A/N: Hello people! :D I kind of got this idea after watching Transformers animated...again. And I just LOVE the Jet twins soooooooo MUCH! :3 So this is basically original episodes from transformers animated...once in a while, but there is going to be a new character included, my new OC, Skyfall. So like I said, some chapters are going to be based of the real episodes from TFA but there is going to be a lot of my made up ones, you know, those who are in between the episodes that we watch. :)

Anyway here is some BIO of my OC Skyfall for a little heads up :D

Name: Skyfall

Gender: Femme

Height: I don't know how tall they really are in TFA but, let s just say that she just reaches the jet twins chests ;)

Age: She is kind of in between Bumblebee's and the jet twins ages

Appearance: Skyfall is a very slim and slender femme. She has big pretty, blue optics and cute lilac lips. Her helm looks a little bit similar to Arcee's but with, a somewhat, high side ponytail on the left side of her helm and headphone looking audios.

Her armor is purple.

Where she has her colored armor (And how it about looks like): V-neck tube top, daisy dukes, knee length high heel boots, long fingerless gloves, her helm and side ponytail and an oval gem that she has on her collar bone and on both of her boots . The rest of her that is not purple is black or grey, except her face that is a light lavender and her headphones that are lilac.

Personality: Skyfall is most of the time a sweet and caring femme, but she is quite naive and childish as well. She is usually very shy among new bots but once she gets to know them she opens up to them more. She is kind of a scaredy cat, but if she ever has to then she will stand up for her friends and those she cares about no matter how scared she is.

Gift: Skyfall is able to see through optics if someone is telling the truth or not

Sorry that this wasn't exactly a chapter but I just wanted you to know a little about my new OC so that you guys could get a better picture of her :)