A/N: Ok ladies and gentleman, this story is actually a collaboration role play idea brought to you by the ever victorious/ magnificent Cutegirlmayra1 and yours truly! Her Sonamy stories are just perfection, so for her to invite me to RP with her only to come up with this idea, was just an honor! Anyways, it started as a simple, fun, and normal role play that soon changed into a Sonamy challenge of whether we could stay in character while "fluffing" up some details a little…And let's just say…It got kind of out of hand. She had the undeniable honor of playing the part of Sonic the Hedgehog, while I for the first time in my life had the pleasure of role playing Amy Rose. Here are the results. Fair warning, the scenes are random (but still kept together) with twists and turns of suspense, drama, fluff, humor, and WTFrick moments for the win…So we hope you enjoy it.

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Sonic didn't usually lay up high on a large Station Square tower like this. He liked the fields out in Green hill Zone a lot better, but the wind was blowing so fiercely up here that he enjoyed it.

"Ah... nothing like this."

He thought out loud to himself, opening his eyes and looking around at the view of the city.

"...You know, it's not that square." He noted, and then chuckled slightly to himself.

Not too far away from his location, a soft yet familiar whirring sound was heard behind the building but this went unnoticed by the blue blur who continued to relax when suddenly…


A high-pitched cheerful voice declared, belonging to none other than Amy Rose as she wrapped her arms tightly around Sonic's waist from behind, not seeming to care that they were close to the edge of the 10 story high skyscraper.


Sonic freaked out a moment, afraid she may push him off the building, but was able to regain both their balances before Amy sent him and herself plummeting down to their doom.

"Where?!...How?!... What?!..."

He looked around, still having his arms on her from saving them from the fall.

"How did you find me here?" He asked, though, he was always curious of how she finds him no matter where he goes.

The bubble gum colored hedgehog just giggled.

"I told you before that fated love always joins us together silly! Much more in each other's arms..."

Amy then suddenly inner pouted at the sudden quick release of her arms from his but continued.

"But on the technical side of things, catapulting hammer? Duh?"

"Ah, I see." Sonic looked down the building, then back up at her.

"Well...I'm not sure about that 'fated' thing, but I'll give you credit for swinging this far." He joked, and lightly hit the back of his hand against her forehead.

"Not bad, kid."

He praised and began to walk away, getting ready to run down the building.

"Hey! Wait a minute! You're not going to actually leave me here by my..."

Amy grasped the side of the building to steady herself as she sighed at the mini sonic boom.


"Ooh that hedgehog!" Amy huffed but then suddenly smirked after seeing her love run in a certain direction.

"Heh...I'll give him a two second head start..."

She then summoned her hammer twirling it once more.

Meanwhile, Sonic headed downward, thinking that he probably should've taken Amy but shrugged it off and told himself she'd be fine. With that, he dashed up to a chilidog stand and bought one with some extra rings he had on him. Taking a bite, he leaned against the cart looking smug and relaxed. This moment did not last long for him however, as he once again felt enormous pressure upon his waist from behind.

"Guess who?"

Amy giggled as she glomped her hero from behind while he was eating.


Sonic yelped while almost dropping the chilidog. Fumbling the item in his hands, he was able to catch it just before it fell, and as a result 'whoo'd in relief.

"Amy? Again? Geez, what'd ya want?"

He leaned against the cart, looking slightly annoyed but also curious at her actions, as if he was used to it and didn't really mind that much anymore.

"Don't tell me you're lonely?" He teased, having big eyes and making fun of her pleading look for attention. He slightly chuckled.

"There you go again. Always the charming smart aleck." Amy replied while rolling her eyes. "Always acting as if it's a crime that my world revolves all around you!"

She started pointing her finger directly at Sonic's chest and continued.

"Well let me tell you something mister. You are basically my world so therefore, I have every right to want be around. So it'd be nice if you stop trying to avoid me like the plague and just accept destiny! Or at the very least, take me with when you leave me hangin' on top of a 10 STORY HIGH BUILDING!"

She exclaimed while breathing heavily from her outburst.

"Okay, Okay! Lighten up, Amy! I didn't mean to make you upset."

Sonic replied, trying to play the nice card, though he really wanted to roll his eyes at some of the stuff she was saying.

"And about that building...Sorry."

He scratched behind his head with a nervous and guilty smile.

"How's this, to make it up to you, I'll do whatever you want for a day, deal?"

He finished his chilidog and folded his arms after licking his fingertips. Leaning against the cart, he waited for her response.

"Anything?" Amy shyly but excitingly asks with stars in her eyes.

Sonic had a sweat drop drip down his face.

"Ehh...well, with some rules involved but..."

He looked away, trying to hold his fake smile as he finally just took a breath and rubbed under his nose, playing cool and standing up straighter from leaning back and away from her only a moment ago.

"Heh." He looked back at her and smiled, "What do you have in mind?"

He asked charmingly, this time his smile looked genuine.

"No surprises now." He humorously waved his finger side to side near her face.

The pink hedgehog's eyes just widened at him as did her smile…

~ (End Chapter 1.)~