I have been searching for any sign of Ran, Chen, and Flan and I have found no signs. Aya could give me nothing, as couldn't Yuyuko or, even Komachi the ferrier. The only things I could gather was the news that someone was breaking into shops and farms, leaving behind money and another of a hand-dugged grave for a kitsune. I did indeed find that odd and started to listen in on these baffling conversations. Both seemed to the talk of the town and it did give a me a couple of leads to go on. I went to the gravesite of said fox and found the rumour was confirmed. I followed the trail but it ran cold at a little place Aokigahara. Still, all trace of them was gone. I concluded on allowing the Sea of Trees to hold me in an embrace because I could not bare to go back to Reimu without Ran, Chen, or Flandre, especially since I promised myself I would find them and it was not I like I could go back to Reimu as she likely died of starvation or hypothermia as food is scarce and she can only do so much to keep warm. My dyed grey locks had turned as white as the snow and only frozen tears fell. I was done and thrust into despair, regret, and sorrow. I sure hope my dear little human child could forgive me for ever leaving her behind because I most certainly cannot forgive myself.

Bit by bit, a cocoon of ice started to envelope me and the world had turned monochrome. Nothing seemed to matter anymore and most of what I wanted to do by this point was die. I had nothing to go back to.