America was outside, and drinking soda. Unfourtunately, he had to go to another one of those boring meetings. He sighed, getting up and going in the house. He to look "presentable" which basically meant, hot and itchy. But he just wore he bomber jacket. On the way to the cab, he paused, for movement had flickered out of the corner of his eye.

He looked to the trees. He shrugged it off, it was probably just his imagination. Then he was off to the meeting.

There he burst in. "The hero has arrived!" Britain groaned, and France smirked at him. "What are you looking at, you bloody frog?!" France snorted. Britain flew out of his seat. "What is that supposed to mean?!" he demanded, choking the Frenchman. France and Britain started yelling at each other, and they just fought.

Since this was normal behavior, everyone just kind of ignored it. America looked at China. "Yo, China! What's the topic again?" China sighed. "Global warming, aru." America wrinkled his nose. "Again?" China pursed his lips. Russia smiled. "It's a increasing concern, da?" Everyone shuddered, except America, of course.

Prussia crossed his arms. "The awesome Prussia thinks we should talk about something more awesome." "No one cares what you think Prussia!" called Turkey, who was smirking in his seat.

Prussia turned on his heel. "What did you just say to the awesome Prussia?!" Canada sighed, and then frowned. He looked at the open doorway, but no one was there. He cautiously went to America and tugged on his sleeve.

"Hey, bro! What's up?" He looked around. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" America shrugged. "Yeah, sure." They went out into the hall and Canada crossed his arms. America frowned. "What is it?" Canada fidgeted. "Have you...noticed anything? Like you feel like someone's watching you?" America looked at him.

Canada saw the complete 'Yes!' in his face. America nodded. "So..what are we going to do?" Canada exhaled. "We can't do anything about it now. We should just go on with the meeting and meet up again afterwards." America nodded in agreement.

"Okay." They went inside and the meeting started. Well, it started after another half an hour of fighting, shouting, and threatening war. They all sat down, and China went up there. "We are here to discuss global warming." On of the countries yelled, "We know!" China glared in the general direction.

"So-" His sentence was cut off by the doors opening and a woman walked in. Long black hair with brown streaks to her waist. Pocahontas-style dress and beaded ankle bracelets on her bare feet, and bracelets on her wrists. Her skin was naturally tan and she had different colored eyes. One violet, one blue.

Canada and America choked on their own air. They had only seen her once before. They stood up, and the countries saw the recognition on their faces, and they wondered how they knew who this person was. She locked eyes with them.

America exhaled shakily. "Mom?"