Epilogue - Dementors? In Hogwarts? Never.

Hermione looked at her brother as realization dawned on them both. "Harry?"


"We're back in Hogwarts, Harry." Hermione gripped her wand tighter and moved closer to her brother.

Harry stowed the elder wand in his wrist holder, keeping his wand handy as the two looked around them. Harry walked over to the bed where they had last left their classmate, their best friend, back when they were third year students. No Ron Weasley, no Remus Lupin. The bed was empty. "I see that... but... why? When?"

"Hermione? Harry?" The familiar matronly voice called out, filled with hope. Pomfrey had walked hesitantly towards them, but stopped as soon as the two turned towards her voice.

"Aunt Poppy?" Hermione took a hesitant step forward. Their aunt looked from one to the other, the medi-witch looked the same as the last time they spoke with her but for a few more wrinkles and more gray peppered into her black locks.

Pomfrey gasped at the sight before her - eyes sparkled with unshed tears at the sight of her niece and nephew just as she remembered them before they disappeared - her hand flew to her mouth in shock before she held her arms outwards expectantly. "Oh, I've missed you both so much."

Harry loved Pomfrey, she was a wonderful guardian. He quickly closed the distance between them to wrap his arms around her in a warm embrace. Harry lifted her off the ground to hug her tightly, "Aunt Poppy."

"Put me down, dear." Pomfrey laughed softly and patted his cheek affectionately.

Hermione snorted at Harry's antics. "It's so good to see you, Aunt Poppy."

"Love you." Harry kissed Pomfrey's forehead. "Thank you for everything, Aunt Poppy."

"Silly boy," Pomfrey reprimanded him gently. "Raising you two was a pleasure."

"So... what did we miss? It is 1994, right?"

Pomfrey laughed softly and hugged Hermione tightly, "Yes, your younger counterparts were here moments ago. I've been waiting anxiously. Not knowing if you would show or not." She cupped each of their cheeks - one in each hand - and blinked back her tears. "Oh, Draco is going to be so disappointed."

"Draco? Draco Malfoy?!"

"Of course, dear, he is after all your best friend."

"My... best friend? Malfoy is my best friend?" Harry gaped. "Where the hell is Ron?"



"Why would you be concerned with Ronald Weasley?"

"Ron was my best friend!"

"Ronald Weasley is a Gryffindor and the two of you are hardly friends. I don't see how you two were sorted into Gryffindor twenty years ago."

Hermione asked after the awkward silence lengthened, "Where are the Dementors, Aunt Poppy?"

"Dementors? In Hogwarts? Never." Pomfrey scoffed, "Minerva would never stand for it, she is not Albus. Not to mention, she'd have the staff to answer to."


The doors burst open, the three turned to see who entered. Hermione and Harry both had their wands out pointed towards the incoming danger, bodily shielding Pomphrey. "Bolt! Mine!"

The three Marauders ran forward led by James, soon followed by Remus while Sirius brought up the rear. The friends hugged as if they hadn't seen each other in years. After all, for the original Marauders, it had indeed been twelve and a half years since they had seen the Radisson siblings.

James held Harry in a rib crushing hug, "I've missed you, son."

Harry laughed, "It's going to be weird calling you Dad." Harry then hugged Sirius, his godfather, and Remus. "How hard was it to teach us DADA all year and not let on that you knew about Hermione's crush?"

Remus blinked, "What are you talking about?"

"Aren't you the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor?"

"No, I teach History of Magic..."

"I'm the Defense professor."

Harry turned and grinned, "Mickey!"

Peter entered the hospital wing, the last Marauder laughing as he hugged Harry, "I've missed you, Bolt. Having little Harrison around was great and all, but I really missed my best friend."

"Honestly, Pettigrew," Regulus reprimanded in a haughty huff. Harry turned towards the door and stared wide eyed at Regulus who was guiding a very pregnant Karen through the doors.

"So you two..." Harry motioned between Regulus and Karen, eyeing Peter carefully to gauge his reaction.

"Merlin, Harry, why would I leave Peter?" Karen rolled her eyes as she hugged Harry. "Regulus has better manners than him, though. As soon as Peter heard your voice he went running. At least one of the professors here has common sense to help a pregnant woman."

Peter grinned sheepishly, "Sorry, love."

"Okay, so you two..."

"Married, finally. I couldn't keep turning him down. He's just too cute." Karen laughed and rubbed her protruding belly, "I'm about ready to have our first, you got here just in time-"

Remus eyed Hermione who was softly chatting with Pomfrey, "Mine?"

"No! No, no, no." Harry shook his head, "I went through that once and couldn't feel my fingers for a month!"

Hermione smiled at Remus and closed the distance between them. She threw her arms around her love and the two kissed. Karen's look softened and she cooed at them. Harry looked behind him and recoiled, "Oi, that's my sister."

"No, she's not."

"Shut it, Snuffles. She's as close as I'm gonna-"


"Lily… erm, Mum?"

She laughed and walked in, slowly dragging a young, shy girl along with her. The child looked to be about eleven years old with mahogany hair and blue eyes. She clung to Lily's hand and wore a Hogwarts uniform sporting a Hufflepuff tie. Lily motioned towards James and she ran with arms wide, "Daddy!"

"Dorea!" James grabbed up the young girl and swung her around, causing the child to giggle with glee.

"Daddy?" Harry blinked, "What did I miss? I have a sister?"

Lily folded her arms across her body, "It's a bit disconcerting to find out years later that my own son hates me."

"I don't hate you."

"You never liked me..."

"You were cruel to Sirius."

"He was a threat... once James and I were married-"

"You were a bit less mean, but-"

"Oh my God."


"I asked you out!"

Harry laughed, "Now you see why I got so panicked."

Lily shuddered, "We were getting along at one point. When Harrison... when you were born. Think we can try again as friends?"

"I'd like that."

James was talking softly to Dorea, pointing at Harry and Lily, but then he stopped and called out, "Bolt, now that you're back will you please tell them where we live?"


"The Fidelius Charm!"

Harry laughed at James, "Never thought to simply ask Harrison to do it?"

The noise level from the laughter and talking was suddenly interrupted as the hospital ward doors were thrown open again. Harry looked past his friends and family. He moved slowly forward towards the man framed by the doorway. His voice caught in his throat as he called to the other man, "Severus."


Harry nodded, "Yes."

They met in the center of the Hospital Wing. Severus' obsidian eyes traveled over Harry as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing, that the youngest Marauder couldn't possibly be standing in front of him. Alive. Looking exactly as he did that fateful Halloween night. Severus kept shaking his head. His hand trembled when he reached for Harry, but stopped himself before he made contact, retracting as if frightened to ruin the illusion. "Harry... I thought you were... I saw the... I saw him kill you and you were... gone."

"I saw you. You saved me." Harry took another step closer, hesitantly. "It's me, Sev. Ask me anything so I can prove it to you."

"Fifth year, a potion was created-"

"I never told anyone, but Dumbledore knew; he figured it out. Though he thought it odd you'd help the Marauders, so I set him straight. That the prank was just between me and you. You really are brilliant, you know. Minnie was angry for months; she apparently doesn't care for the color pink."

Both men ignored the indignant, 'I knew it!' exclaimed by Hermione as well as the small chuckles from the others. It wasn't as important as the question coming from Severus, "Radisson, you said... are you truly Harrison Potter?"

Harry laughed and nodded, dropping the glamour. "One in the same."

"I didn't believe it when you told him. I..." Severus closed his eyes, taking a calming breath. "You've kept many secrets. I know you had to, but this was beyond the realm of-"

"Shhh, Severus. I've been waiting to do this for years..." Harry grabbed Severus by the front of his robe, pulling him forward. Harry pressed his lips to Severus' in a long overdue kiss. As their lips finally broke apart, Harry gave Severus a dreamy grin and whispered huskily, "Shall I still call you professor?"

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