The winter did indeed come and I was still bloated in my abdominal area, although it became apparent that I wasn't really fat and Flan and Chen started to sense it, too. Actually, it seemed they were more than willing to share with and give up food for me, Chen even giving up her treasured can of unopened sardines that she's saved for a long time. Apparently, they knew I needed it more than they did, even though I didn't know why. Over time, I started to catch on to what was happening and it turned out that wasn't getting fat, instead, I was expecting. My unexpected pregnancy brought on more concerns. I was worried about Flan and Chen and Yukari and Reimu (and the bunny), along with the fact that I was now expecting.

After awhile, I decided we should look for Yukari and Reimu. During the night and using the evergreen forests as cover, we opted homeward. The traveling in itself took along time. The winters were different than being in what is not a fantasy land Gensokyo. Of course, the house we once lived in was empty and the windows were boarded up, causing us to push on. We continued on, until I detected a familiar scent. Reimu's.