Charlie woke up with a wicked hangover. It had never been this bad before. She shielded herself from the ray of light poring through her window wishing she could stay in bed forever. Oh god, the moment made her whole body want to hurl. Why had she thought last night was a good idea? She closed her eyes tightly trying her best to stop the contents of her stomach from slipping out of her. Just breathe. As soon as the feeling starting creeping away bits and pieces of the night began to spin through her mind causing her to cringe in embarrassment. She couldn't be one hundred percent sure what was real and what wasn't, but she knew, no matter what, things were going to be more awkward between her and Bass then they were before. Slowly she crawled deeper beneath her covers. Yeah, it might already be the afternoon but she was to continue to lay in bed for a while longer.

When she finally was able to move without wanting to puke she got up and drove through her drawers for pair of shorts and t-shirt, trying hard not to think about the fact that she had paraded around last night in such a skimpy tank and lace panties. She was never drinking that much again. Clearly it made her completely insane. She supposed she couldn't blame it completely on the drinking. At school when it was just her and her roommate there was no need to worry about walking around the apartment in your underwear at night. Although there was that one time her roommate had forgotten to tell her a boy was staying over and she had revealed quite a bit of herself to him on her way to the bathroom. However it was probably more embarrassing for him since he was the one who wasn't wearing anything.

Charlie headed to the bathroom and cleaned herself up. She managed to remove the smeared make-up from her face before it felt too feverous to stand. Her head ached with the heavy weight of the hangover. It was time to break out the pain killers. She rummaged through the pill bottles in the cabinets for an aspirin. Luckily she found what she needed relief flooding over her when she heard the last pills banging against the sides as she shook the bottle. She made a mental note to pick up some more the next time she was out. Grabbing her rinsing cup, she threw two pills into the back her month and swallowed them down with the sink tab water. Now all she had to do was wait for the relief to kick in. Hopefully that would happen sooner than later, because god did she feel awful.

She didn't stick around bathroom waiting, instead she headed down to the kitchen. As much as the thought of eating still made her want to hurl, she knew it would probably be best if she could get something in her stomach. Everything in the refrigerator looked unappetizing, but she stood there searching for something because the cold air felt good against her skin.

"Well I'm glad you're finally awake," she heard Miles say behind her, his voice a little too loud for her liking. The pounding in her head worsened at the sound. She turned and gave him an unamused glare as he pranced further into the kitchen.

"Ugh, could you keep it down? My head is killing me," she groaned. No one was allowed to be that chipper right now, not when she felt this horrible.

"Hangover's got you down, I see." he smiled at her. Clearly he thought this was funny. It wouldn't be so funny if her fist met his face.

"I would watch what you say. I'm in a foul mood," she warned him.

"I gathered that much," he replied casually. "I've had my share of hangovers. Lucky for you I happen to know how to make an wicked cure. Why don't you take a seat and stop looking at me like you're going to kill me and I'll make it for you."

At this point she would try anything to get this feeling to go away.

"As long as your quiet." She complied dropping the glare from her expression and closing the refrigerator door.

She plopped down in a chair next to the counter and dropped her head in her hands. Instantly the blackness behind her eyelids relaxed her. This is what she needed. Maybe she should just go back to bed, although she wasn't quite sure she could. She could hear Miles rummaging through the cabinets collecting whatever he needed for this magical hangover solution. She would just sit here and rest until it was ready.

She wasn't so lucky. The sound of footsteps came from the hallway and they were heading this way.

"Hey Miles, what's taking you so long? How hard is it for a grown man to go and grab a couple of beers. I know you're getting old but that's an important life skill you just can't afford to lose." Bass's voice boomed from the hallway into the kitchen.

"I got detained," She heard Miles reply. She scrunched her hidden nose knowing Bass's attention would soon be drawn to her.

"Ah I see," Bass commented. "Sleepy Beauty finally made it out of bed."

Did he really just call her Sleeping Beauty? She lifted her head out of her cocoon of darkness to glare at him.

"I'm not a princess," she spat.

"Good morning to you too. Or should I say good afternoon?" he said giving her a cocky smile. Apparently her anger amused him. Fine she wasn't going to fuel him. She decided that the best course of action was not to spit out the retort sitting on her tongue.

Taking her silence with stride, he moved around the counter taking a look at what Miles had laid out on the table. "Miles's hangover cure," he raised his eyebrows in her direction. "Top quality stuff. This concoction saved me of a lot of hurt, on multiple occasions."

No surprise there, she thought while she held his gaze. He was surely a party animal in his prime, maybe still was. He certainly still looked like a good time. Suddenly she realized her breath had become a little shaky.

He broke out of there stare down and turned around to open the fridge. After a few seconds of searching, she saw him pull out a beer. Typical, her mind reeled while her mouth gagged a little. The thought of alcohol with her heavy hangover left an awful taste in her mouth.

He closed the refrigerator door and started rummaging through the kitchen drawers. She dazed off staring at his back, his muscles showing through the tight shirt he was wearing. They were a pleasant distraction from the dull rain cloud that hung over her head. As she watched his muscles move with him, she began imagining how they would feel underneath her fingertips and that's when flashes their encounter last night resurfaced. She remembered how close they had been and how he had let her run her fingers all over the lines on his chest. His skin had felt so warm. Touching him had made her feel powerful, and just the thought of it now sparked a primal arousal in her. The flood of heat to her core spun her memory into a fantasy. She imagined her lips crashing onto his, her bare feet rolling her onto her toes while she reached around his neck and weaved her fingers into his curls. She imagined him being rough and yanking her hips toward his, his hands burning the bare flesh underneath her shirt just above her panties.

A pop and a fizzled sound broke her out of her trance. The slam of reality hit her with the pang of her headache and a rushed flush of embarrassment, all of which turned and grinded into anger. She couldn't hold back anymore, especially after he sauntered around and leaned back against the counter wafting the essence of cool.

"You're really going to drink this early in the day?" She judged him as he took a sip from the bottle.

"Why not?" he replied. "Are you sure you don't want one? It might actually help." A quivering smirk formed on his face. It infuriated her how much he seemed to be aware of what he could do to her and how much he seemed to enjoy it.

"No thank you. I'd rather puke."

A stifled laugh escaped his nose. He had taken another drink from the bottle and used his hand as a blockade to hold the liquid in.

"That's quite a feat to endure dear. A simple no would have sufficed."

"Stop all the badgering Bass. If you're looking to start a fight, go to the gym." Miles spoke up. With everything going on in her head and his silence, she had almost forgotten he was there. Bass went to put a hand on Miles's shoulder; he seemed to be wrapping up the preparation of her drink.

"I wasn't trying to start a fight but I do think it's time to make my exit. The sunshine awaits." He winked at her. "Join me when you're finished with this will you?" He asked Miles as he left the kitchen.

"Sure. Sure." Miles replied not even looking up.

Charlie sighed releasing all the anger and frustration, mostly sexual, out of her system. They couldn't be the same room with each other without creating tension, which most of the time she didn't mind. It was too much with the aching in her head already.

"Here you go." Miles said setting the ugly concoction in front of her. The liquid looked how she felt; gross. Like everything else this morning looking at it made her to puke.

"Little advice, I'd drink it fast." He said before turning around and walking back to the counter to clean up.

"Oh great." She picked up the glass and swirled by circling her wrist. She watched the lumps float around on the surface. "Ugh"

"There's always a price to drinking," Miles commented.

"I'd drink to that," She said scrunching her nose as she prepared herself for the worst.