My alarm clock went off blaring louder than normal. I groaned, my body ached in every area and my head felt hot.

"Dad!" I shouted out. Even that hurt. I could hear the scuffling of his feet as he walked down stairs. The tiny thuds as he made his way up the stairs. My door flew open.

"Bells? What's a matter?" He asked worriedly. He looked at me once before fishing his phone out of his pocket stepping out of the room.

"Vail." My dad spoke in the phone. What's happening?

"Charlie. What can I do for you?" Who is this Vail guy and why can I hear him?

"It's happening. I need you to come over." My dad spoke quickly. I heard the dial tone and my dad's sigh as he walked back towards my room.

"Who are you?" I groaned as a boy no older than 17 stepped in my room. He had Black hair that reached his eyes, tan skin and green eyes.

"I'm Vail and I'm going to need you to stop outside." Normally I would've screamed out that if he hadn't notice I'm in pain. But his voice held authority that without thinking my body began to move for itself. Vail led me down the stairs and out the back door.

"You're worthless." Vail snarled at me. My body became hot and I started to shake.

"No I'm not." I said gritting my teeth.

"Yes you are. Why do you think your mom sent you here?" That sent me over the top. My body began to shake more and everything from there was a blur. My body felt as if it were ripping apart and I could feel teeth growing larger out of my gums. Before I knew it I fell to the floor landing with a thud.

I looked down only to see black paws. Why do I have paws? A large chocolate brown wolf made it's way towards me. I whimpered laying on my belly. The wolf had so much authority. Authority. I put two and two together. Vail is the large wolf.