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Previously: She continued to ramble at a fast pace, clearly stalling. Despite everything, she knew very well that her time was up. That the bright sun has come to awaken her from the blissful dream of a lifetime reality with him.

She was fighting a losing already lost battle.

But she didn't care. She wanted him stay, so she tried.

Oh...she just had to try...

~*Chapter 8*~

Sonic then looked to her with a bit of sadness in his eyes. He knew very well that she was pleading, but there wasn't anything he could really do though.

Amy's eyes literally strained themselves as she watched his reaction. Honestly, she didn't know why she bothered. She knew it was over, that she should be thankful for this once in a lifetime opportunity, but she couldn't help but hope for more...

Sonic tried to block out the feelings of despair that graced Amy's innocent yet crushed demeanor. He would never admit the actual unbelievably great time he had with the rosy rascal, but unfortunately, the date was officially over and...


Sonic suddenly got an idea. He smiled genuinely, with his eyes lids dropping before he stuck a pose. Then looking up at the ceiling, to the side, and holding his hand under his chin, he made a comment.

"Yeah, dessert might be good."

Wearing a wicked grin on his face, he suddenly raced to her and pressed his lips to hers in a brief, yet sweet and slightly passionate kiss.

Already taken aback that she heard him accept her offer for dessert, she didn't have time to think twice before she felt the slight, firm pressure of his lips upon hers.

It was nothing much really, the contact was barley lengthy but the pressure was strong enough to feel the full affection and leave her stunned. When he broke off from the kiss, she almost stumbled forward slightly, but soon regained her balance.


For Amy, it seemed like the kiss was gone as soon as it came. A Literal "Sonic second" if you will, but the effects lasted a lifetime for her, and would not be forgotten anytime soon. The pink hedgehog couldn't help but stumble forward a little bit when he pulled away. After all, it was quite unexpected, yet very "Sonic" like of him in a situation as this.

And she loved it.

Sonic however, wasted no time and licked his lips, savoring her sweet taste before it left completely.

"Hmmm...Yep, good cooking!"

And with that, he smiled and ran out the door.

"Call ya' later, Ames!"

Even when Amy heard the door shut behind the blue hedgehog as he left, she couldn't help but be distracted over the recent events. She gently placed her hand over her heart to try and stop its ambitious racing, but to no avail, she then rushed over to her window to catch a tiny glimmer of the bright blue streak he left behind.

Finally, after holding back for so long, she was able to release a long high pitched squeal. Her squeals turned into fast paced rambles of everything that happened between her and the Blue Blur from the moment she found him on top of the sky scraper to when he left her house. After jumping up and down and twirling around in her living room, she caught her breath from her constant giggles. She then debated, whether to tell the events to her best rabbit friend immediately or wait since it was so late. She decided to hold back from picking up the phone, but she had to vent her excitement somewhere! She finally decided that her beloved diary would have to do.

Amy wasted no time in getting comfortable in her night wear. The soiled dishes and scattered movies were left forgotten until the morning as she curled into her covers and flipped the switch on her lamp for light. She eagerly wrote down all the events that happened in her diary. She cherished every reflection on the time spent, as she recalled the moments exactly how they happened, with only a little adlib needed from her part as many of her fantasies and desires have been fulfilled in just one day.

When she finally closed her little book, she couldn't help but frown just a little bit, as she wondered.

"Would this be the end?"

Would this be just the one-time event of a lifetime, only to go back to "cat verses mouse" the next morning?

She then suddenly chuckled, feeling relief.

Although she knew that things probably would go back to normal between her and Sonic, she had no regrets. She knew that nothing would ever take away the happiness and satisfaction that she waited for an entire lifetime, and that her dreams did not stop with Sonic. Who knows, maybe someday soon he will be the one to follow her into her dreams and make it last.

Until then, she decided that she would wait patiently while still perusing him. Because she knew it would not be a lost cause.

Besides, deep within both hedgehogs' hearts they knew that it was not the end, but rather the beginning of a forever.

~*The End…?*~