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And before we begin I just want to tell you that Skyfall's personality is based on how mine was before. Before I decided to do a complete personality transformation since I used to be bullied :( I would always hide in the bathrooms at break time and cry. I used to be very shy and did not dare anything, but one day I just woke up and said to myself "You know what? Fuck it! I am not gonna take ANY shit ANYMORE!"

Skyfly is based on my older sister who is really bossy. And she is very cocky. She can be very mean sometimes to me. And I just recently learned that she nearly had sex with a guy that I had a crush on. That led to a huge angry fight between her and me. But in the end I broke down and she apologized. No matter what she does...I still love her dearly :') And I have gotten over that dude now so Its better.

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Skyfall's big blue optics open slowly and blink. She sits up and lets out a small yawn as she stretches her arms. She then shakes her helm and looks around in her new room.

Yesterday she had been up very late with the jet twins. After she told them that she wanted to be their friends they got more than eager to do 'friend stuff' with her. They had told her that they had never really had a friend except for each other, which really surprised her. She had thought that they would have had at least over 100 friends. But she was very proud that she could consider herself as their real first friend and she herself was VERY happy to have not one, but TWO friends.

A small smile grows across her face. Her lilac lips widen more when she remembers what they had been doing. After confessing for friendship they had done nothing but watched Earth television. It was a very fascinating planet indeed. With it's unusual cultures and interesting creatures. They had especially taken a liking to a what humans call a movie made by something called Disney. The title was Lilo and Stitch. A very heartwarming movie it was. Skyfall giggles when she remembers both twins crying at a couple of scenes. It had been a lot of fun watching that movie together. They had laughed, commented once in a while and of course the crying.

"They are more sensitive than I thought." Skyfall giggles quietly to herself. She then hops down her new berth and decides to stretch her whole body frame. But she then suddenly yelps when she hears someone knock on her door.

"Miss Skyfall? You are awake?" She recognizes Jetstorm's voice. The young femme had learned when it is Jetfire or Jetstorm who is talking. She can identify who is speaking.

"Yes I'm awake. You two can come in." she calls to the door and it immediately opens and the two jets stroll into the room. Once the door closes they grin at Skyfall.

"Good morning, Miss Skyfall!" Jetfire says happily.

"You recharged well?" Jetstorm asks.

"Good morning you two, yes I recharged very well." Suddenly, both mechs are on each of her sides. She looks confusedly at them.

"Sentinel Prime wishes to be seeing you." That makes Skyfall frown.

"Okay..." 'So much for a good morning.'

"Sentinel Prime, sir. We have brought, Miss Skyfall." Jetfire calls once the big chinned Prime is in sight. Skyfall sees him sitting on a seat that somehow looks like a throne. She feels stupid not to know what all the rooms and parts of the ship is called. But they would only teach students that are in the Elite academy about such things.

Jetfire and Jetstorm walk beside her all the way till they are standing in front of the commander. The twins salute him in respect and Skyfall straightens herself in a more respectful stance.

"Y-you wished to see me Mr. Sentinel?" The Prime ignores her and looks at her as if she were an annoying dirt stain. He then presses a button and the huge screen in front of them turns on. Skyfall gasps when she sees who is on the other side of the screen. The one and only, great Ultra Magnus.

"Ultra Magnus! SIR!" she gasps and bows in respect. Ultra Magnus chuckles at the small femme bot.

"Arise, young one. No need for that." Skyfall immediately obeys and stands up again.

"Yes sir!, sorry SIR!" She was very grateful that she was 'forced' the other day to take a shower. She hopes that she seems appropriate to be seen in front of such an important bot.

Ultra Magnus chuckles again, not being able to hold in his amusement for the frantic femme. "Your name is, Skyfall. Am I correct?"

"Y-yes that is correct, sir!"

"I heard that you had been accidentally stuck in the power plant during take o-"

"Yes! I know. It really wasn't on purpose! I am SO sorry, sir!"

"Don't interrupt him, femme!" Sentinel scolds. Skyfall cringes and starts to bow again.

"OH! I am SO sorry, sir!"

"No need to apologize, Miss Skyfall. I called to make sure that you are alright. You do know that you will have no choice than to follow Sentinel Prime and his crew during the whole mission? I hope you know that this can get dangerous." Skyfall calms down and optics close slightly.

"Yes, I know that, sir. But I promise that I will try to stay out of trouble." The jet twins seem to take their chance to speak up right there.

"No worries, Mr. Ultra Magnus sir." Jetfire starts.

"We will protect her." Jetstorm ends. Magnus nods.

"I hope you will. Because, as much as I read in her study files, she is not very experienced with any fighting." 'Oh you have NO idea, sir.' Skyfall mentally sighs sadly.

"Well, that was about everything. Oh and Miss Skyfall?" Said femme straightens. "We will make sure to inform your creator about this." Skyfall's optics widen.

"Y-yes, sir."

"Alright. Farewell, Miss Skyfall." He then looks up at Sentinel with a knowing look. "Don't be to rough on her." he warns. And then the screen turns of. Skyfall stares blankly at it. She had just spoken to THE Ultra Magnus! Oh the joy and amaze that SHE of all bots got to meet him. Even though it wasn't exactly in person, It was still just utterly amazing and a true honor.

"Well..." Sentinel breaks the silence."... now that that is over. Go away you. I don't want any non Elite Guards here." The Jet twins pout at that. At first Skyfall is confused since they are both Elite Guards but she then gasps when Jetstorm lifts her up and they run out of the control room. Once they are outside Jetstorm sets her down and they both smile down at her much smaller frame.

"We made a list with friendship things to do!" Jetfire exclaims and happily hands her a datapad. Skyfall gently grabs it and reads.

1: Play 20 questions

2: Try hula-hula dance

3: Dance party

4: Karaoke with Earth music

5: Play your mama jokes

6: Human baking

7: Make friendship bracelets

8: Play truth or dare

9: Try the pranking

10: Skyfall chooses

Skyfall raises an optic ridge and looks at the twins. They just smile sheepishly and scratch the back of their helms.

"We was not sure what friends do so we look up human friendship activities to do." Jetfire explains. Skyfall then smiles at the two funny mechs. They were more eager to do stuff with her then she had thought. Either that or they are testing her. She hopes not because she would just like to have fun.

"I think they are wonderful ide-" Before she could finish her sentence, Jetfire and Jetstorm grab both her servos and run out the door.

"Wonderful! Then begin we will!" they cheer as they run fast through the hall with poor Skyfall flying in the air behind them.


Jetfire, Jetstorm and Skyfall are sitting in the ships rec-room . They each have an energon cube in front of them. Skyfall looks nervously at her two new friends and takes a small sip of her energon without looking away from the twins who have been smiling at her all the time.

"So..." she starts.

"First thing on list is 20 questions." Jetstorm says cheerfully. Skyfall puts down her energon cube and looks questionably at them.

"Is that a game were you just ask questions?" she asks. Wanting to be 100% sure so that she doesn't make a fool out of herself. Jetfire looks up and taps his chin.

"We think it's game you ask questions to learn more about each other. We ask one question at the time." Skyfall nods.

"Okay then, well...Who should begin?" That makes the two jet upgraded twins grin cheekily. Jetfire gestures with his arms at her and Jetstorm claps his servos together.

"Miss Skyfall, tell please." Jetfire starts. His twin continues.

"How was your life back home?" Skyfall then suddenly freezes and her lilac lips go in a straight line, that makes the twins smiles slightly disappear.

"What is matter?" Jetfire asks. The young purple femme flinches and forces a smile. Not wanting to see their faces she looks down and fidgets with her digits under the table.

"N-nothing is the matter. I just...well...I was a student studying to enter the Elite academy. My results were very good and I did very well in filing." She then dares to look up and sees that both twins are paying very well attention. With their optics only on her and both were nodding.

"Did you enter?" Jetstorm asks. Skyfall suppresses the urge to frown and wiggles an index digit at him.

"You said one question at a time." she tries to tease. Jetstorm chuckles and he and his twin smile.

"Okay, ask, Miss Skyfall!" they exclaim.

"Um...Lets see. Were you two always Elite Guards?" She innerly hopes that she did not ask a pointless or stupid question.

"No, we was ordinary repair bots before." Skyfall's optics widen.

"We became Elite Guards after we got upgraded." Jetfire explains.

"The reason is because we was in an accident that nearly offlined us both." Jetstorm continues.


"But worries no." Jetstorm grins.

"We look much cooler and handsome now!" Jetfire says cockily and they both start to flex, making Skyfall laugh. Both were happy to make her laugh.

After that they continue to ask each other questions. From each others past to funny random things. Skyfall makes sure not to include any of her abusive family members.

Once they are done they had asked each other over 200 questions, even thought they were just supposed to ask 20.

"That was fun!" The twins exclaim. Skyfall is about to comment as well but is interrupted when they grab her again and run out from the rec-room.

"Time for second thing on list!"


The song He mele no Lilo is playing from the boombox the jet twins managed to convince Jazz to borrow. Jazz was at first hesitant but they then told him that they wanted to try out the human dance known as hula-hula. Jazz had been delighted and let them borrow it if he could watch. Jetfire and Jetstorm agreed. Jazz also suggested them to do it in his dojo.

Skyfall looks curiously around in the dojo. It is quite big with dangerous looking weapons hanging on the walls. She was so busy starring around in awe that she gets startled when the twins appear in front of her.

"Here!" they say cheerfully and hand Skyfall a gigantic grass skirt. Skyfall looks at it and then at the twins. She then notices that they are both wearing one as well.

"Were did you get those from?" she asks.

"I gave them. I found them in a shop last time I was on Earth." Jazz laughs. Skyfall pouts and looks at the cool mech. He is sitting cross legged on the floor with a cube of high grade. He notices her watching and he grins at her. She in return ignores him and ties the grass skirt on. Once she is done she looks at the jet twins who are already trying their skirts out by moving their hips. The sight makes Skyfall snicker.

"Come on, Miss Skyfall!" Jetstorm calls and waves her over. At first she shakes her head, but the twins just grin and run beside her.

"Let's do the hula-hula!" Jetfire laughs. Skyfall laughs shyly sways her hips back and forth.

"Move it, lil lady!" Jazz laughs, making Skyfall blush and the twins grin and peace pose at Jazz. They then follow Skyfall's tact and sway their hips back and forth with their arms moving slowly up and down like waves. Skyfall lifts her arms up and does the same. At first it is pretty slow but then they start to do a little faster and sway their hips a lot more.

"Way ta go, you three! Your doing good!" Jazz nearly chokes on his high grade as he watches the three hula-hula dance. The twins laugh and each grab one of Skyfall's servos. She looks questionably at them but then giggles when they start to go around in circles. They then go faster and faster and faster. In the end they are going so fast that they all fall on the floor on their backs, still holding each others servos. Jazz slaps his knee and starts to laugh. The three young bots then start to laugh ad well. The twins then stand up and pull the short femme up.

"Are you okay?" they laugh/ask her. Skyfall giggles and smiles at them.

"Yes, I am fine." They both grin and let go of her servos so that they can take their skirts of. Skyfall does the same.

"It says here that next on tha list is Dance party." Jazz calls over from his seat. Skyfall turns to him and sees him waving the datapad back and forth in the air. "I can fix that fo ya."

"Thank you, Mr. Jazz sir." Jetstorm grins. Jazz grins back and starts to fiddle with his boombox.

"Then I'l choose the songs." he says mischievously.


"Okay, I think we should have a proper price for the winner." Jazz suggests. The twins nod in agreement while Skyfall just looks at them feeling left out on the agreements.

"So who is gonna start?" Jetfire waves his arms madly around.

"O!, O! I want to, Mr. Jazz sir!"

"Alright then, take your position in tha middle of tha dojo." Jetfire does as told while his twin and Skyfall walk away and sit down to watch.

"Here we GO!" Jazz announces.

Just shoot for the stars

If it feels right

And in for my heart

If you feel like

Can take me away

And make it okay

I swear i'll behave

Jetfire snaps his digits and starts to dance. Skyfall watches every move he does. ( I am horrible at describing dancing so if yall wanna know how he dances then just check out: Just Dance 4 Moves like jagger. Do the same with the others :) ) She can't help but smile and move her helm to the beat of the song. Jetfire just moves happily and hums the with the music.

Once he is done Skyfall claps.

"That was great!" She cheers. Jetfire grins and bows.

"Thank you, thank you."

Jetstorm chuckles and stands up. "Yes, good it was. But just watch me." Jetfire grins and takes Jetstorm's place beside Skyfall.

"Show us what you got, brother!" Jetfire fist pumps and Jazz hums and switches a new song on.

Comme te po' capì chi te

vò bene

Si tu le parle 'mmiezzo americano?

Quando se fa l'ammore sotto 'a luna

Come te vene 'capa e di: 'I love you?!

Pa pa l' americano!

This new song had a different language then the last one. Skyfall wasn't sure what language it was but she immediately forgot about it when Jetstorm starts to dance. ( In case you don't know what song this is then it is: We no speak americano :D And like I said, you can check out the dances on youtube if you search on Just Dance and the song ) She giggles a couple of times along with Jetfire a couple of times when he tells her a random joke, making Jetstorm tell him of to let her watch him.

Once his dance is over Skyfall claps for him as well and he, like his twin, bows.

"Thank you, and thank you."

"Humph! I was better than you, brother." Jetfire huffs.

"No you was not!"

"Alright, alright. Cool it you two. We will see who is tha winner after lil lady's turn." Skyfall shrinks when all three mechs turn to her.

"Yes, thats right. It is Miss Skyfall's turn." Jetstorm states.

"Come on up, lil lady. The 'stage' is yours." Jazz says calmly yet teasingly to her. The small purple femme blushes and shyly stands up and walks to the middle of the dojo. Once she turns around she sees Jazz leaning on his boom box with a teasing grin plastered on his face. The jet twins are sitting on the floor indian style with their optics just on her. She gulps.

'Okay, okay. Come on Skyfall. You can do this. It's no big deal. It's just dancing. The twins did it very well.' she mentally says to herself. But the problem was that she is afraid to make a fool out of herself. What if they start laughing at her? Or say that she is a horrible dancer? Would they still want to be her friends then? She actually loves to dance, but that is just when she is alone with no one watching her. She has never danced in front of somebot before. Perhaps if she just closed her optics and imagine herself being alone in her room then she could make it. Although she would like nothing more than to just say no to the dancing in front of them but, seeing the longingly glints in the twins optics, she just couldn't say no to doing it.

"Ya ready, lil lady?" Jazz calls. Skyfall takes a deep breath and closes her optics.

"I'm ready." And then the song starts. At first it begins slowly so Skyfall moves her arms down gracefully and slightly sways her hips.

Get on the floor


get on the floor!

Let me introduce you .. to my party people

in the cluub

Suddenly, there is a beat and Skyfall starts to move faster in the tact. ( P.S song: On the floor. )

I'm loose ..

and everybody knows I get off the train

Baby it's the truth

I'm like inception I play with your brain ..

So I don't sleep or snooze

I don't play no games so

don-don-don-don-don't get it confused no

Cuz you will lose yeah

Now pum-pum-pum-pum-pump it up

And back it up

like a Tonka truck

Forgetting that she is in the dojo with three mechs watching her every move, she starts to move her body frame with the music and she dares to move her waist and hips more elastically. A smile blooms across her face as she feels the beat in her pony tail. ( Did I forget to mention that her so called pony tail is very sensitive to noises and movements? )

If you go hard you gotta get on the floor

If you're a party freak then step on the floor

If you're an animal then

tear up the floor

Break a sweat on the floor,

yeah we work on the floor.

Skyfall was really enjoying herself. It felt as if she was the only bot around. She then smiles with her dentas and continues to dance until the song is over.

Once the music stops and Skyfall finishes with a pose she gasps once she remembers about the audience. She hesitates to open her optics at first but she then forces them up. She blushes madly when she sees Jazz and the twins just starring at her. Did she do well? Or bad? Her questions were answered however when they start to applaud and whoop. That just makes her blush more and hide her face in her servos. She then feels someone pull her servos away.

"Don't hide, Miss Skyfall." She shyly looks up and sees Jetfire and Jetstorm smiling down at her.

"Yes, you was very good."

"I agree with 'em, lil lady. And I think you have become our winner. You two dig?" Jetfire and Jetstorm nod in agreement.

"Thank you." she nearly whispers.

"And Ive got the perfect price for you, lil lady." Skyfall and the twins look at him curiously.


"Jetfire and Jetstorm get ta be your personal servants for a whole day! Starting with tomorrow!" he happily exclaims. Skyfall is quiet for a while but the realization hits her and she starts to franticly shake her helm.

"Oh no. I couldn't do tha-"

"Yaaay! We get to be personal servants of Miss Skyfall!"

"Huh?" She turns around and sees the twins fist pump.

"So, what is next on tha list?" Jazz asks.

To be continued

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