This is a concept I thought of last minute. Now, I've read countless fics ever since I first found FanFiction, and the ones that really interest me are characters reacting to what's going to happen in the future of their lives. A Good Example is Project Freelancer watches Red vs Blue but Camp Half Blood 1. But I've never read one where they react to a different universe. The possibilities. Naruto reacting to Bleach, Bleach reacting to Naruto, stuff like that. So I thought, "What if I did that?" So, this is a fic I'm planning to do sooner or later. Here's a bit of a preview.


React, Watch, Believe, Yikes



There are just too many of them.

Maybe it's because we as humans need entertainment to keep ourselves sane or the fact that there are some stories that are true and need to be heard. But there were too many to count, too many to follow.

But it doesn't mean we can't make our own.

Whenever you do it because you needed it to get it out there, or just because that we're bored, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that we won't run out of stories to read, watch and listen to.

But what if there was a story never meant to be read, or exist at all?

It was supposed to be hard, impossible even, to find these stories that were never meant to be found. But even the simplest of souls can lead the world into turmoil. An apocalypse from the most innocent of lights.

That's where our story begins. The discovery of ancient technology long forgotten, long left to rot in it's own filth, to be destroyed by time itself. All discovered by a small girl in a red hood.

"What the heck is a 'Red vs Blue'?"

Ignoring the fact it was in her home's basement, buried under some useless junk and old clothes and found by a 15 year old girl in a red hood, who is trained by one of the deadliest people on the planet (who happens to be her uncle) to wield the most dangerous, logic-defying weapon in human history. And the fact she's the future team leader of one of the most powerful teams in Beacon history next to Team JNPR: Team RWBY.

This is the tale of Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long and how they spent their first summer from Beacon.

Watching every season of Red vs Blue in full HD…

May God help us all. And their minds. Definitely their minds.