My name is Bella Swan. I'm 5'0 tall pale skin and I have curves in all the right places it didn't happen without a hell of a lot of work. five years ago I had my heartbroken by a vampire named Edward Cullen it was difficult but I got through with the help of my best friend Rachel and josh if it wasn't for them I don't know where I would be. I graduated high school I headed straight for collage in Los Angeles. I kept in touch with Rachel josh Seth and of course my dad it was the first day of class where I met him Caleb McCall. I ran right into him I was looking at my schedule and bumped right into him when I bumped into him for a second I thought it was Embry Call Rachel's little brother Jacob best friend. He wasn't of course. Caleb and I had an instant connection we were friends first, 6 months later it became more a year later we moved in together we have been together ever sense we had just graduated collage and were heading back to my home town we were at the airport waiting for Seth my soon to be brother to pick us up.