In living in our little den, I tried to make things easier and that often involved singing them lullabies. Nevertheless, I had to obtain food. Since Aokigahara was a place of death, it wasn't hard to find some sort of currency, as people often ended whatever troubles there were here, though, I felt awful for grave robbing but I'm sure they would understand as, I wasn't doing this for greed. Whenever did obtain some money, I would often go farms, inns, and or shops at night, swipe what I could, and leave the currency behind. Whatever food I had, I gave to Flan and Chen. On one such occasion of night-shopping, I had met a kitsune. At first, I didn't think there were any other kitsune in the Outside world, not in the region I was, anyway. Nevertheless, I felt my heart flutter and my eyes grow large. I was lovestruck by this kitsune and I am sure he was just as interested. Soon after meeting and after I had fed Chen and Flan, we took to spending time together, a lot of time together. After awhile, he didn't resurface and, to my upset, I found my companion was run over by a car. At least, I felt better knowing I had given him a proper burial. However, I had something on my mind during this period and that was that my dress had grown a bit tighter, though, as far as I knew, I was getting fat.

The ancient youkai
must go on a journey leaving behind
her human child