Levi sat alone at the table with his glass of wine. He looked around in the room. There was a party for the noble and the high-ranked officers from the military. For Erwin this was a perfect opportunity to find benefactors for the Survey Corps. Levis gaze continued wandering around. The noblemen from the inner gates were standing scattered in the big hall, talking to friends or new business partners and drinking carelessly.

Levi harrumphed. He hated this people. Just because they had money they thought too highly of themselves. Erwin was talking to two men Levi never saw before. A few steps away Mike was talking to some girls, obviously daughters from some of the guest. Levi rolled his eyes; this idiot. He knew that Mike, drunk as he is, would hit on one of those girls, causing problems later. Levi focused on his wine glass again. Such parties were a pain in the ass for him. He couldn't understand why Erwin dragged him to these events, demanding them to kiss those rich pigs ass, just to become a little money.

"There you are, Levi! Sorry for the wait." – he heard a familiar voice behind him.

"Oi, shitty glasses, you're late" he whispered gruffly, turning around to face her. Levi wasn't prepared for what he gets to see behind him. This woman standing there wasn't Hanji – couldn't be Hanji.

"I know. I'm sorry but", she wanted to finish her excuse but stopped when she noticed that he stared at her. Levi couldn't believe his eyes. He has never seen her wearing formal clothes. And there she was standing in a black sleeveless dress. It underlined her figure and ended just under her knees. But the thing that surprised Levi the most was her hair. Instead of the usual messy ponytail, long brown curly hair was falling over her shoulder.

"Rivaille?" she sounded insecure. "I bet you're thinking that it doesn't suit me, I look ridiculous."

He wanted to disclaim her thoughts, to tell her how beautiful she looked but …

"Zoe, there you are." A tall brown-haired man appeared next to her.

"Oh, Peter, let me introduce you to one of my comrades. This is Lance Corporal Levi" she said.

The man just nodded. "Peter Steiner pleased to meet you." He turned his head to Hanji. "Zoe, I need to introduce you to some of my business partners. After all they came here to meet my fiancee", he said as he took her by the hand, leading her away from Levis table.

Being dragged away Hanji turned her head around, forming a 'sorry' with her lips. Levi couldn't react. He just stood there, starring at the spot she was standing just seconds ago. Hanji had a fiancé? What the hell did this mean?

"Wow, this must totally suck", Levi heard Mikes voice next to him.

"I don't know what you mean", Rivaille replied harshly.

The blonde man laughed: "I mean the fact that you just found out that the love of your life is engaged to a rich man!"

Levi gritted his teeth. "I don't care what this stupid woman does!" he said and took his half-empty wine glass. "I need more to drink."

Mike just laughed and followed the Corporal to the bar.

Midnight has already passed when the two men returned to the headquarters. Both drank too much that night. The only difference was that Mike was used to such amounts of alcohol. Levi felt dizzy as he walked up to his room. He regretted his decision to drink that much. Levi cursed as he stumbled through the corridor to his room. At least he thought that it was his room, but there was already a person sitting on the bed. For a second he just stood there confused, but then he realised that this was indeed his room. No one else had a room with a balcony on this floor. As the person on his bed didn't move, he stepped in the room, closing the door behind him. Since the moonlight was the only source of light he had to step right to the bed to be able to recognize the intruder. But he already could guess who it was. He sat down on the edge of his bed, not looking in the other person's direction. "What do you want?" he asked irritated.

No response.

"Oi, shitty-glasses, are you deaf?" he turned his head at her direction.

Hanji was sitting on his bed, leaning against the wall. She slowly turned her head to face him. Even though there was only the moonlight falling through the balcony-door Levi could see enough of her to make out that she had cried. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier about Peter", she said. Her voice was only a weak whisper.

Levi scoffed. "It surprised me that there's actually an idiot who would even consider marrying you."

Hanji starred dull at him. "Don't worry; he doesn't do it out of love." She grinned dolefully. "My father insisted to this marriage because it would benefit his company."

Levi couldn't believe what he just heard. He didn't even know that her father had a company. Hanji usually never spoke about her family. And now she chooses to do it exactly when his head hurt like crazy. She still sat there, talking about the arranged marriage. "Hanji listen" he interrupted her blubber. "I'll beat the shit out of this asshole. But I'll do it tomorrow. My head hurts and I want to sleep."

He crawled up on the bed and let his head sink face-down in his pillow.

Suddenly Hanji started laughing. "You're crazy, Corporal. I didn't even ask you to do anything. I just needed to talk about it to someone." She stepped over him so she could get down of the bed.

"Sorry that I bothered you." Hanji shook her head as if she just now realized that it wasn't normal for people to burst into other people's rooms in the middle of the night. Her hand reached for the doorknob as Levi turned her around and pressed her against the door.

"Listen, shitty-glasses. I'll beat him up because I won't let him have you" he said with anger in his sleepy look. Haji blushed at his words. Levi still pressed her against the door, his breath dangerously close to her face. He's just drunk, he doesn't know what he's talking about; she tried to remind herself.

He grinned when he realized her blushing cheeks. "Look at this. Don't tell me you're surprised with me saying this to you."

Hanji gulped. "Levi, you're drunk" she mumbled.

"And that's just your fault" he responded before he dragged her head down for a kiss. "And now listen you stupid woman, I'm tired and I'm going back to bed. You can choose whether you'll stay here or not." With these words he let go of her and returned back to the bed, leaving an astonished Hanji leaning against his door behind.

The woman shook her head in disbelief. "Say, Levi, is this you or the alcohol acting?" she called through the room.

He sighed. "Do you want me to change my mind and throw you out?"

He heard her giggling again before he felt a weight on the mattress next to him. Without opening his eyes he pulled her down in his embrace. She giggled again leaning her head against his chest.

"You're strange when you're drunk."