World War III It hasn't ended

Chap 2

"Good evening sir!" a marine said to Basit as he moved to the plane with Price and Nikolai."Your plane is right there pointing to one of the planes on the Tarmac. They moved inside and one they were all seated a soldier told the pilots to take off. The flight took roughly 6 hours in which Nikolai stared out of the window occasionally commenting at the view, Price had a Villa Clara's cigar in his mouth, Basit was disassembling and cleaning his Berretta M9. At last when they landed the soldier told them to wake up.

Outside were standing Captain Macmillan, Corporal Dunn and Sergeant Wallcroft. They greeted the trio and led them inside the base. "And that is how Makarov died", Price finished his story and took a sip of his coffee. Then Basit said that he was going to bed. The all soon followed and had a nice sleep after so much time.

Next day they got up early so they could see the progress of the SAS so they could recruit the best in the Task Force 141, which was now a three man group. The best three turned out to be Corporal James Parker who was a grenadier, Private John Simon another grenadier and PFC James McCord a Designated Marksman. They were recruited along with Corporal Dunn who turned out to be an all rounder. Now they had a better group of soldiers they all could train and become the best again.

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