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"We shall meet again Ib." A boy said with a bright smile on his face, he had messy light purple hair; he was wearing a dark greenish shirt with a dark blue jacket wearing baggy pants with shoes, and he also had purple eyes.

His name was Garry…

"We shall Garry." I said to him, I smiled at him; he gave me a thumbs up while holding my handkerchief in his hand.

And we shall…





I finally snap out of my day dreaming and looked at my three friends, there were all girls, there name was Briana, Rose and Belle. We had been friends since kindergarten. Briana has black short hair, she wearing a white t-shirt with a pair of shorts she also has brown eyes, Rose has blonde long hair, she wearing a black jacket with a pair of jeans she also had blue bright eyes like the sky, and lastly Belle, she has sliver short hair, she wearing a purple tank top with a pair of jeans she had a dark blue eye color.

"It's not good to stare into space ya know." Belle said, I giggled at her comment and smiled.

"Your birthday is also coming up Ib." Rose said checking her calendar on her phone, I sigh to myself. She was right my birthday is coming up I'm turning 18, it's been long since I had a birthday ever since the art museum with me and Garry and also…Marry.

It's been long since I heard from Garry, he might forgotten about me...maybe.

"Ib are you even listening to us." Briana yelled into my ears, I glared at her and cross my arms.

"Ugh sorry guys but I got to go now my mom keeps texting me to get home since tomorrow is Monday." I heard Belle said.

"Me too."

"Me too." Belle, Rose and Briana got up and gave me a hug, I sigh a little knowing I'm left alone at the park.



"I heard were going to have a new art teacher Ib." I heard Brianna said picking up her pencil, I nodded and lay my head on my desk, so tired today I been busy having nightmares about the whole gallery. Ever since me and Garry came out of the gallery and defeated Marry I have been having nightmares about her and the gallery.

"Hello class, I'm your new art teacher Garry."

Wait what…