It all happened so fast. They had been sitting through a boring lecture by professor Port. Cardin was up to his usual pranks, and had decided to pull off Blake's bow. Blake had jumped up and screamed at him, and by the time anyone had realized what had happened, Blake had run out of the classroom. Yang, sitting next to her, jumped up and ran after her.

Yang had an idea where Blake was running to. They had visited the Beacon Cliff's a few times, and she knew the way by now. However, the last few times she had been running over the stones, she had been excited to go there. This time, only sadness and fear played through her mind. She cared for the black-haired girl, more than just a teammate. Perhaps even more then a friend.

As soon as she came to the cliff, she saw Blake. She was standing on the edge, eye's looking out over the forest. When she heard Yang approaching, she turned around.
"Don't come closer." Although her voice was barely more than a whisper, Yang understood her perfectly.
"Blake, don't do this. It's not worth it." Yang pleaded.
"You don't understand. I had hoped to hide it, to be normal, but now even that is taken from me." Blake still barely made a sound.

"Blake, it doesn't matter. You are a faunus, so what? We still care for you. You are still our teammate." Yang was almost screaming. She knew she wasn't close enough to grab her, but she was afraid getting closer would cause Blake to jump.
A single tear rolled down Blake's face: "I'm sorry Yang. You, your sister and Weiss are nice people, but others are not nearly so kind. By tomorrow morning everyone in school will know that I'm a... a monster."
"Don't say that. Don't ever think like that. You are not a monster Blake, and you know that." Yang tried to move closer, but Blake made a step backwards. Yang had never felt so powerless.

"What about team JNPR? They are your friends too. I know you are scared, but please, on this school, you can be a faunus. It's ok" Yang was desperately hoping Ruby, Weiss or anyone would show up, but she dared not to look back, afraid that Blake would jump the second she looked away.
Blake shook her head: "Look at Velvet. Look at any faunus. Even on this school I'll never be normal."
Yang realized she had started crying too, tears streaming over her face: "Please Blake, I don't want to lose you. Please."
Blake looked at the blond girl, once so strong, now begging her to stop. However, Blake knew that no matter how hard Yang wanted to, even she could not change the fact that she was a faunus. "I... no."

Yang saw it happening. Blake leaned back, her arms spread wide, and fell. Yang ran forward, grabbed Blake just as she went below the ridge, and tried to pull her up. As she looked down, she realized just how far down it was.
"Let. Me. Go." Blake hissed.
"No, I won't let you." As brave as those words where, Yang realized that she could not pull Blake up, and she herself was starting to fall. So she did the only thing she could do: she embraced Blake, and let herself fall.
As they went down, Blake looked terrified: "Yang, no, let me go. Don't do this." "I promised you that I would look after you." Yang looked her in the eyes: "I don't want to live with your dead on my hands. If you die, you will take me with you."
As the ground came closer and closer, she added: "There still is time to save us both."
Blake looked away, then pulled out Gambol Shroud and launched it at nearby tree, causing both of them to land safely, if a little rough.

Blake stood up and prepared to walk away when she was grabbed by Yang. "Blake. Listen to me. You are a great person. You are strong, wise, and nice to be around. You are a great teammate and partner. Being a faunus does not change that."
Blake pulled herself loose and starting walking away: "That's easy for you to say. You haven't been looked at, scolded at and mistreated simply because of your heritage."
Yang walked up next to Blake, but made no move to grab her or restrain her. Yang replied: "Years ago, on Signal, a boy at least two years older walked up to me. He told me that I would never be a good fighter because I was a girl. Three broken bones later I walked away. I got grounded, and my parents had a talk with me. Two days later, that same boy walked up to me and apologized."
Blake stopped and leaned against a tree. Yang, hoping that she was getting somewhere, continued: "What I'm trying to say is that there will always be people who think themselves better then you, because of one stupid reason or another. That doesn't matter. You made it here, to the best combat academy in Vale. You are getting the best grades in class and are one of the best fighters I've ever met." Yang was rambling at this point, trying to convince Blake to stay. "It won't be easy. It never is. But we will help you. And you will make it."
Blake looked up, and smiled weakly. "Thanks. I've never really had friends before coming to this school."

Yang sighted: "Poor girl. Come here." and walked up and hugged Blake. They stood silently under the tree. Blake relaxed in her arms, tired from the last few minutes. Yang just stood there, holding her. Unbeknown to Blake, Yang's mind was racing. No one was around, she was already hugging Blake, but she was afraid that making a move would scared Blake away again.

So, in the end, they just stood there for a while, Yang trying to work up the courage to say something, and Blake just relaxing. Finally, Blake broke the hug, saying: "We should head back."

Yang smiled, then replied: "Ruby and Weiss are probably quite worried. We should probably start climbing." Blake only responded with a nod.

As Yang watched Blake walk up to the cliff wall, she knew this would be her final chance: "Blake, I..."
Blake turned around, a curious look on her face: "Yes?" Yang immediately regretted it: "Nothing, never mind. Let's start climbing." This only served to make Blake more curious: "Yang, even a child could see something is bothering you. What's up?" Yang shook her head: "Now is not the time. Maybe later?" Blake started to walk towards Yang: "I've seen you fight Grim creatures without fear, take out several opponents in tournaments and heard stories about you taking out an entire nightclub, because you felt like you needed to," Blake didn't sound accusing, she was merely making a statement: "and yet, here you stand before me, terrified to tell me something. Yang, what is it?"

"I think... I think I've fallen in love with you, Blake" Yang was whispering, but Blake had heard her.
"I have always thought of you as a friend, but lately, I've realized that I want to be more then friends."
Blake stood, silently, looking at Yang as she revealed her secret. Yang could feel her eyes getting watery again: "And now that you know, you will run away, because I'm weird." Yang moved to start climbing.
She found herself stopped by Blake. "Yang. Stop." Yang turned, leaning against the cliff wall. Blake continued: "You are not weird. You are completely normal. Better then that, you are amazing. Strong, fast, without fear. I am proud to call you my teammate. I think I could be proud to call you my girlfriend too." Yang stared dumbly at her. Did she just say what Yang thought she said? Blake leaned in closer: "You just saved my life. I think that has earned you a reward." and she kissed her.

Yang's world exploded.

Yang had never kissed someone before. This kiss was everything she had ever hoped it would be and more. Soft and sweet, Yang was sure she'd died.

Blake was the one to end the kiss, but she stayed quiet. Yang was the first to speak up: "So, that was a thing." Blake laughed: "I think I could get used to that." Yang nodded, her heart filled with happiness.
After a few seconds, Blake looked up. "We still have to climb. Come on."

A short climb later, the two reached the top of the cliff. Yang helped Blake up the last few feet.

Looking around, she saw Ruby and Weiss both standing there, but nobody else was around.

Ruby was the first to spot them: "There they are"

Yang and Blake just sat there, the last half hour having tired them out.
Weiss was the first to speak up: "Everyone ok?"

Blake looked away, so Yang responded. "It wasn't nice, but we talked about it. I think it's ok. Right Blake?" Blake nodded.

Ruby spoke up: "When I saw both of you go over that cliff, I was terrified. Blake, we are your friends. Please... please don't ever do that again."

Blake looked up: "I'm sorry. Being a faunus has haunted me my entire life. When I came her, I had hoped to finally put it behind me, and move on."
Ruby pulled everyone in a group hug. "You are our teammate. We take care of our teammates."

Weiss was the one who finally broke the hug. "Come on, they are probably worried for us. We should head back."
Yang looked at Blake, then back at Weiss: "You and Ruby run up ahead, we'll be right behind you."

Weiss nodded, and she and Ruby sat up and left.
Yang pulled Blake into another kiss. When they pulled apart, she asked: "Do you want to tell them?"

Blake thought for a second, then shook her head. "Maybe later. Let's not move too fast."
Yang nodded. She pulled herself up, and hand-in-hand, she and Blake returned to Beacon.

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