A caring Sherlock appears! The John must be in danger.
He looks around suspiciously.

There! Behind a bush lurks the form of a a sneaking Moriarty. He wields a weapon to hurt the John. But the Sherlock spots him!

And off they go!

Sherlock uses Deduce. Moriarty deflects it with another Deduce!

Moriarty threatens with Sniper. Sherlock takes out Sniper with Emotion. Sniper is no longer in play!

John watches from the sidelines. Moriarty has put Freeze on him to keep him in place.

Sherlock uses Woman.
Woman has no effect on Moriarty.

Moriarty uses Emotion on Sherlock. Sherlock is now at a Disadvantage.

Sherlock's turn is skipped.

Moriarty uses Poison on John.
John is out of points.
[John is dead]

[Sherlock is Enraged. Emotion has backfired!]

Sherlock uses Gun. Moriarty has no time to react.
Moriarty is out of points.
[Moriarty is dead]

Sherlock uses Gay Love.
It works!
[John is alive]
John is revived!

Game over.