Title: Fear

Author: Confesser Kahlan

Summery: Cid's POV after making Squall the Commander

Series: Maybe

I sighed as I turned from the mic. You are standing behind me with an impassive look on your face.

But your eyes are anything but impassive. They are glaring at me in accusation, swirling with emotion. I see anger, confusion…fear.

Anger. Angry at not being consulted about a decision that had a large impact on your life, your future. I am sorry.

Confusion. You do not know why I would choose you. Was there really any question?

Fear. Afraid you would not be good enough, that you would fail. Afraid of having so many lives depending on you, your every decision. But you are not afraid for yourself, for your own life, are you Squall?

Of all these emotions, fear is the one I am most familiar with. I fear for the Garden, for my students.

But, I am not afraid now.

For I know that this decision is the right one. You will not let me down.

You are a born leader. You are brilliant, an excellent fighter, and a natural tactician. You do not speak much or often, but when you do, one had better listen. Your very presence demands respect and instant obedience.

You are everything I am not.

Squall, I hope you will forgive me for making this decision for you. But I knew that, given the chance, you would have refused. I could not let that happen. The Garden needs you. You must lead SeeD.

For I can not.

Squall, do not fear. The SeeDs have faith in you, your friends have faith in you.

I have faith in you.