the brief spar in silence until now, was surprised and worried now. Those hits had looked rather nasty. "You guys alr-, whoa!" he began to say as he quickly began to move off of the boulder, but the sudden movement caused the boulder to roll backwards and he ended up falling forward on his face.

Naruto quickly began to get up, a little embarrassed as the fall had only slightly stung. "Just awesome…" he muttered sarcastically. As he stood, he immediately dusted himself off and moved quickly towards the downed Ryuichi and Miki. "You alright?" he asked as he helped Ryuichi up and then Miki.

"Ow, ow, ow…" Ryuichi muttered as he held his side. "That was a pretty good hit…."

"I can say the same thing…." Miki quietly said as she rubbed the quickly forming bruise on her face. She paused in her actions to look at Naruto. "How about you? I just saw you fall…."

Naruto rubbed the back of his head, averting her gaze. "So damn embarrassing…."

Ryuichi managed to shrug off the pain he was feeling just long enough to pat Naruto on the shoulder. "It happens to the best of us," he said with a chuckle, only to stop almost immediately and go back to clutching his side.

Naruto just twitched at his words. "Riiiiggghhhttt. Of course," he said blandly before turning around. He froze right after he did though, his eyes locking onto where the rolled boulder had once been. He then raised a finger and pointed. "Uh, guys?"

Ryuichi and Miki both looked at where he was pointing and blinked rapidly in surprise.

Right where the rolled over boulder used to be in sat what looked like three stones. All three stones were very unnatural looking to say the least about them, unearthly even. One was roughly half the size of Naruto's hand and it was a brilliant blue, more beautiful than the color of the ocean itself. The other stone right next to it was a bit more jagged around the edges and roughly the same in size and was a startlingly vibrant yellow, bordering on gold. The last was just a bit larger than the other two and was much thinner, being a glowing white in color.

All three kids could only stare in shock and amazement. "Say, Ryuichi? Miki? Have those always been there?" Naruto asked dumbly.

Both of them shook their head. "N-No, we would have known if they were…. right?" Miki replied uncertainly, her grip on her wooden sword slackening by the second.

"Well it's not as if we've ever looked underneath the boulders here before…." Ryuichi brought up as he took a step forward and stopped.

All three of them shared a look before they began to walk towards the stones a minute later. When they reached the stones, all they could do was keep staring. "So… should we tell someone about these stones?" Ryuichi asked his friends. "T-There could be a chance that these belong to someone…."

"No way, everyone in the village would be talking about these things if they belonged to someone," Miki said, shaking her head.

Naruto didn't say anything. Instead, a few seconds later, he slowly crouched down and began to reach for one of the stones.

"W-What are you doing, Naruto?!" Miki exclaimed in shock.

He looked at her briefly. "Just going to touch it." He sounded a little worried though. "And before you say it could be dangerous, just think: what else do we do? Just leave them here or something?" he asked.

Miki, who was about to speak, closed her mouth quickly and began to think on that. It was true to an extent. There wasn't really anyone that they could tell about this since they didn't know what they would tell them. And after having seen these stones, leaving them here just wasn't an option; after all, what if someone else came along or something? If the stones are dangerous then letting someone else potentially get hurt was out of the question.

Ryuichi seemed to be thinking along the same lines as Miki too, his eyes narrowing. "Then it can't be helped. If these things are dangerous in any way, then we can't just risk someone else coming along and get hurt by touching them. I'd rather take that risk myself," he said surprisingly sternly. He's always had a rather strong sense of justice in a way.

With that said, Naruto nodded in agreement and then focused his gaze back on the stones, more specifically the blue one. He slowly reached out for it, keenly aware of his friends' worried gazes drilling into the back of his head.

Then his index figner made contact with the stone and he froze for an instant to see if anything would happen. When nothing did, he let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding. "Well, so far nothing…."

Ryuichi and Miki seemed a bit relieved by this, but still pretty worried. "Still, I can't just let you take this risk…" Then without any more talk, he reached down and grabbed the yellow stone.

"I-I guess I'll take the last one then…." Miki said before she quickly grabbed the remaining stone, the white one from its spot on the ground.

When they did this, Naruto fully took the blue one into his hands and stood back up. They all stared at their held stones keenly. "It doesn't feel dangerous…." Naruto spoke up.

Then it appeared as though he spoke too soon as the blue stone in his hand suddenly began to glow, nearly blinding Naruto for a second. "Whoa!" Before he could even think to drop it, he saw the blue stone then float out of his hand and shoot straight into his chest.

He staggered back, not from pain but surprise as the stone went through his skin like a ghost through a wall. When that happened, he felt a strange feeling overcome him for a brief second, one that nearly made his entire body go numb solely from the shock of it.

He fell onto his butt, his eyes wide.

"Naruto!" both of his friends cried out.

But before they could do anything, the same thing ended up happening to them, the stones they held floating out of their hands and blasting forth into their chests. They fell to the ground just like Naruto did as the strange feeling overcame them.

However, as fast as it had happened, the odd feeling disappeared and now all three kids simply sat dumbstruck on their rears, trying to figure out what just happened.

"A-Are you guys alright?" Ryuichi asked a few minutes later, all of them still trying to get their bearings.

"Y-Yeah, I think so," Miki replied shakily.

Naruto rubbed his chest at where the stone had seemingly entered him. "S-Same here…" He slowly began to get up, his legs shaking a bit. "Damn, just what was that?"

"Don't know…" Ryuichi said as Naruto helped Miki up.

Miki shot Naruto a grateful look for helping her up before she began to rub her chest just like Naruto had done. "Well, it doesn't…. seem…. feel… like something bad will happen…" she said quietly.

"Only time will tell, I guess….?" Naruto said uncertainly.

Ryuichi looked around the training field warily before looking at his friends. "A-At any rate, how about we call it an early day and head back home? And if something comes up with any of us about this, we let each other know as soon as possible?" he suggested.

Both Naruto and Miki nodded. "Yeah, sounds good…" Naruto replied.

"Same here…." Miki also answered.

Then, awkwardly, all three of them began to head home, their thoughts caught up on what had just happened.

Naruto in particular was worried over what had happened. He wasn't sure why, but he had a feeling that what had just happened would came back to bite them all in the ass one day.

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Also regarding Fortissimo: the stones. In the visual novel, they were actually given a label/term/name/etc. In Fortissimo, these stones are called OOPArts (short for 'Out-Of-Place-Artifacts.' Also, in Japanese, it means 'excavated super metal'). The reason why I'm telling you this little tid bit of info is because I will rarely use the actual term in this fic, except for perhaps one scene or two that is off near the end of this fic.

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