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"Oh hey Ib what's up?" Garry ask, I watch him took out a cigarette and his lighter and started smoking, my heart sunk a little, I mean you can die from smoking and I don't want to lose Garry again like what happen last time in the museum. I felt my chest burn and tears started to form in my eyes, why was I about to cry.

"Is there something wrong Ib…?" Garry drop his cigarette to the ground and smashed it and pulled me into a hug. I let the tears fall down. "G-Garry…?"

"What is it Ib?" I felt his hand under my chin, he left up my face gently, I stare into his dark purple eyes. "D-do you remember…at the museum…when I-I lost you…" More tears rolled down my cheeks. Garry looked down at me, and frowned.

~Flash Back~

"Come on blue is my favorite." Mary said with a creepy expression on her face. "Hand it over." She extended her hand over to Garry to grab his blue rose.

"Understand…" He said quietly, he gave Mary his rose as told, this made Mary smile more. "Really!" She said happily and started to giggle out of control and started to run off down the hallway.

"Garry…I'm sorry…" I said quietly, I saw Garry face dull expression turn into a normal happy one; he looked down at me and knells down. "It's okay we'll get it back to her." He put a hand over his chest and started to moan in pain. "Ah…ngh…I'm f-fine…just go on…w-without me…" He said he was sweating on his forehead; I nodded and ran down the hallway where Mary had run off too.

"I'll be right back stay there!"

~Flash Back Over~

"And when I came back G-Garry…you were already…d-dead…" I hugged him as tight as I could not wanting to let go of him. "I called you so m-many times…I thought I was dreaming…I can't lose you Garry…y-you mean so much t-to me..." I felt him clutch onto me tighter, and felt a pair of soft lips kiss upon my forehead, I blush a bit and calmed myself down and wipe my tears.

"When I was standing in the gallery I saw a portrait of you…you look so calm…and when I saw that candy that was on your rose…I remember that piece that you gave me…I started to cry…and my last words were…let me go back I can change this…I can save you…" I murmur and looked up at Garry.

"Ib…" He gently put his hand on my cheek and smiled a bit. "I'm sorry…I'll…stop smoking just for…you…okay?" He said, I nodded a bit and smiled. I got lost into his eyes a bit and saw him lean down towards me slowly.


"IBBY WHERE ARE YOU GUYS STILL WAITING OUTSIDE OF THE POOL!" I heard Belle scream, she was standing right by the door with a smirk on her face, Garry quickly lean back up and had a blush on his face which made Belle giggled.

"Hurry up we been waiting for you guys to come in." She said and left us alone; I rubbed the back on my neck and giggled a bit. "S-shall we then?"

"Sure." He said simply and we both walked in the pool together.