Vytal. That is the name of the world we live in. Where we humans, living being humanoids that are born from…


Being born into an unforgiving world filled with creatures of darkness known as Grimm, humans have to constantly battle against them with their very lives for survival.

But with the finding of Dust and through utilising its powers, humans gain the ability of nature's wrath itself. Becoming even more capable of fending off the deadly forces of Grimm with the Dust's power, humans manage to create civilisations in this dark horrible world. Through them, humans became the source of light in the world of Vytal.

That was what most of the humankind had learn and ended up passing down the stories to their children from each generation to generation. Telling them the tales of how they will all always live in peace since the finding of Dust, as well as the coming of well-trained warriors to combat the endless waves of Grimm who are foolish enough to come close towards human civilisations. These warriors would sooner or later become known as…


These warriors trained most of their lives to gain the strength required to maintain the peace in the world. With each upcoming Hunter, stories of their great deeds in protecting their race from the Grimm are told. Soon some of them became famous enough to be written to the history books. With that came stories of their exploits throughout their life. From there many parents will tell their tales to their children about the famous Hunters. The stories told by the parents were mostly true, but they did not mention one important thing about hunters. It was true that are strong and powerful but in the end they are still just…

Humans, mortals just like everyone else.

No matter how well trained, how well equipped they are with great weapons, armours or abilities… they can still die, just like the rest of their kind. But even then, almost all of those who have lived most of their lives in the eras of peace did not know that. Some of children were inspired after hearing many great tales of the Hunters, ended up wanting to become Hunters themselves. Just like the characters they heard from the stories. To slay monsters and became heroes, that's what they dreamed about. Whether they are just doing it out of ambition, to gain fame or any other reasons, nothing will ever prepare them for one thing…


That's right, the one thing which every living being would one day inevitably face. It is the one thing that most parents do not tell their children about, thus causing them to end up giving the potential idea that Hunters are invincible in their battles against the Grimm.

Oh how wrong they were.

Most hunters actually do not live long enough to die through age, as most of them fall heroically through battles. Their names were written down to the history books and were told of their actions in Hunter academies, to be told to the newer generations of trainees. This is done so that their sacrifices will never be forgotten. More hunters will fall and even more hunters will rise with each passing generation, due to some inspiring the young.

I… was one of them.

You're wondering who I am?

Well, I'm just someone who wanted to live a good life with people I care about till my dying breath. But… what's the point. Everyone I know and came to like and love are dead, killed by the very enemy mankind had faced since the very beginning. The only friends I had left are busy guiding future Hunters in the academies, hoping that they could be spared from the horror a veteran Hunter had to face in life.

With one single event in his young life, I ended up inspiring one young man. Even went as far to train him up to be a strong warrior. I wonder why I did that. Was it because of my failure to save his love ones as they died in front of him, to rectify my mistakes or maybe it's just I wanted to kill every single living Grimm in sight for revenge.

I don't know anymore.

No. That's a lie and I know it. I just see my past self in the boy, one who had lost everything so very early on in his life. Your very love ones dying in front of your very own eyes, and both of us couldn't even do a single thing to save them. Just because we're all too young, lacking strength, power or weapon to do a single damn thing to save them. We both learnt that life isn't always fair early on in our lives.

All we can do is crawl over to them over their bloodied dead bodies, shaking them up, hoping they would wake up and wishing this is nothing more but a bad nightmare. That we will wake up in our bed and they will be at your side with smiles. But it didn't. It was not a dream. It was reality. All we could do was ended up screaming into the sky in both great pain and agony when we realises that.

That is exactly what the boy in front of me did when he realises the agonizing truth.

"When I realize that," I slowly muttered out

The very same action I did when I met the same fate. Screaming at the top of our lungs till all the air inside out gives out. Then fall back down in despair, blaming ourselves for being so weak and useless. We talk to our parents of how we will one day save lives and became heroes like them, to make them proud.

Only to have this tragedy happens to us so early on in our lives.

Even I myself, one who had live through many years, who had fought against many kind of enemies of Grimm and the horrors of live, are not ready for this heart shattering feeling of seeing your very own ghost of the past being forced to relieve that very moment once more. No matter how much I steeled myself for anything that might happen in live, couldn't prepare myself to face someone, who completely shared the same event and with actions that mirrored in exactly the same way I did.

Memories replayed itself, the joy and happiness being with your love ones for a quick moment only to be replaced by great shattering pain.

I then realises my visions was slowly getting blurry. Touching my eyes with my own hands, I found out that tears are slowly flowing down my face. Crying after so many years, I thought I had run out of tears back then. But alas, this event causes my tears to start flowing out again. Wiping my tears away, I look back at the boy, still crouching down on the ground, holding his body tightly, still in hysteria.

I could not help but ended seeing myself doing the same thing, my past self on that very spot.

In the past, no one founded me. I was alone. Staying in that position for many hours with soulless eyes, not knowing a few days or weeks has passed. Memories played out as much as I can remember. As I try to block this shattering memory out of my system, I ended up landed on a memory of a book that my mom told me about. One shouldn't break, when facing something that will eventually meet its end. Especially with the one you love. They wouldn't want to see you suffer for long.

Knowing that, I know that I need to stop remaining that way forever, they wouldn't want me to. With great resolve and pain, I dragged the fallen bodies of my parents back to the house. I dug up graves and set up tomb stones right next to the house. I don't know why I did it. I just found it fitting at this as this is their home that they build together.

Not knowing what to do next, I walked around the house, surveying the entire building. Memories surfacing with each room I entered, until I found a book in my room. The book tells the heroic tales of Hunters.


From that moment on, an idea struck. I decided to set out to be one. To become a Hunter in hopes of no one else had to suffer the same fate as I do. I had to pull myself out my misery by my own but that took me a very long time.

I wondered, would this young boy, who suffered the same fate as I do, would he be able drag himself out too? The same way I drag myself out of my own suffering?

Doubtful. I do not know if his parents have some kind of item or action to set as a trigger for him to go down the same path as me. But…

Once again seeing my ghost image upon him, I've decided. I couldn't prevent this boy from seeing his parents died in front of him. I could've atleast save him from months, or perhaps years of misery.

With the decision made, I prepared my mind as I slowly walked towards the young boy. The sounds of my footsteps shook him out of his hysteria. Slowly his head looks up and was surprised to see my extended hands in front of him.

I voices out, "I'm sorry."

My voice appears to shook him more than seeing my hand as his head immediately shot up to look up to me. His eyes went as wide as his small eyes can go upon seeing me. I do not know exactly what shocked him more, my sudden action or my words. I didn't care about it that time as all I wanted to do at that very moment was to help him.

"I couldn't save your father and mother. Atleast, please… let me save you, to make up for my failures." What he didn't know is that I was referring to saving him from filling his heart with pain and despair and to atone for all my past failures. My parents. My team. As well as,

'Saving myself.'

The boy look back at my hand, then back to my face. Slowly, he moves his hand towards me. Soon, our hands connected. He slowly stood up and almost immediately hugged me. Then he started crying as he hugged me as hard as his small frame could. All I could do is crouching down and hug him back, giving him any sense of comfort I could provide at that time. Looking back at the dead bodies of the boy's parents, I thought I saw ghost images of them nodding their heads, begging me to look after their son.

What shocked me next was what follows next. Coming up behind them, were my own parents and past teammates. All of them smiled at me, nodding their heads in approval as well. I blinked my eyes after that, only to find them gone. Wondering if I was imagining it or perhaps even after their death, their spirits continue to watch over me. I probably will never know about it.

Next, I looked back at the boy only to find my past self, crying at my very own shoulders, before she looks back up at me, tears flowing down from her eyes. Blinking once more, I see the boy looking back at me. He started asking me. Why won't they wake up. Asks me, whether this is a nightmare and it's only a dream. That he will wake up back in his room with his mother waking him up and his father sitting in the dining table, both of them looking at him with smiles. He begs me, why. Why all of this had to happen to him.

I wondered if someone were there to help me out, would I say to that person the exact same thing as this young boy did. I don't know. Probably will. I just told him that, they are now at a better place, where they will always be together.

As I say that, I couldn't help but wondered. Will his parents meet up with mine… as well as my teammates. The small thought actually cheered me up a little.

I wouldn't know. I'll find that answer when my time has come for me. But until then, this boy is now under my care. If I couldn't save his love ones, I will take care of him as he is a part of my family. I promise to myself, I wouldn't want to see another me.

What happens after that was another story, I took the kid as he is my very own little brother. Carried his parents and dug graves for them to rest in next to his home. Hoping they would find peace in the afterlife. At that time onward, I did not realise this little fellow will soon became someone important to me, just like my passed away parents and Hunter teammates. They help filled up my dying empty hole in my heart, only to have those feelings taken away at their last breaths. I can only pray this young man wouldn't share the same fate before I do.

He dreamed of becoming a hero, a Hunter. He even told me that he will protect as many people as possible. To prevent others from suffering the same fate as he do.

What he didn't know is, that's my dream too. My late arrival had caused him to I've failed him, but…

If I trained him early on, he might be stronger than me in time. In time which he might have enough strength to achieve that goal until his last breath. That very thought gave me some comfort. With my decisions made, I started guiding him from that point onward.

No one was there to help me when I suffered through all that. I had to pick myself up from my pain, alone. I've swore to prevent others from the same suffering, I've failed. But…

I'll be damn if I couldn't help this young man do what I could not.

You want to know who he is?

Well, he is my beloved little brother. One who will one day no doubt become a great Hunter that will make it into the legends. His name is…

Jaune Arc. My -