My Final Judgment Day

The room was still, the air felt heavy with the depression of confinement but to be honest the occupant of the room had long since become accustomed to the stale air over his 8 year stay in Vale's federal penitentiary.

The cell, which was commonly called Deaths waiting room by the other prisoners on the Row, was very small and cramped barley holding the necessities of a toilet of the bed. However the Government of Vale was not inclined to provide the most comforting arrangements for a man condemned to death. The Waiting Rooms lone occupant sat on a bed that was far too small for his large frame, his hands folded and his head bowed in prayer.

Suddenly a loud clang could be heard outside the cell, causing the man to raise his head just in time to see the door of cell being opened. Light poured into the dark cell and for a moment the man found himself blinded.

"Jacob Torchwick?" A gruff called out from the light. "It's time, please stand slowly and step out here. Any sudden movement and we will be forc-."

"I am well aware what you will be forced to do Jason, please for once will you treat me as a human being rather than an animal?" Jacob replied with a huff he was frustrated but he took small satisfaction in the fact that he wouldn't have to deal with the overly ambitious and rough guard after today. Then he took a deep shuddering breath as he stood and walked out of Deaths Waiting Room for the last time.

Once outside Jacob's hands and feet were quickly shackled. Then Jason and another guard took him roughly by the shoulders and marched him towards a large double doorway that led to a walk way that separated the Death Chamber from the Waiting room. Stepping outside Jacob relished in the feelings that he had been deprived of for so long. He stopped for a moment, neither guard said anything having done this far too many times to count, closing his eyes Jacob allowed himself to take in the cool fall air which caressed his cheeks and the feeling of warmth that the setting sun cast upon his face. Then with a deep shuddering breath he looked forward and continued to his doom.

The possession progressed silently for a minute before coming to a stop just outside the large white building where they were met by the prisons Warden who wore a pained grimace. Jacob tried to break the tension with a smile and some conversation.

"Hernia giving you trouble still Vic? He said with a chuckle

"Yeah, damned thing is acting up again, looks like I might have to go into to see a doctor." Jacob rolled his eyes at this and laughed, the warden had been saying he would go see a doctor about his hernia for years.

"Well see that you do Vic, I won't be around to bug you about it anymore but rest assured if you die because you neglected your health I will kick your ass." The Warden let out a loud guffaw at this and slapped Jacob on the back. Then his face grew serious and an incredibly sad.

"Listen Jacob, you've been a model prisoner for the 7 years you've been here since you were transferred in fact you have been the most peaceful man on Death Row. I want you to know that whatever the state thinks, I believe you're innocent."

Jacob nodded and thanked him for his words both of them knowing that they were not helpful in anyway but Jacob felt no resentment, he had long since giving up any hope that he would be saved from his brother's mistake and he was at peace with that. He was the eldest and as such it should be his duty to protect Roman even if it meant is own death. As they walked into the Death Chamber he thought about his last words for the first time, he had always preached peace between all races and all beings and he decided, with the conviction of a man knowing his death was imminent, that he would continue to do so even as the needle slammed home.

Blake Belladonna shifted uncomfortably in her chair, the dress she wore was black and her face was damp with tears. 8 years of waiting, hoping, praying for some miracle to come and save her father were for naught. The night of judgment was here, and no miracle was coming. She glanced around the empty witness room reserved for the convicted families and felt anger bubble in her chest. Her bother Adam had promised that he would be here, be here to say goodbye to their father, but as the day of execution drew closer Adam had become more distant. When questioned he always replied that he was helping Uncle Roman which was not reassuring especially since Adam knew as well as her that their father had taken the fall for Roman.

The lights in the room dimmed as the one-way glass at the front of the room cleared to reveal a white oval room with various drawers and medical equipment, in the center of the room strapped to a metal table was her father Jacob Belladonna Torchwick.

Blake's Hands flew up to cover her mouth and stifle a sob as she took in her father's appearance. He looked so much worse than he had during his last visit. His pale skin had become leathery and gaunt, his once proud green eyes were dull and full of a sadness that Blake had never seen before and his face was covered in scars, so many scars, from prison yard fights. His hair was unruly and sticking up in places giving him what would have been an adorable scruffy look had it not been so pitiful to see. The most horrifying thing however was the new addition of a EKG machine that was placed in the center of his shirtless chest which was emitting a calm Beepbeep Beepbeep

Jacob locked eyes with his daughter and gave her a weak smile which Blake tried to return through the tears that now flowed down her face undeterred. A man in a grey suit next to her father reached behind the table and flipped a switch which caused the old loudspeaker, which was connected to the witness rooms, to crackle and pop to life.

"Reverend Jacob Torchwick you have been charged and convicted with the first degree murder of Summer Rose, The great kingdom of Vale has decreed that for this heinous crime you should be put to death. The method of execution has been chosen as lethal Injection. Do you have any last words?"

Her father seemed to take a deep breath to steady himself, the EKG emitting slightly faster beeps, and begun his last sermon.

"Let me begin by addressing my daughter" He said looking straight at Blake "Nothing I can say will ease the pain that I have put you through Darlin, this was not the life I wanted for you. I hope that you can forgive me for what I've done, please" he stopped for a moment as he choked on a cry that threatened to throw him into hysterics "please remember everything I taught you, every life is sacred even those of your enemies. Remember that Blakey and know that I am so proud of you and I love you so very much."

With this he looked to his right, toward the other witness room. He seemed to look pleadingly at the family of the victim before saying "I'm sorry for taking from you I won't ask for your forgiveness for I do not deserve it. I hope this satisfies your desire for Justice." And then he turned and signaled the Warden who turned off the speaker.

This was it, the moment that Blake had been dreading. She had read enough books to know what the procedure consisted of and now she would get to see the words in a book put into practice. First through one of three in her father's arms they injected him with Pentobarbital, an anesthetic that is meant to put the convicted to sleep for the last time. Blake felt her heart break as her father's eyes closed, never to see the light again.

Next, through the second I.V, they injected her father with Pancuronium Bromide a paralytic that calmed his muscles and slowed his heart.

Then Blake watched in silent Horror as the final I.V emptied itself into her father. Potassium Chloride, which caused her father's strong heart to stop beating.

Sorrow, resentment towards the pitiful humans who took her father away from her and most of all an overwhelming hatred for her cowardly Uncle swelled within Blake as she slid off her chair and onto the floor as sobs wracked her body and tears fell freely. Even though the loudspeaker was turned off she could hear the EKG meter in her head as it counted off the last seconds of her father's life.

Beepbeep, beepbeep beeeeeeeeeeeeā€¦..

Time of Death 7:45 pm October 31st

Blake's heart shattered.

This was very difficult to write both story wise and emotionally, I do hope that you all have enjoyed this look into a possible Blake backstory. Please leave me a review let me know what you think. Also this story is going to be a VelvetxBlake or Black Bunny story don't like don't read. Anyway Thank you so much for reading and until next time Blessed Be.

~Crystal judgment