Such a surprise today! We had seen someone we hadn't seen in a long time. Rumia and she's crashed headfirst into the ground. She explained that she had been looking for us because half of everyone else had been taken by "bad people". She explained she was happy to see us and that she'll stay here, with us. Once she was done explaining what had happened, her arms dropped from their usual position (outstretched, like a crucifix) and she cried bitterly, exclaiming that she missed her friends, the rest of Team ⑨, and wondered if Yuuka was still alive. Yuuka stated that she was and said, "I am quite happy to see you." It was bittersweet seeing Rumia again, being she is the very last of Team ⑨, as Mystia, Wriggle, Cirno, and Daiyousei have all died and are amongst the stars. Once Rumia settled down, she cloaked herself darkness and fell asleep soundly. She needed a rest after flying around for some time. Frankly, I cannot help but to wonder how she managed fly around undetected.

The clove is
here, neither is it summer nor
is it fall

We're in the clove of the seasons