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Here's the fifth chapter of "Second Chance at Love": Rules

Cody's teal eyes opened…and he greeted the second day of his second week in Hawaii with a massive smile.

A part of him still couldn't wrap his mind around it. He had been here for eight days. But while the first three were just as horrible as his time on Total Drama had been, the last five were the opposite. Though they had there own faults to them, they were pretty good. In that short space of time, he had gotten really close with Leshawna and Lindsay, two sexy goddesses of young women who never should have even given him the time of day.

They were what had dominated his time while awake and his dreams while asleep. There were moments where Cody found himself wondering whether he liked being awake or asleep more. At the moment, he was leaning towards asleep, if only because he could have sex with the two girls in his dreams, and he had just had a really good dream of that.

But even within his pleased state of being, Cody's rational side sighed within his being. As good as these dreams were, he knew they were just dreams. They were just fantasies. And even last night's dreams and fantasies, with Cody having sex with every single girl from Total Drama in the swimsuits they had worn during the volleyball game before doing both Lindsay and Leshawna last at the same time, couldn't lessen that sad knowledge. Even the column of morning wood bugling out of his boxers with vertical tan stripes didn't lessen that.

The Tech Geek then remembered back to what had come before the volleyball game, mainly his encounter with Duncan and Alejandro and what he had revealed to them. He hadn't been lying to them when he said that he wouldn't pursue either girl, unless either girl directly said that they wanted him to be their boyfriend. He knew it was the right thing to do, since both girls were likely still grappling with the fall-out of their past relationships and he didn't want to take advantage of them. But he was starting to find it getting harder and harder to keep his virtues as he continued to hang out with them. Both girls were getting sexier and sexier with each passing day in both body and personality!

Even so, Cody did find that his fancy was tipping more towards Leshawna at the moment. She had been his savior, his hero…his knight in sexy grey full-body swimsuit! In just one day, she had saved him from Duncan and Alejandro, beat the every loving snot out of them, basically motor-boated his face between her massive ebony boobs, and she had given Cody some of the hottest pictures he had taken while she played the volley back game. Whatever scaled had been titled in Lindsay's favor before had been reversed. At the moment Cody couldn't stop thinking about how much he loved it when the tip of his "little Cody" had accidentally been barely pushed between her succulent butt-cheeks when he had given her a tight hug from behind. Cody's morning wood had grown a little, being just a notch or two away from being at full mast.

Riding on the small but constant pleasure coming from his erect self, Cody's mind shifted. 'But I wonder, how long had Leshawna been there? How much did she hear?'

Suddenly a light knocking started to be heard from the other side of Cody's door. Startled by the suddenness of the sound, Cody instinctually flinched for a second before realizing what was going on. Without thinking, Cody went to his hotel room's door and opened it.

As he did, Cody instantly found himself frozen and he felt his face become like fire as he only now realized then that he was still in nothing but his boxers. What made him realize this was that he had felt his penis reach full-mast and now the tip of the purple crown was just barely peeking out of them between the descending lines of tan.

And what had caused this to happen was the fact that the person who had knocked, Lindsay, was not only Lindsay but she was Lindsay and almost as naked as Cody!

Now, anyone with eyes could see that Lindsay had a tendency to dress in either less clothing than many girls or in clothing that tended to highlight her natural blessings. Because of this, Cody had already seen a lot more skin from Lindsay just being her friend for five days than many guys would see from a girl after being friends with her for a month. Despite that, the Blonde Bombshell had found a way to expose more of herself.

Lindsay stood in Cody's doorway wearing nothing but a Hawaiian grass skirt and tiny bra that looked like a pair of coconuts!

She wasn't wearing a skirt that was a piece of fabric made to look like the stereotypical Hawaiian grass skirt with some parts of it painted a darker green than the rest of it. It was literally a skirt made up of soft emerald blades of chlorophyll with nothing behind them. As the tiny pieces of plants were easily moved around by Lindsay's subtle shifting, more of her upper legs were being presented to Cody under the pretense of being covered. The grass skirt was making Lindsay's already curvy legs seem even curvier than they were. And while her top wasn't made of real coconut, instead being two cups of cloth painted to look like coconuts, it was remarkable for another reason. It was a bra! It wasn't a bikini top or a part of a some expensive two-piece ensemble for her upper body…it was an actual bra, as in the piece of lady underwear that was usually only worn beneath other pieces of lady clothing. More than that, it was a bra that was about a size or two too small, and her gigantic melons seemed to want to burst free from their tight confines. Since it was so tight, the mock-coconut bra made Lindsay's boobs looks almost spherical.

It took Cody quite some time but finally he was able to pull his eyes away from her body. After what had to have been at least several solid minutes, Cody finally looked at Lindsay's face. A small part of him, only becoming heard when his eyes moved upward, was fearing that he would see a look of wrath on the angelic face of the Blonde Beauty.

What he saw was quite different. Lindsay didn't look mad in the slightest. She was smiling at him as always, but Cody could see that there was something in that smile. A special, secret emotion or feeling that was only meant for him, at least he hoped anyway.

Lindsay had been thankful that it had Cody so long to move his eyes up to her face. Otherwise he would have seen the drastic change of expressions. He would have seen the nervousness when he opened the door, the strained difficulty of not lunging at him, the massive blushing of desire when she saw that Cody was not only in just his boxers but also that his one-eyes monster was attempting to spy on her as closely as it could. While just guessing, a part of Lindsay thought that Cody's shaft, though only hinted at, was the same length as Tyler's had been…roughly seven inches long. She hoped she was right.

'Wow! He's never been that happy to see me! His pee-pee got so long just seeing me. It's bigger than I thought it would be! He must like me and want to do me. EEEEEEEE! Oh, like, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you, adorable sweet baby Jesus, you!'

As she continued to shout and scream unrestrained praises to her adorable deity in diapers in her mind, Lindsay was somehow able find it within herself to keep her actual feelings hidden. As difficult as it was for her, Lindsay maintained her calm, sexy smile. With that smile and moving her fingers up and down in a kind of wave, she said in her usual cherry fashion, "Hi Colby!"

After she did, it was silent for a few moments. Lindsay couldn't help but reflect on how she didn't know why waving with her fingers like that turned men on so much. And Cody couldn't help but reflect on how her simply getting his name wrong made him want to break the vow he made to himself and just lunge at her like a staring wolf at a steak.

"H-h-ha-hi…hi L-Lin-Linds..." Cody finally said, unable to stop his voice from shaking. He found it got harder to talk when he noticed that Lindsay's smile had grown a little, from the Blonde finding Cody's struggle to be cute. "W-wh-what…what do you want?"

Lindsay found that she started feeling tingly, and that butterflies were in her tummy. She maintained herself, holding herself back…while hoping that it wouldn't be for very long. "Well, I, like…saw that you weren't at breakfast yet, so I wanted to bring you some."

With that, Lindsay turned and reached for something that was behind one of the walls. When she did, Cody couldn't take his eyes off of her, hypnotized by how much side-boob he was seeing and how wonderfully the massive mammary seemed to sway and jiggle with each subtle movement. It only took the tiniest bit of imagination on Cody's part to picture this was what Lindsay's boobs would look like when she was naked.

Her bringing a tray to her side and facing him again brought Cody out of that image, though only barely since Lindsay was nearly naked. The Tech Geek looked at the tray. He saw some Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in a cup, a small carton of milk, a carton of orange juice, some toast with some melted butter on it, and a bowl of various fruits.

Cody's stomach rumbled when he saw the food, causing him to blush and Lindsay to giggle. When the embarrassment left him, Cody asked, "Wh-why did you bring me this?"

"I told you, Colby. I didn't want you to go hungry because you were being a sleepyhead. And…" Lindsay said before pausing. Against her wishes, she turned her face as she felt it heat up. She knew she just had to say a little but more but her will power was near gone. "…and, I was, like, wondering if you wanted to eat your breakfast in bed…with me?"

If there had been any small noises coming from Cody, they had been thoroughly killed then. He wasn't breathing. He wasn't moving. He was just barely thinking. He was still. What little mental capability he had was marveling at how he had stopped himself from either touching himself or tightly wrapping himself around Lindsay like a life preserver.

After all, after a night of sexual dreams, finding himself aroused in their aftermath, and with it being the very first thing that happened today, Cody was standing before a nearly naked goddess from those same dreams who came bearing some of his favorite morning foods and had just wording her coming into his room as being in his bed with him.

Cody, not taking his eyes off of Lindsay or doing anything else, pinched himself. As the tiny stings of pain came from one of his arms, Cody felt both so happy and so terrified. He wanted to both shout to the heavens in joy and curse the heavens with all of his wrath. He wanted to both grab Lindsay and dine on some select parts of her instead of the food and ask Lindsay to leave before locking the door and containing himself like a feral beast.

Eventually Cody realized that the moral and right thing to do would be to shun the powerful temptation that Lindsay most likely innocently was presenting to him.

"S-sure Linds. C-ca-come on in…" Cody said. Well, no matter how noble their intentions, young men have a habit of being unable to refuse requests from beautiful half-naked women, in particular those who were offering them some of their favorite foods.

Showing a smile so pure and sweet that it made Cody feel better about his decision, Lindsay started to push the wheeled tray into his room. As she did, the Blonde made sure to make it look like she was struggling with the wheels on the rug. She did this because it gave her a good excuse to have her massive boobs swing and jiggle around haphazardly.

Most girls would have had some shame in being so obvious in their attempts at seduction but Lindsay wasn't most girls. And she had been lonely and sad for long enough! For the first time since taking charge of her team during Total Drama Action…Lindsay was going to take command of the situation and get what she wanted, who she wanted.

'Oh, Lindsay, your so hot and smooth! Colby can't take his eyes off your boobies! But he is hungry. Thanks for telling me, Cody's tummy. Well, I'll give him this food…before giving him me! EEEE! I'll be, like, dessert after breakfast! Is that a thing, dessert after breakfast? Um? Maybe I should have ordered one of those giant cakes and jumped out of it? Oh, yeah, I should have done that! Then Colby could have licked the frosting off of me before licking…Ooooohhhh yyyeeaaah! No…focus! Have this been a good morning!'

Leshawna could feel it in her very bones. This wasn't going to be a good morning.

But, that could have just been some of the aftermath of the previous day seeping in. Even with a bare-knuckled fight with two punks, yesterday had been going great for her. Leshawna had managed to put two horrible people in their place, she had managed to win the volleyball game for her team (with that being all the sweeter because she had done so by directly beating Heather), and she managed to have her fears about Cody put to rest.

Yes sir, everything was going grand…until a few hours after the volleyball game, that is. Even though she half-expected Gwen to come barging into her room with near-homicidal rage, it still took her by surprise when it had actually happened. Looking like a pale bat out of Hell, the Goth had forced her way through the door so harshly that the doorknob left an imprint in the wall. The conversation they had still rung bitterly in her mind.

"What the fuck, Leshawna! Why are you such a fucking bitch!?" Gwen angrily asked.

"And what, exactly, makes me a 'fucking bitch'?" Leshawna asked back, attempting to restrain her foul temper at the Goth right now.

"Drop the act, Leshawna! I know what you did!" Gwen replied with enough venom in her voice to have been comparable to a king cobra. "Duncan just regained consciousness. And do you know what the first words out of his mouth were? That you had beaten him up! Don't you dare try to deny it either, he told me everything!"

"Did he now?" Leshawna asked with a raise eyebrow while being unable to repress the lack of genuineness in her voice.

"Yeah, he did!" Gwen spat back. "I know you don't approve of me being with Duncan but what the fuck gives you the right to act like you have the moral high ground!?"

"Well…havin' the moral high ground certainty helps." Leshawna said quickly, instantly. She could tell that Gwen was about to begin a huge profanity laced tirade but she had another idea. "Before you start shoutin' at me, let me ask you this, what did he tell ya?"

"The truth, obviously!" Gwen said loudly with a bitter scoff. "He told me that he was walkin' along when he saw you beating up Ale in some alley for he did to you during the show and when he tried to stop you, you attacked him too. Does that ring any bells!?"

"Nope!" Leshawna said instantly. "That's about as big a lie as sayin' that Owen's as skinny as a rail. Its funny how he curiously forgot that someone else was there too, eh?"

"And who else was there, prey tell?" Gwen asked in a tone conveying her disbelief.



"Yes, Cody!" Leshawna snapped, having had enough if beating around the bush. "Let me ask ya something, Gwen. Do you know what Duncan does when he's not with you?"

Gwen raised one of her fingers and was about to loudly say the answer…when she realized that she didn't know it. She didn't have a clue what he did on his own. Despite not wanting to given the situation, the Goth's pale face showed some uncertainty.

"I didn't think so. Well, I'll tell ya!" Leshawna said, a bit more loudly than she intended. "He bullies Cody, makes his life a livin' hell! He and Ale have been doing it ever since we got here. It seems like he didn't want to let go of that one lucky shot Cody got on him in Greece. Plus I'll bet he just got off on bullying someone new since Harold's got Heather and the last time Duncan tried anything funny that Witch hit him in the kiwis so hard that he was wincin' in pain for a few weeks. When I had gotta to him, I saw Duncan and Ale beaten the ever living snout out of Cody. So I had to step in otherwise it woulda been Cody who's in the hospital now, and with far worse injuries I'd imagine!"

Gwen, for the first time since barging into Leshawna's room, looked speechless. She had a long list of insults all ready to go, just waiting for her turn to talk. Now she'd forgotten all of those pre-planned profanities. For some reason, this mere charge unsettled her. It brought some small doubts within her about Duncan to the surface, giving them credence.

"Yo-your…your lying!" Gwen said loudly, but not as loudly and convincing as before. "H-he promised me that he wouldn't bully anyone anymore…"

"I hate to break it to ya but he ain't following any promises he made." Leshawna said, happy to see that she was finally starting to get her point through Gwen's stubbornness. "Then again, what can ya expect from someone who cheated on their girlfriend with their best friend without any guilt? He never batted an eyelash when he saw Courtney crying."

"Sh-shut up! Shut up Leshawna!" Gwen shouted, but this time instead of anger her voice was almost pleading, hoarse with desperateness. Her hand started covering her ears.

"No! I ain't gonna shut up, Gwen! I've been holdin' my tongue for far too long! Your gonna listen to everything I have to tell ya, whether ya wanna to or not!" Leshawna shouted before taking Gwen's hands into her own and moving them downward. Thanks to her strength, Leshawna was easily able move Gwen's hands and keep them from covering her ears. The Goth started to thrash violently but her struggles were futile. "Gwen, Duncan doesn't care about ya! He never did, not in a way that really matters! While fightin' him, he couldn't stop himself from gloatin' about how you were his like you were some dog bein' trained or a trophy mounted up on the wall. All he cares about from you are your pussy, your chest, your ass, and your lips…just so he can stick his cock in 'em! He said that he was plannin' on usin' ya like a cheap hooker before dumpin' your sorry arse! And if you still refuse to believe that all of this came from the jack-ass' mouth, then how it is that I know that you prefer giving 'boob-jobs to blowjobs'!?"

Gwen, who had been thrashing in Leshawna's meaty grasp the whole time, suddenly stopped moving. Her body became as frozen as if she had turned to stone by Medusa.

Seeing that she had stopped thrashing, Leshawna released Gwen and allowed the next minute or so to pass by in silence so her friend could absorb all of that information.

The Goth was still reeling from all of this. She wanted to dismiss it all as just Leshawna's paranoia based on her not liking Duncan. But then, there was that last little bit of info. As horrible and impossible to imagine at it was, that one piece of knowledge proved everything. There was no way that anyone aside from Duncan could have known that!

Gwen had never told Leshawna that. She had never made it that far with Trent before they broke up. And the other boys who knew that fact were all the way back in Canada.

As the implications of that piece of revealed info sunk in, some movement did start to appear on Gwen's body. Her teal lips started to quiver ever so slightly, as did her legs.

Without any warning, Gwen collapsed her to her knees and started crying her eyes out. All of the lingering doubts and questions of if she had done the right thing had not only become manifest but they had bitten her in the ass. The guilt that she had been able to somehow bottle up every since betraying Courtney finally came to the surface unhidden.

Seeing the girl crying on the floor of her hotel room, one of her few remaining friends, Leshawna felt all of the intense anger and hostility vanish, to be replaced by her innate desire to help those who needed it. And right now Gwen needed help more than anyone.

Getting on the floor next to Gwen, Leshawna hugged the crying Goth and allowed the warm tears stained by black eyeliner to fall on her shoulders.

The image of Gwen breaking down and crying still plagued Leshawna's mind. She was thankful that DJ had heard all the commotion and soon came into her room too. Once there, the Brick House With Heart lived up to his label by helping comfort Gwen. He had helped Leshawna sooth the emotionally wounded Goth for the several hours it took before Gwen went to sleep in Leshawna's room, sharing Leshawna's bed. The Gentle Giant further proved his moral character by coming back into Leshawna's room early the next morning, this morning, saying that he'd watch Gwen while Leshawna showered and got something to eat. She was tempted by the offer but said she didn't want to shove that burden onto his board shoulders. DJ said it was ok. In fact, after breakfast he said that he'd stay with Gwen for the entire day. Once breakfast was over, Courtney wouldn't be around until late at night because there was some kind of daylong C.I.T. convention. Secretly pleased to hear that, Leshawna had gone off and was now eating her breakfast.

Before too long, her meal was gone. While the food was just as good, the meal was less satisfying because she was eating alone. She could see most of her friends were eating with their boyfriends/girlfriends and that they did so with massive smiles on their faces.

No one had a smile as massive as Harold's though, who was totally focused on Heather. It didn't take long for Leshawna to realize why that was the case. The Queen Bee's right hand was offering him small forkfuls of pancakes while her left hand was beneath the table moving back and forth over the Dweeby Nerd's crotch. The first feeling that Leshawna felt was surprise, surprise that Heather was willingly servicing Harold instead of the other way around. She didn't believe that Heather would be so caring about her lover. The second and stronger feeling was the feeling of it not hurting nearly as much to see. Before, when she had seen this, Leshawna had almost become an emotional wreck. But now, it was confusion and surprise that dominated her, not sadness or pity or anger.

Of course she knew why that was the case…Cody. Every since yesterday after the volleyball game, the Sister With 'Tude thought of nothing expect for the little geek when she wasn't helping her Gothic friend. She had finally been frank with herself…she was into Cody and she wanted to claim him. In fact, she had been hoping to reveal this to the Geek as they ate breakfast together, but he never came. Even though this made Leshawna a little suspicious, she didn't think much of it. Their time at the hotel had shown her that Cody could often be quite a late sleeper.

In a way, Leshawna was almost thankful he hadn't shown up since that meant she didn't have to endure the awkward torment of revealing this, of exposing herself so completely. She knew she didn't have to be tough and in-charge all the time but truthfully she did prefer to be that to wavering in conviction. Besides, she had no idea how to reveal this to him. Leshawna had never revealed her thoughts to a guy before. Harold was the first person who could have been called a boyfriend and it was he who started the brief relationship. Knowing she needed help, Leshawna decided to ask someone for it.

After a quick scan of her closest friends in the room (as few as they were after her conduct during this season), she quickly picked DJ. She would have preferred to pick a girl but her only close female friend (aside from Lindsay), Bridgette, was currently making out with Noah with such a passion that Leshawna knew that even Eva wouldn't have been capable of pulling them apart. But DJ would be a good second choice. He was, after all, the only boy who was still friends with herself, Lindsay, Bridgette, and Gwen. It was he who had braved waters few men would dare to by asking out Courtney directly. Though it didn't confuse her as much as Harold being with Heather, Leshawna couldn't get why her other sweet-as-could-be male friend would choose the only girl who could rival Heather in terms of sheer bitchiness. But she wasn't worried about that right now. Besides, he had proven himself to be of great help when Leshawna needed outside help.

Luck seemed to be on Leshawna's side as Courtney and DJ got up from eating their meal. After a brief kiss, they went in separate directions. Seeing her chance, Leshawna got up.

Waiting until she and DJ were a little distance away from the eating area and Courtney, Leshawna spoke up by saying, "Yo, Deej!"

Turning around, the Brick House With Heart greeted Leshawna with a warm, small smile. "Hey, Leshawna. How have you been doin'?"

"Can't complain too much, all things considered, I mean." Leshawna answered. There was a brief, heavy silence between the two teens. "How was Gwen when she woke up?"

"Not good." DJ said heavily. "Almost as soon as she woke up she started crying. I asked her if she wanted to come to breakfast but she didn't want to leave your room. So I told her that I'd bring her some stuff when I was done. Before leaving, I asked if she wouldn't mind spending the day with me. She didn't even fight the idea, at all. She's hurt real bad. But at least she's not tryin' to deny that she's in pain. It'll take a long time but she'll eventually come outta this whole ordeal a little stronger."

"I hear that." Leshawna said with a soft smile, she knew that Gwen would recover from this. It was going to be painful for her but she would come out of this better off. Knowing there was nothing else to ask about Gwen, Leshawna turned to her other concern. "Anyway, I was also hopin' I could ask ya somethin' else."

"Sure. Ask me anything."

"When you ask Courtney out…uh, how did ya do it?" Leshawna said with difficulty.

DJ looked at Leshawna in shock for a moment or two. He knew full well that the friend standing before him and his girlfriend weren't on the best of terms since Total Drama Action. But then again, aside from Bridgette and himself, the same applied to everyone when it came to Courtney, no mater if it was because of the second season or the third. Given their less than stellar history Leshawna asking about their romance was very odd. Unable to help himself, he raised one of his eyebrows ever so slightly before answering. "Well, I ended up making her favorite dinner late at night and we ate it by candlelight."

"Well, well, well…look at whose be'n a playa this whole time and didn't show it?" Leshawna asked with a kind smirk, unable to keep such a comment repressed.

DJ stopped for a moment as he blushed, both because of the memory of the date and the fact that apart from his Mama and Courtney, he wasn't use to getting compliments from girls. "A-anyway, after eating, I was shaking like a leaf but thankfully the lack of light hid that. Knowing that Courtney likes it when people are direct with her, I just asked her out. I remember I started saying all of the things I had liked about her when she didn't say anything. But in mid-sentence she stopped me by pressing her lips against mine."

"So you just up-front told her that you were inta her?" Leshawna asked, surprised.

"Yup. Remember, I had spent much of my time after she got eliminated with her. She didn't want me there at first but with Bridgette always bein' with Noah she relented. In the weeks that I got to know her, with plenty of helpful advice from Mama, of course, I picked up on the fact that she might have been interested in me. Turns out I was right." DJ confirmed. After Leshawna nodded her head at knowing the obvious, the Brick House decided that he had a question to ask too. "Say, Leshawna, can I ask you something too?" She nodded. "Why are you interested in my love-life all of a sudden? Is it 'cuz of Cody?"

Leshawna's eyes widened at the suddenness of the question. "Wa-why do ya a-ask?"

"Well, and please don't take this the wrong way, girl…but, well…I've noticed that you and Cody have been hangin' out a lot together recently. And you've both been single for a long time."

"W-we are ja-just friends…" Leshawna said, sounding a lot less convinced than she wanted to. She couldn't understand why she couldn't admit what she knew to be true.

"Leshawna, that's about as convincin' as me sayin' I wasn't sacred to death during the horror movie challenges from Island and Action." DJ said with an unusually confident smirk. That made Leshawna briefly chuckle, despite herself. After she had finished chuckling, the Gentle Giant's face got more serious. "It's so obvious you're into him. I get why you're worried, your history with men isn't the greatest. But, trust me, girl, Cody's so into you. The way he looks at you when you aren't lookin' is the same way he looks at candy. If you really want him, you just have to pointblank ask him out. Go on; go ask him already! I've got Gwen taken care of…so go ahead and take care of Cody."

Leshawna was silent for a few moments, before she showed as massive smile. To have someone who was a close friend of both hers and Cody's say that she could obtain him did wonders for Leshawna's mood. "Thanks, DJ! That's exactly what I needed to hear!"

"Glad to be of service." DJ said with that kind smile that came so naturally to him.

"Oh! And before I go, can I ask you something else? I've be'n just dyin' to know." Leshawna asked, with a previously unseen glint in her black eyes. Confused, DJ nodded his head. The Soul Sistah smirked naughtily. "What's Courtney like unda the sheets?"

For the first time since talking to Leshawna, DJ looked completely floored by that question. If had been drinking something, he would have done a massive spit-take. But as it was, he merely was reeling for a few moments before he composed himself. "Sorry, Leshawna, but I'm a gentlemen and a gentlemen never kisses and tells, especially when his lady told him not too." Leshawna looked a little disappointed, but still understanding. "However," DJ started up again, catching Leshawna's attention, "it doesn't say anything when I say that whatever you think she's like, it's the opposite that's actually the case."

While that vague answer didn't tell her much, Leshawna still smirked pleased anyway. She had her own ideas as to what that meant and they were satisfying enough to her. "That'll do. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to see what Cody's like unda 'em!"

With that, Leshawna ran off towards Cody's room, hoping that he was still there.

Leshawna's hopes were not in vein, but they were not what she had really hoped for.

Cody was indeed still in his room. In fact, he was still on his bed. But he was eating his breakfast, with a beautiful companion who secretly wanted to start fucking him raw!

Currently, that beautiful companion, Lindsay, was eating some toast and drinking some orange juice that Cody had generously offered her. While doing so, she saw Cody as he continued to dig into the cereal, which turned out to be his favorite. At first, Cody and Lindsay didn't talk much, mainly because Cody had to slate his hunger somewhat first. But after the bowl of cereal was just about halfway consumed, they started to converse.

Even with him eating and fighting against just staring at the blonde sitting so close, Cody was shockingly able to keep up a decent dialogue. And he was shocked by how much he eventually learned about Lindsay, eventually because it took her a lot longer than most to remember the details about her life. For starters, she was pretty well off in financial terms, with her family actually being one of the wealthiest in all of Canada. She often spoke of details like having ten family cars and fifty rooms in her house as if it were normal, but in a way that spoke to her often child-like innocence instead of any arrogance or sense of superiority. Even so, to someone whose family was firmly set in the suburbs, even if it was technically at the highest of suburb incomes, Cody stared at Lindsay in amazement. He was never one to be interested in a girl because she was wealthy but he did have to admit that knowing she was that loaded and yet she still hung out with him and Leshawna like it didn't matter (which it didn't) did make her slightly more attractive.

As Lindsay started to talk a bit about her family, Cody had noticed that Lindsay has been doing a lot of things with her body ever since she came in. She has been putting some extra sway to her hips, often giving him a real first rate looking at her cleavage that any man would kill to look at up close, brushing any part of her soft, silky body to his own skin, and also giving him a look or two that said something more then simple innocence.

More and more, Cody was getting the powerful urge to either ravage Lindsay or excuse himself to the bathroom in order to take care of his bodily urges. He had never come even close to doing anything like this with a girl but he was very quickly not giving a damn. Cody was developing a growing out-of-character urge to stick his dick into Lindsay.

It would have been so much easier for him if he knew what Lindsay was thinking.

'Oh…I want you so bad, Kobold! I'm tried of feelin' bad after Tyson broke up with me! Your so sweet, funny, and cute and…Oh! Why can't I just put his face in my boobies!? Why am I too nervous to do it now when I've done it so many times before!?'

"So…uh, Linds…d-do you want to see the pictures that I got developed from yesterday?" Cody asked, finding it very difficult to think of anything to ask that didn't involve ladies.

Lindsay's teal eyes sparkled and beamed. "Sure! That's sounds great! Let's see 'em!"

Shocked that Lindsay was so gung-ho for the idea, Cody reached for the developed pictures. He had them in his hands when he noticed a small shifting on the mattress. Cody noticed that Lindsay was now right next to him. She was close, and by close, she got really close…close enough to where her head was right next to and touching his. She imagined, accurately, that Cody was fighting the urge to kiss her lips. She wanted to kiss him so badly but she didn't. Based off of what she knew of romance from all the chick flicks and romance novels that she loved so much, it was the man who had to make the first move and the girl just had to get him eager enough to where he'd act. Wanting to further the trill and hoping that it would provoke Cody into lunging at her, she lend into him in such a way that she was intentionally pressing her boobs against his arm as she looked at the pictures in his hands. She stayed there for a few seconds, just looking at the pictures very closely. While doing so, she would briefly move back and forth just barely enough to be noticeable, causing Cody to feel her breasts roll ever so slightly along his bare arm, with much of what was rolling on his skin being Lindsay's bare breast skin.

By now Cody had lost any assurance that this was reality. His entire being was paralyzed.

Seeing this, Lindsay was disappointed but failed to understand why it had happened. 'Maybe if I do more sexy stuff he'll snap out of it?'

"You know, Cole, Lorraine told me that Doug and Albert were bullying you yesterday." Lindsay said; causing Cody to briefly snap put of his current state, to switch it for one of fear. Fear that Lindsay would think less of him because he got his butt handed to him.

"Sh-sha-she…she did?"

"Yeah, she did. And she also said that they were teasing you because Greta doesn't want you. But its ok if she doesn't, it's just not ok for her because she's missing out. I don't know what she thinks but," Lindsay said so compassionately before getting onto Cody's lap. If Cody didn't suddenly get brain-dead again, he would have realized that Lindsay was sitting on his lap in a matter matching the way she had the first night they became friends, "I know that many girls, like me, only like nice boys and your, like, really nice."

'I am nice, I am nice, I am nice, I fucking hate myself for it right now but I am nice!' Cody thought to himself, nearly bucking under the pressure to start bucking Lindsay.

In his fired up state, Cody dropped the pictures he was holding onto the floor.

"Oh, I'll get them!" Lindsay said, getting off of Cody's lap.

The Blonde Bombshell then bent down to grab the flimsy photos that had fallen. She did so slowly, making sure to sway her hips from side to side as if they were a ringing bell. While doing so, unseen by her but assumed, Cody's face looked as if it were on fire. After all, Cody had never gotten such a first-rate look at Lindsay's booty right in front of him! The grass skirt did little to hide her gorgeous behind, and while not as supple and full like Leshawna's, it was still a hot piece of ass that was just begging to be touched or grouped. The finale straw finally came when Cody saw a brink pink thong hidden behind the grass.

Unable to repress his desires any longer, Cody slowly reached his hands out. Not thinking with his brain at the moment, Cody knew one thing…he'd fuck some part of her today!

But then his heard the door to his room open, with his hyped up state of being making the simple wooden door feel like a slamming roar of loudest thunder. Instantly, he retreated his hands and stared that whomever it was that had just entered his room immobilized.

For what felt like eons, no one moved a muscle. They stared at the situation before them.

No one stared more than Leshawna, who was still struggling to grasp what she was seeing. And in all fairness to her, it was a pretty surreal sight.

Lindsay was wearing a real grass skirt and a tiny bra that looked like small coconuts while bending over to get some pictures on the ground in front of Cody, whose face so was red that it looked like the Kool-Aid guy from the old-school commercials.

Once Leshawna wrapped her mind around this and realized the most likely reason for it, she started glaring at the two teens, but mostly Lindsay, as sharply as she could. Cody started to shake and slightly recoil in terror as his mind fired off in millions of directions. Lindsay, however, with her face still near the floor, looked completely unfazed. Adding to the surreal nature of the scene, Lindsay cheerfully addressed the glaring girl. "Hi, LeDunca! How are you doing today? Isn't today, like, just the bestest day ever!?"

"For some people, I'm sure." Leshawna answered, with her arms crossed and her glare remaining intact. "What are ya doin' on the floor, White Girl?" She asked harshly.

"Oh, I'm just, like, picking up some pictures that Connor was showing me from yesterday that he dropped." Lindsay said, still unfazed, as she stood back upright.

Leshawna just nodded at her, giving her a bit of a suspicious look. She turned to Cody and asked, "Say, Short Stuff, are we all still on for snorkeling today like we planned?"

Cody, using all the brainpower he had, nodded his head at what he had forgotten till now.

The Boobalicious and Bootylicious Ebony Beauty nodded before saying reservedly, "Good, good. Say, Cody, why don't ya'll take a shower or somethin'? Me and the White Girl here in to have a little girl talk."

Given Leshawna's demeanor, Cody was a little suspicious of what they would talk about. A part of him feared that they would talk about serious stuff or even start fighting with each other for reasons he currently couldn't fathom. But, he reasoned with himself, to the small extent that he currently could, they were both friends, and two girls who both had few other friends among the cast of Total Drama. Anything serious wasn't likely.

More than happy to rush to the bathroom, but for reasons other than to shower, Cody bolted for the bathroom and locked the door with a click that seemed quite loud. It was totally silent until the girls heard both the shower and AC come on at full blast.

Once the sounds of the water and AC were in the air, Leshawna focused on Lindsay. With her voice being powerful but not quite loud, she asked, "What're ya'll doin', Girl!?"

For the briefest of moments, the sudden spike of hostility startled Lindsay. But then, calling on depths of herself unknown even to her, Lindsay regained her composure. "I was seducing Cole because I wanted him agree to be my boyfriend before sexing him up." The Blonde answered with a causal bluntness that made Leshawna reel back startled. Seeing this made Lindsay smirk, with her eyes showing a never seen competitive glean. Not knowing of Leshawna's feelings for the Tech Geek, Lindsay happily gushed out hers. "I was showing Cooper what I've got to offer, hoping that he'd make the first move. Believe me, if I didn't want him to start it, I'd have grabbed him, thrown him on the bed, flipped him upside down, and sucked on his weenie until that salty stuff came out! I've never wanted a boy as badly as I want him; he's unlike any boy I've known before now! And I've, like, known a lot of boys. And after Tyrone I don't wanna feel sad anymore. I wanna feel happy, and I wanna make Caleb happy, with my boobies and my puss-puss."

Leshawna was stunned by that reveal. It horrified her more than anything in her life, even more than the sadistic and often tripping abusive teenage boys who she's had to fight off while protecting either their abused girlfriends or their abused younger siblings. In some ways it was her deepest fear realized. While Leshawna had no problems about her body and she thought she was sexy, she also knew that Lindsay was likely the sexiest girl she'd ever see…and now that same girl was lusting after the same boy that she wanted!?

The Soul Sistah felt her nerves being tested like they hadn't been in years because of this. Even so, she was able to remain calm and keep the doubts and fears from getting out. While doing so, Leshawna said, "Wow…that's shocking to hear, Linds. It really is." Not knowing if it was because of realization itself or the need to relieve the tension in her, the ebony teenage girl started to lightly chuckle to herself. She noticed Lindsay's confusion. "Oh, sorry, Linds. I'm laughin' 'cuz I've gotten strong feelings for Short Stuff myself."

"What?" Lindsay asked, because she was confused and she hoped she had heard wrong.

"I like Cody too."

Lindsay's transparent face displayed a deep and strong sadness within her big, teal eyes.

"What's wrong, White Girl?" Leshawna asked in surprise.

"Oh…well, like…I don't want to have to hate you LeDunca."

This caused Leshawna to raise an eyebrow. "Why do ya think ya need to hate me?"

"'Cuz we like the same guy and all the times that happens in movies the girls instantly hate each other and get all nasty and Hannah-like. But I don't wanna be like Hannah!" Lindsay said sadly, with Leshawna realizing that the Blonde was referring to 'Heather'. "I don't want to hate anyone. Hating people isn't nice and I don't like being not nice."

Despite the oddness and awkwardness of the situation, hearing that made Leshawna smile a little. 'Ya know, Linds, you may not be the brightest gal but I like the way ya think.' "Well, Lindsay, I don't want to hate ya either. And we don't have to, ya know?"

"But…but, we both, like, want Kojac…right?" Lindsay said, more confused than usual.

"Yeah, we do, it seems. But I don't wanna lose a sweet friend like you for any boy."

Lindsay's sadness went away and she was smiling as brightly as she usually did. "Aw, thanks Luciana! That's, like, so nice of you!"

Without warning, Lindsay closed the space between them and gave Leshawna a tight hug. Somehow amid the sudden motion of Leshawna's body as Lindsay hugged her, one of the Blonde's hands had ended up at a place where she didn't intend for it to go to. Somehow, one of Lindsay's hands ended up on Leshawna's boobs. She squeezed it. Leshawna released a very feminine squeak at feeling Lindsay's hand grab her boob. The Soul Sistah started to feel even odder when she felt that Lindsay continued to grope it.

"Lindsay, what the heck are ya doin', White Girl!?" Leshawna nearly shouted in distress.

"Oh…well, um…" Lindsay said while bringing her other hand to grope Leshawna's boobs, "I just noticed that your bra is really, really comfy. What kind do you use?

"Uh…I use, um…I use a kind called 'Rounded Support'…" Leshawna said still uneasy. [1]

"Oh, wow! That's, like, the same kind I use!" Lindsay said happily, unaware that she was not only still gripping Leshawna's boobs but also she was doing so far more thoroughly. "I know there suppose to be used for big girls but I like them because they feel better than bras made for girls with just big boobies. Wow, I bet our boobs are the same size, Lucy!"

It was only then that a loud gasp filled the air. Shocked, both girls turned to its source.

They saw Cody, standing in the opened doorway of the bathroom. Only now did both girls realize that the shower and AC were turned off. In their shocked states, neither girl, though mostly just Lindsay, didn't question why if Cody was suppose to be taking a shower he wasn't at all wet and he was in the same clothes as he was earlier.

Cody was as frozen as a statue, taking in the image before him, that of Lindsay thoroughly groping and squeezing Leshawna's boobs while looking enraptured.

Even after taking care of his business, he had never felt more turned on than right now! His countless lesbian fantasies had finally played out before his very eyes in real life!

With his eyes unblinking and his face redder than a fire, Cody without warning slammed the door shut and turned on the shower and AC to their highest possible settings.

The slam of the door was sudden and loud enough to have Lindsay release Leshawna's boobs. It was only then that the awkwardness of what had just happened dawned on the Blonde. For the longest time both girls were unmoving and red with embarrassment.

Finally, after who knew how long, Leshawna found the resolve to speak. "So…are we, uh, gonna talk about what we are gonna do 'bout Cody?"

Happy to get her limited mind off of what had just happened, Lindsay quickly nodded.

"Ok, so, the way I see it, we both wanna have Cody, and do him right away, right?" Leshawna asked, causing Lindsay to nod. "And, while I like ya and want ya as a friend, it'll be a cold day in Hell before I give him up without a fight. Mama needs some lovin'!"

"Your mama needs loving too? What about your dad?" Lindsay asked confused. But before Leshawna could correct her, the Blonde added, "But I'm not giving up either!"

Both girls flashed each other competitive smirks and they stared at each other so intensely that they one could almost see sparks firing out of their teal and brown eyes.

"So, were gonna have a contest for Cody, uh?" Leshawna asked. Lindsay nodded. "Very well. Let's set up some ground rules then, ok?"

"Ok. But will we be able to do that before Connor finishes his second shower?" Lindsay asked, looking worried.

This made Leshawna giggle a bit. "Don't worry, White Girl. We've got a lotta time before his finishes his second "shower" after he saw you groping my girls." She cupped her own boobs for a few moments while the last of the giggles in her vanished. "Ok. How about this for a first rule? From this point onward we'll both drive the White Boy crazy. We'll go all out in teasin', flirtin', and anythin' else that'll get him hot and horny. The first girl to make Cody lunge at them or ask them will win…and get Cody, obviously. Ok?"

"Ok!" Lindsay said, embracing the idea.

"Two. For as much as we tease and flirt with him, we must remain clothed at all times. It wouldn't be fair if we could strip down 'cuz the first girl to would get Cody no question." Leshawna said, with Lindsay instantly starting to say something. "And don't worry Linds, changing into less clothing doesn't count as strippin' as long as he doesn't see ya in the nude."

"Oh! Ok!" Lindsay said happily, with Leshawna having addressed her main concern. "Oh…and let's also promise that we won't get all nasty and Hannah-like to each other."

"Ok, fair enough." Leshawna said with a nod. "The last thing I wanna be is another Heather. So, we'll sometimes show each other our claws but we won't actually use 'em. Sometimes we'll just have to see if we can get the other girl to back off a bit."

"Ok. Wow, this sounds like it will be so much fun!" Lindsay happily gushed, so much so that one could almost forget that this was a contest to win the body and heart of a boy.

"Yeah, it just might be," Leshawna added. "Oh…and let's discuss one more thang…"

It took quite some time before Cody finished his "shower" and they could get ready to leave. Thankfully they had booked a snorkeling time that was later in the day, so they were still able to make their appointment easily. After their first snorkeling trip, the three teens had agreed to go on another one, this time one that was sponsored by the hotel itself. Their first trip had simply been so much fun! While it was true that the coral reefs of Hawaii couldn't compete with the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, it was a close second with its clear as crystal waters and many varieties of rare, colorful, tropical fish.

Cody had managed to get into his swimming gear, just about ready to make the plunge. But before doing so, he looked at Lindsay and Leshawna, hoping to get one last sneak peak of them in their swimwear before entering the ocean.

First, he saw Lindsay, who was currently bouncing around the ship with a sugar-addicted child. As easily excitable as ever, she was bursting at the seams to start snorkeling again, in particular since this would be her second time of doing so without having to worry about things like booby traps and unnatural predators set up by Chris MacLean. Naturally, as Lindsay bounced around, her titanic tits were bouncing around freely in the tiny bikini that she was wearing. While every guy couldn't take their eyes off of her, Lindsay's eyes focused on one guy only. Despite not showing it, Lindsay was pleased that her efforts, deliberate on her part, were making Cody unable to take his eyes off of her. Mirroring his thoughts from earlier, the Tech Geek was having so many naughty X-rated visions of what he wanted to do with those large chest pillows.

Finally, at last remembering the horrible curse that was decency, Cody turned away. But when he did, he found that his teal eyes had found Leshawna, who was pulling on her skin-tight one-piece outfit. For reasons Cody couldn't explain, she seemed to be lingering on some areas, like her delicious ass and boobs, much more so than the other areas. Seeing that Cody was looking at her, the Soul Sistah gave the blushing Tech Geek a subtle, smoky look before taking a deep breath to "prepare" herself for the dive to the sea. Her massive black chest orbs were now held proud, high, and taut. Cody was almost drooling, seeing a real ebony goddess before him presenting her magnificent melons.

Suddenly finding the need to cool his face off, Cody took the plunge into the ocean. Lindsay and Leshawna looked at each other with that competitive, sparky look that they had shown earlier before following him into the clear waters.

Surrounded by the clean salt-water, Cody started to enjoy himself immensely in the sea. For how long he didn't know, he and his two lady friends were marveling at the underworld world before them. They saw the impressive miniature mountain ranges of coral that gave the ocean some muted flashes of pink and yellow and brown among other colors. They saw a truly impressive collection of colorful sea-life. They saw eels that would slip out of the cracks in the coral that looked like brown tubes covered in little white spots. They saw several brown-green sea turtles as they glided their shelled bulks effortlessly through the water, including one that was surrounded by bright yellow tangs. By accident, they discovered a burgundy octopus on the reef, before watching it change its color and body texture until it was impossible to separate the lumpy, bleached coral it clung to from it. They saw several clown fish, their orange and white bodies moving in and out of fluttering stingers of sea anemones that ranged from neon-green to violet.

Marveling at all of this natural beauty, Cody was taking pictures of all of it with a waterproof camera. He knew he wouldn't love these pictures as much as the ones he had taken yesterday, because of the obvious lack of hot babes in them, but he was sure he'd like them just fine. If nothing else, Cody loved how cool the water around him was.

Cody was snapped out of his thoughts when he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. Turning around, he saw Lindsay, with her big boobs bobbing up and down even more than usual thanks to the shifting of the currents. Entranced, Cody stared as Lindsay made a hand gesture to show that she wanted Cody to take a picture of her. He nodded his head.

Seeing this and smiling, Lindsay swam a short distance away to a nearby section of reef. Once there, she raised one finger, indicating that she wanted Cody to wait a moment before taking the picture. For reasons Cody couldn't guess, the Blonde picked up two purple seashells from a reef, which looked oddly like those from The Little Mermaid. Noting Cody's confused expression, Lindsay smirked and winked before turning around. After Lindsay did so, Cody saw something so surreal and sexy that he could have sworn that the water around him suddenly got at least ten degrees warmer.

Lindsay was untying the back of her bikini top!

Getting a unheard of view of Lindsay's back, with there not even being any paleness from where the bikini was, Cody saw the two cups of cloth move a little above her. Reaching out with one of her hands, Lindsay grabbed the bra and put it between her legs. Then, she quickly turned around…with her holding the two shells over her sun-kissed boobs! Since the shells were even smaller than her bra cups, more of Lindsay's breasts than ever before had been exposed to anyone but the boys who had dated her before. She looked uncannily like Ariel from The Little Mermaid if you had made her blonde, gave her human legs without taking away her voice, and made her boobs two sizes bigger. But unlike the Disney Princess of the sea, Lindsay had a hot, naughty glint in her teal eyes.

It took Cody a few moments before he could comply his body to take some pictures. Lindsay did a few poses, often ones that emphasized her chest or that slightly moved the shells around, teasing the briefest of glimpses at the nipples rubbing up against them. When she was unable to do this without going further, at her adhering to the rules of her agreement with Leshawna, Lindsay turned around and re-tied her bikini back on her body. Once her top was back on, the Blonde Bombshell put the two shells back on the reef. After doing so, she looked at both Cody and Leshawna, who had seen the entire display with her mouth struggling to maintain closed, with a smirk of confidence.

To Cody, the smirk was nothing but an expression of hotness that he didn't argue with. But to Leshawna, the smirk was a silent declaration of the Blonde saying, 'Top that!'

Accepting this silent challenge, Leshawna tapped Cody on his other shoulder. The Soul Sistah made similar gestures as Lindsay had, expressing a desire to be photographed. With his mind will reeling from Lindsay's display, Cody absentmindedly nodded.

Unlike Lindsay, Leshawna had swum out to a patch of ocean without any reefs in it. Once she was in this reef-free section of the sea, Leshawna started to swim and flip. Displaying a grace and speed that she lacked on land; Leshawna did many acrobatic flips and twirls in the crystal clear water. As Cody watched this, he felt the water around him getting hot again. But once again, there was a good reason for that fact.

Leshawna was moving in a way that allowed to her boobs and butt to shake and sway everywhere, and to a degree that it would have been impossible to show on dry land!

The ebony flesh tightly wrapped in a one-piece grey swimsuit jiggled and rippled all over. The different currents of the ocean were making it move in several directions at once. It was like countless invisible hands were harmlessly slapping Leshawna, causing her body to undulate in patterns that made Cody tighten up in his swim trunks. If he could have moved, Cody would have swam up to Leshawna and started slapping her fine flesh. Instead of that, though, he started to take many pictures of the lovely Leshawna.

But then, it seemed as if the universe was going to help him out with that plan despite not moving…because Leshawna started to swim towards him!

With her brown eyes behind clear goggles flashing the gaze of an apex predator, Leshawna slowly swam towards Cody. Soon enough, she was right next to him. Once there, she began to circle the Tech Geek as if she were a shark. For the briefest of moments, Cody's mind flashed back to the shark that had swallowed him whole after Alejandro knocked him into the water, ready to get him. But unlike that shark, Cody wouldn't have minded being gotten by this particular shark. Every once in a while, Leshawna would drag one of her meaty fingers along Cody's body, making him briefly shudder in surprise and arousal.

After a few minutes of this teasing, Leshawna stopped and smirked at Cody and Lindsay. Similar to a matching smirk that had come from the Blonde, Leshawna's smirk to Cody was nothing but an expression of hotness that he didn't argue with. But to Lindsay, it was something else, a silent declaration saying, 'I still got it, ya'll!'

Lindsay showed surprise in her teal eyes, before they narrowed with renewed resolve. Leshawna matched that expression with one of her own. The rest of the snorkeling trip happened without any similar tests between Lindsay and Leshawna, to Cody's confusion and disappointment. If only he knew that much, much more of this was to come later!

This would define the nature of the two girls' relationship for the time being, a good-natured but determined contest to claim Cody. They would each tease and push Cody into spurring him to choose one of them as a girlfriend. Both girls knew it would get intense but they were determined to follow the rules that they had established earlier.

And another set of rules would be followed elsewhere too, many hours later at the hotel.

The proof of this came from the fact that Courtney had never felt so humiliated before.

Her red face was a crossroads of so many powerful emotions as it was moved up and down, like the rest of her. For how long she didn't know, she had been doing one thing…she had been sitting on DJ's lap naked while he drove his massive cock into the space between her ass-cheeks and two of his huge fingers drove into her dripping pussy. At the same time, his free hand was moving itself along her D-cup sized mocha breasts and playing with them with increasingly frequency and lewdness. He handled them as roughly as he wanted to. He didn't consider what Courtney wanted, he just treated her as if she were a human sex doll that existed solely for him to fuck and feel and degrade.

Courtney felt her body convulse in shameful pleasure against her will at feeling the cock grinding her ass and the fingers that were clawing at the moist cavern that was her pussy.

She hated the feeling of having both lower holes penetrated at once. She loved that! She felt so violated and powerless as DJ kept thrusting her up and down on his muscular lap. She secretly hoped that her superb boyfriend would degrade her further before she came! She fought with all of her might to resist submitting to the powerful, manly actions. She prayed to God that she'd be able to do nothing as DJ did anything he wanted with her! She was starting to tire to the point where she questioned if she'd be able to stay awake. She begged that he'd continue to do her until well past the point of physical exhaustion!

The C.I.T.'s body was so horny that any sense of dignity or restraint was long since lost. She started to release moans that were increasing in length and higher, feminine pitch. All of the usual thoughts and fears about her not being perfect were forgotten. She was too desperately horny to think about anything, so she just rode on the Brick House's fingers.

Eventually, under the dual penetrations of her body, but especially the pussy one, Courtney couldn't hold it back anymore. She came. Going against the desire to show such emotion and weakness, the moan that she released as she came was almost musical in tone, aided by the angelic singing voice she possessed. Her inner walls clenched around the big mocha fingers and they were flooded by a tidal wave of sticky lady cum.

Releasing a sigh that was like shrapnel of shame, Courtney allowed the pleasure to overwhelm her. Her mind temporarily shut down and she had a rarely seen smile on her face. For once her face wasn't pre-rendered as a scowl or a sneer; it was a sincere smile.

She was snapped back to reality when DJ spun her around so she was facing him, while still sitting on his lap just as naked as he was. Not saying a word, DJ presented the fingers that had fingered her, still covered in cum, to her face. He brought them to her mouth.

"Suck them clean." DJ ordered, in a tone whose harshness was so foreign to him usually.

It was at this moment that Courtney fully returned to the real world, and she was livid. Her beautiful face was a cesspool of rage, humiliation, and hurt…brimming in wrath. She wanted to voice objection but found herself wither up under DJ's harsh, unflinching face. Instead of complaining she opened her mouth and took the fingers into her mouth before sucking on them. This was disgusting! She felt so ashamed! Sucking on her own cum!?

After twenty seconds of groaning and grumbling, Courtney had sucked his fingers clean.

The moment after DJ took his fingers out of Courtney's mouth, with his harsh gaze remaining and looking at Courtney's even harsher one, he said a single word, "Assur."

Almost seeming like it had turned off a mental light-switch, that word changed Courtney's face. Where there had been only anger before, now there was only joy. With a smile that seemed almost out of place on her face appearing, she moved towards DJ so quickly that she had brought him to the bed with her lying on top of his muscular chest. "Oh, thank you DJ! That was astonishing! Thanks for dominating me!" She happily said.

Seeing Courtney so happy and at peace made DJ feel good, but then he started to worry. With him no longer "in-character" as the dominator, he allowed his usual timidity to appear. "Are you sure your ok, Court? I didn't go too far, did I? Did I hurt you while fingering you? Did my cock get too far in your ass? Do you feel stiff or tense anywhere?"

The C.I.T. sighed in slight annoyance, though she was pleased to see this concern. "Yes, DJ, I'm sure. Believe me, you did immaculately well. I haven't felt that good in years." She said before rolling off of DJ's chest and cuddling up closer his side as she recovered from their latest activity.

DJ said nothing but had a big smile on his face, for both sexual and non-sexual reasons. And those two kinds of reasons were shown when he looked down at the naked Courtney. She was so beautiful, a goddess of bronze with adorable freckles on her face and breasts. Her legs were so thick yet slender. Her figure was so lithe yet natural. Her boobs were so big and her nipples were so enticing. And her face, partially eclipsed by his body, was still smiling in a way more carefree and genuine than he or anyone else here had seen.

Again, DJ couldn't help but thank his Mama for spurring him to comfort Courtney. He didn't know it at the time but this girl, who had tried to kill him once in a greed-fueled rage at the end of TDI, would be the kind of girl that he secretly hoped to find somehow. DJ quickly learned that, despite all evidence to the contrary, Courtney was into BDSM…as the subservient! This dominating girl wanted to be dominated in the sack. Naturally, the timid DJ was unsure about being the dominant one but he gave it a try. While it took him a while, he soon developed a certain skill at and pleasure for the role. Among many pleasures that his role as the dominate provided, he cherished two the most. Firstly, he loved the trust that Courtney placed in him, and how he was helping her heal. As anyone with eyes could see, Courtney had serious issues in trusting other people. It was the main reason why she wouldn't allow herself to show weakness to almost anyone. Especially after what happened with Duncan and Gwen, the C.I.T. was a wreck. Even when not in the bedroom, DJ noticed that Courtney was in higher spirits around him. But, if he was honest with himself, his favorite moments with Courtney were in the bedroom. For the second thing he loved most was that Courtney allowed him to do so much to her in bed. Very little in terms of sexual acts were off-limits. When asked why that was, Courtney answered that the more humiliating an act was to her, the wetter she got. She also told DJ that she realized that the wetter she got, the easier it was for her to briefly forget the insecurities that often clung her like sticky tree sap. While horny and dominated, she was able to forget the things that made her so anal-retentive, at least for a little while. When dominated, she could feel at peace. So, DJ could do almost anything he wanted to Courtney, to a goddess of a girlfriend while knowing she loved it, despite whatever signs of protest or hatred she might show. And he took full advantage of that. In their time together, DJ had Courtney preform blowjobs and anal while he had fingered her and eaten her out. All of those actions made her ashamed and aroused.

And for the few things that truly took it too far, there was their shared word, "Assur". Assur was the first captain of the Assyrian Empire but more importantly for them, it was their safe word; to be used both by Courtney if DJ was going too far and by DJ to signal the end of their latest session. This word was chosen to be their safe word because unlike some other considered candidates, like "sauerkraut" or "kumquat", there was no possible way that the captain city of an ancient empire would appear in everyday conversation.

"So, DJ," Courtney asked smiling while moving one of her fingers over the Brick House's toned six-pack in circle motions, "how was your day today? What did you do?"

This simple question caused a moment of debate within the Brick House. He knew that this question and what he wanted to do with it would have come up eventually, but he wanted it to happen later. Even so, he knew that it was best to start doing this now.

DJ answered his girlfriend by saying; "I spent the day with Gwen."

The literal microsecond after DJ stopped talking, Courtney's smile completely vanished. All of the bliss she had just felt became replaced by bitterness and hostility. "Oh, is that so?" She asked, in a tone dripping in passive-aggressiveness. "And what did you do with that disgusting, gaunt, little, ghost white, emo-wannabe with poorly moisturized skin?"

DJ didn't answer Courtney for a few moments, steeling himself for what would come next. While Courtney might have let him take the lead in the bedroom, DJ had no delusions that it was Courtney who wore the pants in this relationship for the most part. Also, he knew that talking to Courtney now would be like walking through a minefield. He knew that he had to tread lightly and he couldn't afford to make a single misstep.

"I was comfortin' her as she cried her eyes out in Leshawna's room for the entire day." He answered, noting that Courtney was now more interested. "Last night she seems to have learned that Duncan was just usin' her for her body before plannin' to dumb her."

Courtney looked up at her boyfriend, her mocha face showing shock, and even more shockingly, sympathy. But then her onyx eyes hardened and her face became a scowl. "Good! That's exactly what that vile witch deserves!" She nearly shouted bitterly.

Even though he was cowering a little on the inside, DJ said, "I don't think that's true."

"WHAT!?" Courtney shouted, summoning all of her rage at Gwen and directing it towards DJ, "How the hell can you believe that I don't want that traitor to get what she deserves for being a shallow little whore!? What makes you think that, Devon Joseph!?"

DJ was silent, at first because that was the first time that he could remember when someone other than his Mama had called him by his full name. But the other and stronger reason was because he was terrified of Courtney right now! He wanted to run away screaming, and he almost did. But then, when he shifted slightly, he felt Courtney's body as it was partially still draped over him. That reminds him of what needed to be done, of what he had to do for Courtney's sake, no matter how scary she currently was.

"I-I…I feel that way be-because I know that despite whatever you say, Ga-Gwen meant a lot to you. Even though your friends with Bridgette, you've never interacted that much with her. Gwen's the only person who you were with a lotta the time aside from Duncan. Her friendship meant a lot to you, since you don't make friends easily. She still means a lot to you. Your still wounded over her betrayal but you can't stop yourself from carin'. You don't wanna admit it but seeing her sad wouldn't be as pleasin' as you want it to be."

DJ was so sure that Courtney would go off on one of her legendary hate-filled tirades. He had prepared himself for the verbal onslaught that was surely to come.

But it never came.

Instead, Courtney sighed and looked away from her new boyfriend. When she spoke, her voice was soft and slightly trembling in tone. "DJ…she hurt me so bad. Other than Duncan, and you, no one has been that close to me. I can't trust or even tolerate most people. Looking back on it, I can kind of see Duncan's actions coming…but Gwen!? She was my friend!"

"She still is your friend…" DJ said after a slight pause, "or at least she wants to be." This made Courtney raise one of her thick yet small black eyebrows. "More than anythin', the thing that Gwen said over and over again was how guilty she feels for what she did to ya. She hardly even talked about Duncan. The only thing that she could speak of was you, and how you were a far better friend than she was, or that she feels like she deserves." Courtney was now listening much more intently than earlier. "More than anythin', what Gwen wants is for you to forgive her and be her friend again, as much as she feels like she doesn't deserve it. She was literally beggin' me to sway you to be her friend again."

Courtney was silent for a long time. "I'm not a forgiven person."

"I know."

"She hurt me more than anyone has ever hurt me before."

"I know."

"I never want to leave myself open to such hurt from her again."

"I know." DJ said, while starting to move his large hands over Courtney's lying body, knowing that Courtney was more receptive to his suggestions when being touched. "I know it hard for you but this is a wonderful opportunity, Court. I'm not sure if Gwen deserves a second chance but you can be the bigger person and take that chance. I've be'n tellin' you to work on how you handle others and this would be a big step in that. Ya can hate Gwen for the rest of your life, but you'll never get any real satisfaction outta it." DJ increased the roughness of his caresses, knowing how much Courtney loved it when he was rough with her. He played particular attention to her breasts, which stood proudly firm like mounds of cameral jello without any bra on. He started squeezing and pinching the quarter-sized, dark brown nipples. As he did so, Courtney bit her lip and attempted to hold back the moans in her throat. She was involuntarily trying to hold onto the bitterness and hate for Gwen fueled by her ego and hurt but she was starting to lose this internal battle. "I don't expect you to forgive Gwen tomorrow morning, or even before this Hawaiian trip's done but will you please try to let go of your bitterness and prove to Gwen just how great of a friend you are, how great a person I know that you are?"

Courtney didn't answer for a few seconds, trapped in the wonderful pleasure of feeling DJ's powerful, manly hands roughly squeezing and kneading her very sensitive breasts. Also, she was equally trapped in a less pleasurable snare…internal debate. She couldn't delude herself so much that she could deny that her friendship with Gwen did mean a lot. But that friendship ended in Courtney suffering more than ever before in her entire life. Could she ever forgive Gwen for putting her through that? Could their friendship even exist after that? Why the hell should Courtney even consider forgiving Gwen at all!? The answer came to her as she felt the mighty hands pleasuring her craving, cameral body.


If Gwen had never betrayed her…Courtney never would have gotten together with DJ. And while short, her time with the Brick House easily ranked among the best of her life. Even with his timid and often cowardly nature, he was so compassionate and considerate, while being capable of being controlling when he or she wanted him to be. Looking back on it, before hooking up with DJ, Courtney had been a bitter, revenge and money seeking monster. Even before this season, when she was with Duncan during TDA that had been the case. The only two times in memory where that wasn't the case were when she was Gwen's friend…and DJ's girlfriend. One had lead to the other. Those were the only two times when she was truly happy. Now could she have both?

"DJ…" Courtney said, causing the Brick House to stop fondling her breasts. Turning to face him, the C.I.T. said, "I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive her…" She sighed heavily, "…but I promise that I'll try to and that I'll put my mind to it." She smiled.

The Gentle Giant was stunned for a moment, before smiling at her oh so sweetly. He didn't know if Courtney knew it or not but her phrasing it like that meant she likely would forgive Gwen eventually. After all, when Courtney put her mind to something, she didn't stop until it happened, no matter how difficult or seemingly impossible it might be.

"I'm very pleased to hear that, Court." DJ said warmly as he gently caressed her smiling smile for a few moments. Then he withdrew his hand. "I think you deserve a reward."

"Reward?" Courtney asked confused, before developing a glint in her eyes and a smirk. "What kind of a reward?"

"Well, we both know that you really like to use your mouth a lot…" DJ said as he lifted Courtney up from his side and placed her down on the floor. Then he positioned himself so that his legs were hanging off of the bed's edge and his cock was looking the C.I.T. right in the face. Immediately seeing where this was going and despite starting to feel a little moist between her legs, Courtney began to shake her head rapidly and say no. "So why don't you put that mouth to better use and give me a nice, long, sloppy blowjob?"

Once again, Courtney found the urge to shout at and bitterly reject the idea…but DJ's sudden stern expression compelled her to obey. Her pussy was thanking DJ immensely.

Even as a part of her rebelled against the idea, Courtney started to move her face towards the light chocolate shaft with her lips puckered, in preparation for a very naughty kiss. But then, she felt something stop her movement on her forehead. Looking up, she saw that it was DJ's hand. She saw an even great stare of desired dominance in his black eyes.

The Brick House with a Heart, who wasn't showing it right now, said one word. "Beg."

That made Courtney's insides writhe in anger. How dare he make her beg for his cock!? A stronger part of her wanted to lunge forward and bite into that disgusting, dark dick! But DJ's single hand was more than strong enough to keep Courtney's head where it was. "Fuck you! You cocksucking bastard!" She angrily roared.

"I'd hate to break it to ya, Court, but if anyone here be'n is a cocksucker lately…its you." DJ said mockingly, maintaining his cocky façade but inwardly worrying if he went too far. "I know you love it when my dick's in your mouth so I want you to beg for it."

Courtney bristled at hearing that, with the fact that it was true humiliating her even more than the untrue implication of that would have. She felt so ashamed but also so turned on. The C.I.T. could take any untrue dirty accusation easily enough (if she really wanted to) but truthful ones almost made her back out. Almost.

Taking a deep breath and swallowing her pride and dignity, at least for the time being, Courtney attempted to internally bathe in the side of her that loved the dirty gratification.

The pained expressions of hatred and loathing vanished from Courtney. Instead, her beautiful mocha face displayed the most seductive, devious look she could muster.

"Oh…Deeeeeej…" Courtney said in a long, hushed, naughty whisper that was almost like an angelic moan, with the musical element to her voice once again manifesting itself. "Your right. I love this massive, mighty cock of yours. I want it in my mouth so bad." She released a played up groan of longing as she started to stroke it with one of her hands. "Your cock is the cock of a real man, the only kind I like. Duncan's penis was so small and pathetic that I can't even call it a cock. Not like yours. Oh, yours make me want in me all the time. In my mouth, my pussy, my ass. It makes me want to be your little slut." She ran her tongue along it once, making DJ shiver and nearly lose control of the situation. Then she did it again, and again, and again. "Most guys would go too far with a hot girl like me who lets them do so much but you don't. I'm willing to beg for your cock. Please, let me suck on this perfect piece of penis until I've drained it of all the cum." She then did the final touch, looking up at DJ with her onyx eyes being as big and sparkling and submissive as they could be, she fluttered her long eyelashes a few times. Fighting against the pit in her stomach at doing this, she asked, "Can I suck your cock?"

Briefly breaking character and looking down at Courtney with genuine awe in his face, it took DJ a few moments to compose himself and nod after his stern expression returned. After he recomposed himself, he did utterly nothing. Pleased beyond belief that Courtney was actually waiting for him to say yes before starting, DJ wouldn't give her the chance. He had something else in mind, something even more degrading and gratifying.

Only being vaguely aware of what he was doing, DJ brought his hands onto Courtney's head and dug his mighty fingers into her long locks of brown hair as he held her head in place with the tightest grip that he could muster. The C.I.T. looked genuinely shocked by this development and had her mouth opened in surprise. Noticing this, DJ held his lover's head where it was as he began to thrust his hips. Because of this, his dick was being pulled from and pushed into her warm throat as it moved past her wet, warm tongue.

When she realized what DJ was doing, Courtney nearly came. Not even her most dominating of former boyfriends ever did this. None of them ever skull-fucked her!

For an amount of time that she didn't know, Courtney felt DJ vigorously hump her mouth with the same intensity that most guys would hump her pussy. She hated it! She loved it! The feeling of powerlessness as DJ's erect cock fucked a opening much smaller than the one it was intended for made her feel the best she ever felt. So much so that she came, spilling her own womanly juices all over her bedroom floor and not giving a damn.

Not paying attention to this, DJ continued to fuck Courtney's face until he cum too. The sticky and salty seed flooded her mouth, forcing her to swallow all of it on pure reflex. One part of Courtney recoiled in horror at the taste of cum while the other part filled her mind with thoughts like 'its not that bad' and 'its actually kind of tasty'. Right now the later part was what Courtney was mainly thinking. She felt wonderful and at peace.

DJ saw this and looked down at her with a smile. He then scooped Courtney up in his arms. Seeing Courtney at peace was the best part of him dominating her. The Brick House was determined to help Courtney overcome her demons, to rehabilitate her by every ethical method at his disposal. He knew it would take a lot more than controlling her in the sack for him to help her but every great journal begins with a single step. And he knew the next step would put Courtney back in control. As wonderful as dominating her was, he knew that him being the only dominant one would have negative effects on the C.I.T. Once she had recovered, he'd do anything that Courtney wanted him to do.

After all, that was a part of the rules that they had agreed too.

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