World War III

It hasn't ended


I don't own any Call of Duty characters and they belong to Infinity Ward and Activision for the story is only intended for fun. So readers enjoy!

Chap 1

As the police sirens rung around him, Price was smoking a cigar as he looked upon Makarov's body hanging. At last he was satisfied, he could rest after days even weeks of warfare, he had killed him, the person who had cost him although through a relation,Gaz,Griggs,Mac,Yuri and Soap. This name brought tears to the Captain as he relieved the old memories, "huh, what the hell kind of name is Soap eh", sliding the M1911 to him to kill Zakhaev,"this belongs to you sir." These memories nearly made Price fall a voice spoke,"Captain get up, we gotta go,we do not want to attract much attention from the police. This voice belonged to a young lieutenant, he was one of the two people who had survived the rampage of three people, Zakhaev, Shepherd and now Makarov. His name was Lt. Basit. No one except Price knew his first name, he never told anyone that first name because he preferred to be called Basit.

"Alright lets get out of this place, where is Nikolai." Price's question was immediately answered as the ringing of a helicopter sounded and it threw down a SPIE Rig and they strapped onto it and were pulled up as the helicopter lifted off. As they ascended, Basit threw Price a quickly reached a hilltop where Basit bandaged Price's wounds. Then Nikolai refueled the helicopter and they got in and made for the Airport where a US plane would be waiting for them to get them to Credenhill.

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