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The next morning, Naruto heaved a sigh as he munched on his morning toast, Hinata looking down at the floor more than her breakfast, she too sighing. Breakfast for the young couple was a very quite one, and not much food was eaten, as too much was on both of their minds.

"Naruto? You're not... upset about last night, are you?" Hinata asked quietly. Naruto chewed thoughtfully as he considered his response before swallowing.

"No." He replied. "Just a bit... I dunno, disappointed."

"Sorry." Both of them said together sheepishly.

"What about?" Hinata asked.

"That I screwed up." Naruto groaned. As a man, he wished only to please and impress his lover, to look good to her, but all he did last night was make himself feel (and most likely look) like a total idiot!

"No, no, it was my fault." Hinata insisted. "I tried too hard to... and then all I did was pass out." She always hated her inability to stay conscious in the face of an embarrassing situation, and even more so did she hate her inability to be as bold as she wished she could be in such scenarios.

"It wasn't your fault." Naruto objected. "I'm the one who choked."

"We both did." Hinata shook her head. "We may need to ask her for... help."

"Help?" Naruto blushed. He could only think of one person he could truly talk to about such a thing, and he had died over two years ago. "Let's just... try it again tonight. We won't make the same mistakes twice... right?"

Last Night...

"Mmgh..." Hinata moaned, her mouth severing its connection to Naruto's. "Please..." She whispered, her pale eyes staring into her lover's deep blue ones in such a way they had never seen her before.

"Make my body... yours."

"H-Hinata..." Naruto whispered, holding her close. Something was off here, he knew it. He and Hinata had never acted this way around each other before, and the Hyuuga heiress was never so bold. But he didn't care; she had given him her body, and right now, nothing else mattered.

He carefully touched her breasts, Hinata giving a slight gasp of arousal as her lover caressed her large mounds, fingers sliding over her pink nipples, his hands exploring every inch of soft skin and feeling her heart pound beneath them.

Hinata, meanwhile was breathing heavily, somewhat ashamed that even just having her breasts be felt up enough to entrance her in ecstasy. And yet, for as much disappointment she had in her arousal, she craved for more.

"Does... does that feel good?" Naruto asked, feeling stupid and insensitive for doing so as he took his hands away.

"Y-yes." Hinata smiled, her already red face turning ever more crimson. "Do you enjoy it too?"

"Yeah." Naruto admitted. "I can't get enough..." He broke off, turning away and blushing. Why did he have to say something so stupid!?

"Then please, touch me as much as you want." Hinata smiled, throwing off her towel and pressing Naruto's hands to her mounds.

As Naruto continued to massage Hinata's boobs, he looked down at his lover's now naked body, and was amazed at the beautiful thing that he saw. Hinata usually wore clothes that were loose-fitting and sometimes even downright baggy, so her body's true form was almost always hidden, leaving Naruto both surprised and impressed whenever he saw what she hides beneath such concealing clothing.

He wrapped his arms around Hinata, pressing her naked body against his own, his already hammering heart aflutter as her bare skin made contact with his, and he continued to feel his lover's body, this time groping her buttocks, and while Hinata didn't gasp in arousal as she did before, her heart pounded even harder than before, knowing that he was getting ever closer to her sacred place.

As his caressing hands traveled further down, he also explored down between her cheeks, where his fingers discovering a little hole, which he penetrated, before Hinata gave a sudden cry at the discomfort of such an intrusion.

"N-Naruto! That's not somewhere that you should be touching!" She squealed.

"Oh!? Sorry!" Naruto backed off sheepishly, retracting his hands immediately. "Sorry, I'm still so new to this... I had no idea..."

"Don't worry." Hinata smiled, giving him a peck on the cheek. "I've never done this before either, so I'm glad that we're learning these things together."

"Then, is this..." Naruto moved to Hinata's front, looking at her vagina. "Is this okay to...?"

"Yes." Hinata nodded, laying back onto the bed and opening her legs for him. "I... I want you there."

Naruto swallowed, placing one hand on Hinata's thigh, making her give a small moan, before touching her vagina with his other hand, Hinata giving a more audible cry of pleasure upon mere contact. Slightly confused by her anatomy, he fingered her moist pussy, searching for the opening, Hinata gripping the sheets as she moaned and panted in pleasure. When he finally found her entrance, inserting a finger inside, Hinata threw a hand over her mouth to muffle the loud cry that escaped her.

Though she, as with all women, had masturbated before (though, of course, she would never openly admit it), and even though Naruto was touching her in the exact places she would touch herself, the pleasure he gave her was like nothing she could have experienced with her own hands. As Naruto continued to feel up her privates, Hinata began to grow ever more anxious, turning onto her side and grabbing the bed more tightly than before, wishing her lover could just stop tormenting her and just give her the kind of pleasure that her nethers truly desired!

Acting out of pure impulse, she forced herself up, Naruto backing his hands away in surprise as she yanked his boxers off, a very large protrusion springing out of them, Hinata blushing and backing off a little as she stared at Naruto's penis.

She blushed as she stared at it, as it was a bit thicker, and considerably longer than she had previously anticipated, reviving the fear that she had when preparing for this moment, which she had forgotten in the recent excitement:

"It's... it's big!" She thought, feeling stupid for not being able to think of anything else to think as she looked down at it. "For this..." She held Naruto's hardened dick in her hand, surprised by how incredibly warm it felt. "...To be pushed into this..." She looked down at her own vagina, spreading it with her free hand to compare its size to the thing that would inevitably penetrate it, cringing. "...That would just..." Once more, the image of his cock being shoved into her, immensely hurting her, flashed through her mind.

"Is something wrong, Hinata?" Naruto asked, snapping her out of her duldrum. Should we... not do this?"

"No... er, yes! Er...I..." Hinata sighed, trying to put her thoughts together. "I do want this." She stroked Naruto's shaft lightly, finding herself further enjoying its firm texture and seemingly uncanny heat, making her want it more.

Acting on impulse yet again, Hinata dove down to grab Naruto's cock in her mouth, suckling lustfully on it, and hoping Naruto would moan as much as she did earlier, though he actually sounded a little bothered by it...

"Ow... Ow, Hinata, don't... don't bite on it!" He grunted. Hinata retracted, not realizing that she had been hurting him more than pleasuring him.

"Ah! I-I'm sorry!" She squeaked. "I-I-I didn't...!"

"It's no problem." Naruto assured her. "Just... please be a bit more careful?"

"O-Okay." Hinata nodded. She licked her lips, before curling them over her teeth for good measure, and took Naruto's cock in her mouth once more. This time, Naruto seemed quite satisfied as she bobbed her head, her mouth stroking his dick, the boy actually arching his back in delight, Hinata slowly taking control so that Naruto lay back on the bed, while she kneeled over top of him, assuming control for a while, until she looked up from her blowjob to observe Naruto, who looked almost ready to cum. It was here that she faced herself with a dilemma.

"Wait, I shouldn't finish... should I?" She asked herself. "I could, but then Naruto might not still be in the mood for... but if I stop, then he might not last very long when we do..." She continued to bob up and down on his cock for a moment before deciding, "Yes, I should stop about here." She discontinued her blowjob and instead lay back down on the bed, her legs spread for Naruto, who seemed a bit confused.

"Naruto." Hinata whispered nervously. "Please..."

Naruto moved over top of her again, swallowing nervously, looking down at Hinata, both their faces glowing bright crimson. He caressed Hinata's breast again, though this time with the intent of feeling her heart, which was pounding chaotically inside her chest, no doubt both frightened and excited for the main event that was to come.

"Won't you take it?" Hinata asked. "My first time...?" Naruto nodded, pressing his cock to Hinata's entrance... or rather what he THOUGHT to be her entrance.

"Aah! No-not there!" Hinata screamed.

"Sorry!" Naruto freaked. Looking down, he noticed that his head had entered the place that Hinata had told him not to enter, and retracted quickly, trying once again to penetrate her, but only prodding against the upper part of her crotch, Hinata gasping loudly.

"It hasn't yet, but... just a touch was so...!" Hinata's reasoning, her shyness, and her modesty were starting to diminish by the second, and though before she only wanted to be with Naruto, to share an important moment with him, now, all she could think was, "I want to be fucked!"

She reached a hand down, guiding his penis to her entrance, but Naruto, too hasty to fix his own mistake, prodded once again on her clit, Hinata now unable to stop herself from fainting where she lay.

"Uh? Hinata?" Naruto blinked. He experimentally fondled her boobs in a way he knew would incite a moan of some kind from her, but she made no movement or sound at all. He tried again, this time with her pussy. Again, nothing. Then, he dared the insertion of a finger into her forbidden zone, yet still, Hinata did not move nor wake.

"I could still do her... er, do IT right now, right?" He reasoned with himself. "But... when she's unconscious, it just wouldn't be the same... either for her or me." He sighed before turning and laying down next to his unconscious lover, waiting patiently for her to wake up, though only found himself falling asleep by her side.

The next morning when he had awoken, it was to find that Hinata wasn't next to him, and judging by some of the sounds outside, she was even cooking breakfast.

"GGAAAAAAAGGGH!" Naruto screamed in his head. "WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SUCH A FUCKING LOSER!?"

It was times like these that Naruto wished that his old teacher and godfather Jiraiya was still alive. For as much as his perverted tendencies irritated him back in those times, the Toad Hermit was a brilliant man, be it on the field of battle, or in everyday life, and Naruto was certain that if his old teacher were still around, something like this probably wouldn't have happened.

"We have to ask for someone's help." Hinata said, only stating what both of them already knew. "We only ended up... like we did because we didn't know what to expect." Just saying these words made her feel even more foolish, since it was her who called Naruto to bed in the first place.

"I know, but... who do we ask?" Naruto asked. "Who CAN we ask who'll take us seriously?"

"Um... I know you might object to it, but... might your mother help us?" Hinata suggested. "She was the one who brought us together like this, after all." She slapped a hand over her mouth, disbelieving that she told Naruto this information.

"Yeah, I know, but... it's kind of embarrassing, isn't it?" Naruto shrugged. "Besides, there has to be someone else who can take us seriously about this."

"Hm..." Hinata sighed. But then, it dawned upon her. "What! You... y-you knew!?"

"That mom roped you into this whole sex thing? Yeah, of course." said Naruto simply. "I know you wouldn't have been so bold as to ask me to bed on your own without help, and I know you and mom had plenty of time to talk."

"Oh... I see..." Hinata blushed. Was it really that obvious? "Um... you're not mad, are you?"

"Mad?" Naruto blinked. "About what?"

"About your mother doing this 'wife test' thing with us..."

"Wait, say that again." Naruto spoke up. "'Wife test?'"

"Uh, yes." Hinata blushed. "She said that she wants us to..." She sighed, wondering how to explain this in a way to make sense. "Your mother wants to teach me about having sex so that we can be married..." She slapped her forehead, knowing what she said sounded very stupid.

"What?!" Naruto blurted, wondering if he should laugh or show concern that Hinata showed signs of fainting.

"No no, that's not..." Hinata shook her head. "She..."

"She knows that her little boy's lover wants to marry him, and she wants them both to be ready to be wedded." Both Naruto and Hinata whipped around to see Kushina Uzumaki standing just outside the kitchen grinning at them. "So my secret is out then, huh?"

"Eh?" Naruto blinked again. "Hinata, is that true? You really want us to be... married?"

"Y-yes." Hinata nodded awkwardly.

"Th-that's great!" Naruto smiled. "I was hoping to ask you about that, but... phew! This helps alot... I think?"

"You were?!" Hinata blurted.

"Indeed?" Kushina smiled.

"Yeah, but I was having such a hard time thinking of how to ask you, and I thought you weren't ready, and I know I definitely wasn't ready, and..." Naruto paused, turning a bit pink before sighing. "...Thanks, mom."

"Hinata didn't happen to tell you why you two did what you did last night, did she?" Kushina asked.

"Um, Ms. Uzumaki?" Hinata whispered, scuttling up to Kushina and shaking her head. She then murmured something into the mother's ear so quietly, Naruto couldn't even hear the slightest hint of a whisper, as though she weren't making any sound at all.

"Oh, okay." Kushina said briskly. "Well then, allow me to fill you both in! You are two lovebirds looking to get married, am I right? Well, being your loving, caring mother, I decided that I would help you both so that you're ready for the day that you walk down the aisle. But that's a bit more difficult than just bombarding you with silly little pointers about how to dress, or how to behave, or how best to avoid beating your stupid husband to death when he gets too frisky for sex but you can't do that because it's your time of the month."

At these last few words, Hinata and Naruto both starred at Kushina with open mouths, having really not needed to hear such an oddly specific moment of her love life.

"Um, what was that last one?" Naruto blinked.

"Never mind. The point is, you two have already come a pretty long way on your own so far, but now, that won't be enough." Kushina continued. "That's where we begin."

"But what does last night have anything to do with this?" Naruto asked.

"Before Hinata can become a proper bride, there are six things she needs to be adept with." Kushina recited. "Good manners, good interactions with her lover, cleaning, sewing, cooking, and sex."

"She said it again." Hinata sighed. "Couldn't she have said something a little less straight-forward?"

"But... we've never had sex before." Naruto said lamely.

"And that's why you two were supposed to have it last night." Kushina grumbled, suppressing a hint of irritation, though hardly in a subtle way. Just as Naruto edged back nervously though, she sighed, and continued, "I was really hoping my son would be smart enough to know how to have sex on his own, but I guess lessons for both of you will have to start today."

"Eh!?" Naruto and Hinata blurted together. "Lessons?!"

"Lessons, yes." Kushina nodded, sighing again. "It's times like these I wish Minato were still around..." She shook her head, not wishing to drift onto such a grim topic."Anyways, Hinata. With me. Now."

"Eh? What are...?" Naruto tried to say as Kushina dragged Hinata away into the bedroom, Hinata trying to ask what was going on, but Kushina had slammed the door shut, locking it before she could get the words out.

"Okay. So what all happened last night?" Kushina asked as she sat Hinata down on the side of the bed. "And don't skip a single detail, I need to know everything."

And so, much to her weary dismay, Hinata recounted last night's events, Kushina listening with great interest (almost too much interest, Hinata thought), and stopped her once she made mention of her attempt at a blowjob.

"Oh-ho! You actually went there?" She grinned, laughing with enthusiasm.

"Um, is that a bad thing?" Hinata blinked, not understanding if she should be feeling foolish or proud from Kushina's words.

"No, no! I'm just surprised that you'd do such foreplay on your first night, being as shy as you are." Kushina smiled. "Anyway, go on. How did he like it?"

"At first, he kind of... didn't." Hinata admitted, now knowing she should start feeling ashamed at this point. "I sort of accidentally used my teeth..."

"Ooooh, bad move." Kushina shook her head. "It might not seem like it at times, but a dick should be treated as though it's just as much sensitive as a pussy, and believe you me, you do NOT want teeth down there!"

"I'm sure..." Hinata cringed at the thought.

"You fixed that problem though, right?" Kushina prodded.

"Yes, I sort of curled my lips over my teeth just to be safe." Hinata answered.

"Good." Kushina nodded. "That's always a good trick to use. You don't always need to do that, but it is good that you used that trick when you did. So, did you swallow? Or let it spray all over your face?"

"Um... neither?" Hinata answered, thinking she knew what Kushina was talking about.

"I'm not sure I understand." Kushina raised an eyebrow. "Did you even finish?"

"Um... no." Hinata replied, sheepishly as Kushina's eye twitched.

It wasn't the kind of news she liked to hear, almost as if the very answer was a faux pa, a forbidden word. Kushina rose from her position, and grabbed Hinata by the arms forcing her to rise too.

"You…. didn't…. FINISH!?" She screamed, outraged. "You didn't FINISH!? What girl in her right mind doesn't finish a man off when she's blowing him!?"

"I wasn't sure if I should or not." Hinata said fearfully. "I thought that if I were to finish, that Naruto, ah, w-wouldn't have enough drive to continue to..."

"Oh, I see now..." Kushina blinked, her fury melting in an instant before she sighed with exasperation. "Okay, look. Rule Number 1 of blowjobs: unless you're trying to blueball him on purpose, or drive him to a harder fuck for some game, you ALWAYS see your cock sucking through to the end."

"Oh..." Hinata mumbled awkwardly.

"Honestly, Hinata." Kushina sighed again, though grinning as she did. "You have so much to learn about men, if you think sucking them off is enough to tire them out. But anyway, continue. How did the rest of your not so perfect night go?"

"Well... not so well..." Hinata mumbled, recounting their failed attempt at sex. When she had concluded her story, Kushina was yet again exasperated with the young couple.

"Really, now." She muttered, rolling her eyes. "My son is just so hopeless without his mommy to help him."

"Uh, ma'am?"

"Never mind that for now." Kushina had returned her attention to Hinata. "Before I let you go, I just want to cover one last lesson with you." She bent down behind the bed, telling Hinata to stay where she was.

"What is that?" Hinata asked.

Kushina emerged from behind the bed, now completely naked, except for a tight, stringy pair of panties around her waist with a thick, black phallus protruding from the front. "I want to evaluate your skills before I let you play with Naruto's dick again." She said, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

"Eh, w-with... you?" Hinata blinked. "You're... how did you...?"

"Oh, this?" Kushina smirked, looking down at her strap-on. "I've had this, and a few other toys, stashed under the floorboards under the bed for years now. I'm kind of surprised it's been untouched after all these years..."

Hinata looked like she knew exactly why, though thought better of voicing such an opinion.

"Anyway, go ahead and practice on me all you want." Kushina continued. "You two do plan to try again tonight, don't you?"

Hinata simply nodded, and felt somewhat disgraced with herself as she got down onto her knees before Kushina, and gave the rubber dick a brief stroke before accepting it into her mouth, curling her lips over her teeth as she did last night, and carefully sucking on it as though it were Naruto's.

"So far, so good." Kushina nodded. "Show me how much of it you can fit into your mouth."

Hinata gave the closest thing she could to a nod in her position, and slowly pulled more of the fake cock into her mouth, until the tip pressed against her uvula, causing her to give a slight gag and back up slightly, just a little over half of the dildo filling her mouth.

"That it?" Kushina asked.

"That's it." Hinata nodded, freeing her mouth.

"Hm... not too bad." Kushina put her hands on her hips with satisfaction. "I'd say you'd pleasure my boy nicely tonight."

"I-indeed..." Hinata's whole face turned a dark crimson, giving a little smile of hidden pride at Kushina's words.

"We need to do something about that, though." Kushina sighed. "That fainting habit of yours. Because I'm sure my son would explode if you were to faint before he even got it in a second night in a row."

"Please don't say it like that..." Hinata sighed, feeling guilty again.

"Relax, it's a problem that's easily rectified." Kushina grinned. She slid the strap-on off her waist, knowing that she couldn't properly use it on Hinata (yet), and unzipped Hinata's jacket, once again laying eyes on her large breasts. "You really shouldn't wear clothes that fit you like a tent when you have boobs like these." She commented, pulling down Hinata's pants and underwear in one swoop, pushing her back onto the bed, and leaving her sex completely exposed and vulnerable.

"Wa-wait! Wh-what are you going t-... Ahh!" Hinata cried as Kushina dove between her legs, suckling on her pussy, expertly using her tongue and lips. "M-ms. Uzumaki! What are you doing!?"

Kushina was silent for about two minutes, teasing her future daughter-in-law's clit with her tongue, stroking and flicking and swirling around it, before answering simply "Relaxation technique."

Hinata, despite being overrun with ecstasy, most certainly did NOT feel relaxed having Kushina Uzumaki, of all people, giving her an oral treatment. She wanted her 'mother-in-law' to stop, but the feeling of her tongues invasive licking, and teasing her clit, as fingers probed her hole, only caused her over-sensitive body to convulse and arch and wouldn't let her make any sort of voluntary movements, much less speak clearly.

"Oh? Hinata's awfully sensitive, isn't she?" Kushina thought playfully, her eyes looking up at Hinata's face as she continually suckled on her pussy, carefully sliding her tongue in through the gap in her hymen, feeling the walls of her passage contract around her tongue, releasing as it exited the vagina. "And tight too! Naruto, you're in for one fun night!" She looked up at Hinata again, to see a somewhat glazed look in her eyes; a look she knew all too well.

"Time to wrap this up." She decided, sucking on Hinata's clitoris, while licking like candy for added effect, while her free hands detached the dildo from the strap-on, and placed it to Hinata's entrance before turning on the vibrate function.

This sent a burst of pleasure through her body, and Hinata's resulting orgasm was explosive! As she unleashed one last ecstatic cry, her body arched again, juice gushed from her nether regions, spraying Kushina's face, before she collapsed, going completely limp, though remaining very much awake and exhausted.

"Wh-why did you do that...?" She panted.

"Like it?" Kushina grinned down at her. "I figured that some of your little... insecurities might go away if you got worked up enough. And was I right, or was I right?"

"Um... I guess..." Hinata fidgeted, awkwardly looking away.

"Well anyway, that's all we have to discuss for today." Kushina concluded, stowing the strap-on belt back in its hiding spot, though leaving the dildo on the nightstand. "You're free to go now."

Hinata nodded, gathering her energy to get up, and after gathering her underwear she looked to Kushina, who was still naked. "Um, ma'am? Shouldn't you be getting dressed too?" Hinata asked, pulling her underwear and pants back on.

"Nope." Kushina shook her head, lying down on the bed. "Now that I finished working with you, it's Naruto's turn."

"Eh? But..." Hinata sulked. "I thought you said you wanted us to have our first time together, and..." She just then recalled that Kushina wasn't just some sex ed teacher; she was Naruto's mother! "But wait! He can't... with you! He's... He's your son!" she added in an embarrassed panic.

"No no no, we won't be doing anything like THAT!" Kushina laughed. "I'm simply going to talk with him about some things a man should know about a lot sooner than he has, and maybe show him a thing or two, but nothing like what you're thinking."

"But, what...?"

Before she could finish, Naruto, who'd been listening outside for over an hour, intruded upon the conversation. "Hey, what's going on in here? Is everything..." His thought process grinded to a halt as he saw his mother naked on the bed. "Uh, is this a bad time?" He turned awkwardly away.

"Ah, no, not at all!" Kushina smiled. "In fact, Hinata and I were just finishing up in here! Hinata, you're free to go now."

"Wha...? But..."

"This is something Naruto and I have to discuss privately, Hinata." Kushina emphasized. "Please, give us some time alone."

Hinata left, but certainly did not look comfortable about doing so. In fact, she was starting to worry that Kushina might be trying too hard to make their lives perfect, but knew better than to voice such a concern with her right here and now, so she walked out the door, closing it behind her.

"So... you couldn't get it in, huh?" Kushina raised an eyebrow.

"Huh?" Naruto blinked, feeling confused and embarrassed.

"Hinata told me about last night." Kushina stated flatly. "I understand you had a hard time navigating your penis into her vagina?"

"Do we really need to talk about this?!" Naruto groaned. He had never once had parents in his life, but hearing his mom say something so embarrassing right to his face made him feel like she had been around his whole life... and he cracked a smile when he got such a feeling.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, we do." Kushina nodded, getting up, looking at the back of her son, who was still not looking at her naked form. She smiled and walked up, turning him around, to face her. "I care very much about making my son happy, and making his bride-to-be happy, and there's no way either one could be content when they can't make contact."

"I can do that tonight when we..." Naruto objected, groaning again as he realized how incredibly awkward such talk was, especially with his mother right in front of him, naked.

"Young man, you are not to be so much as unclothed with that woman until I know you can penetrate her." Kushina declared firmly, sitting down briskly on the bed, and making Naruto blush slightly as he saw her breasts jiggle upon such a firm movement.

Naruto had only rarely seen women naked before, and the first time he saw one in real life, outside of quick, hazy glimpses in the bathhouses, and looking his own sexy jutsu form in the mirror, was last night with Hinata. So to see another naked beauty the second night in a row, even if it was his mother, got his blood pumping to say the least. His face was red and his control on any arousal becoming strained.

Despite having given birth and unable to maintain her appearance in 18 years, Kushina's body was truly flawless, with breasts that, while not quite Hinata's size, were incredibly appealing with perfect roundness and firmness, topped off with enticingly pink nipples, a figure that probably couldn't diminish even after 5 or 6 births, and a pubis with only a very thin, small patch of bright red; Naruto unable to keep back some arousal as he stared at her.

"Naruto!" Kushina giggled. "Don't look at your mother in such a way! You'll make me blush!"

"Don't say it like that!" Naruto flustered, fully aware of how such an awkward situation this was. "Anyway, was there something you wanted?"

Kushina laid herself back on the bed, spreading her legs wide, and giving Naruto a perfect look at her vaginal anatomy as she parted the lips of her pussy with her hands; not helping his pants feel any looser.

"Have you ever seen a vagina up close before?" She asked.

"Yeah!" Naruto said hotly.

"Were any of those times ever in person, and not in some dirty book or magazine?" Kushina asked, Naruto nodding. "Were any of those times before last night, when all you probably saw was barely visible in the dark?" To this, Naruto confessed with an awkward shake of the head.

"I thought so." Kushina smirked. "Okay, I want you to look closely, and pay attention." She pushed some bright pink skin up to reveal a little nub. "This part is called the clitoris; if you ever want to make a woman moan, you can't go wrong by pleasuring this part."

"Mom, why are you doing this?" Naruto sighed.

"I thought we already covered this part first. It's so that you and Hinata can be happily married."

"No, I mean why are you doing THIS?" Naruto corrected, now starting to look slightly angry. Not only was someone who was pretty much a stranger trying to be a mother to him, but the fact was she IS his mother, and was getting him hard while showing off her body. "Why are you splaying yourself out naked for me, telling me these things like you want me to do them to you?"

Kushina looked to her son, seeing his tight pants at the crotch. "Naruto, I don't want you to..."

"Then why not use Hinata to show me this?"

"Naruto, I don't know how much time Pervy Sage was in your life," Kushina sighed. "But if you really think it's so obscene for a mother to show so much as an inch of bare skin to her son, then I really don't know what to tell you." She sat up, an amused grin on her face. "First of all, Hinata's had enough stimulation for one day... well, until tonight, anyway. Second, because if I did have her demonstrate for me, you two wouldn't be able to resist doing it right then and there." She then, pointed to his crotch "That being proof. You wouldn't be able to hold back, and it would just be dirty fuck for pleasure sex. Which is fine, but not for a first time, and I'd rather not do that to you; your first time has to be private, special, and moreover, you two can't know what hand the other has before playing it. That's why I'm handling you two privately today."

She then sighed, and looked down. "Lastly, I know you have a problem with me interfering with your love life. Believe me, I know; it's written all over Hinata's face too. But just know that I'm only here to help, y'know? Just bear with me today, but if I ever go too far after this, just tell me."

"Okay." Naruto conceded, after a few moments.

"Great." Kushina smiled, lying down again. "So you're okay with me showing you down here?"

"I guess." Naruto sighed.

"Right, so where were we?"

"The slit-thing?"

"Clitoris, right." Kushina corrected, opening up her vaginal area again. "So, the next time you're looking to satisfy Hinata before the big penetration, don't forget that this part is her biggest weakness. And if you look further down," She parted the lips of her vagina to show Naruto its inside. "This opening is where you're supposed to insert your penis, and begin the main event."

"Okay." Naruto nodded, though raising an eyebrow. How was knowing any of this supposed to change anything that might happen their second night in bed together?

"Here." Kushina said, grabbing the dildo off the nightstand and pushing it into Naruto's hands. "I want you to put that inside me."

"...What?!" Naruto blurted, red faced.

"Well, I know you're not going to want to stick your actual penis into me, so this is a healthy alternative." Kushina said simply, despite seeing that he was aroused enough to want to on some level. "If you can show me that you can put it in without too much complication, I'll let you leave. Okay?"

"Fine." Naruto accepted, though hesitated as he looked at the item he was given. It seemed like it was much too big for the hole that he was supposed to be putting it into, and then there was the matter of WHO he was putting it into. Somehow, the idea just felt like incest, when he knew that wasn't the case... was it?

"It'll fit." Kushina sighed, amused. "If something as big as you came out of it, then of course something as small as that will be able to slide inside!" This statement did nothing to make Naruto more comfortable with the present situation, but it was at least enough for him to know that he wasn't really harming his mother.

"Besides." Kushina teased. "From what Hinata tells me, yours is much bigger than that silly toy."

"Mom, cut it out!" Naruto moaned.

Reluctantly, he stood over his mother, reaching down and pressing the fake dick to her pussy, though he wasn't sure if he was anywhere near the required entrance, or even near her pussy (he thought Hinata's forbidden entrance was the right place, after all), and experimentally pushed it into whatever hole he hoped to be there.

Kushina gave a loud ecstatic cry as her womanhood was pierced by the rubber cock, which dragged on as Naruto fed more of it into her body. It may have been a lack of stimulation for over 18 years, but her body somehow felt far more sensitive than it used to.

"Did I get it?" He asked. He looked down, and to his own satisfaction, found that he got it right on his first try, hoping that the real thing would be as easy.

"You got it." Kushina grinned, with a pleasured expression.

"So... can I go now?"

"Naruto, I want to ask something a little selfish." Kushina said sheepishly. "I haven't... gotten off in a very, very long time, so... if it doesn't make you too uncomfortable... could you please finish what you started?"

It did make Naruto uncomfortable, very much so, to be sure, but somehow, he just couldn't say no to his mother's request.

Kushina wasn't sure why she even asked him, she could have easily finished off herself once he had left, but, she wanted something more than masturbation… to BE pleasured, not just to give herself pleasure.

"Alright." He agreed, despite himself. He pulled most of the dildo out of Kushina's pussy, before pushing it back in again, a bit faster and harder this time, Kushina moaning very loudly.

"Y-yes… like that… again" She moaned out, Naruto blushing more as he continued to thrust the dildo in and out of her faster and faster, building up a tempo until she became engrossed in the intercourse that her dildo gave her.
She looked down, as she moaned, and saw Naruto, he was engrossed in looking at the penetration, but all Kushina saw was the visage of her dead husband; he looked so much like his father! And that's all she thought.

"Aaa-ahh! M-Minato...!" She cried, not able to control what had escaped her mouth. Her sense of reality briefly and slowly deteriorated as she recalled that the way Naruto handled her dildo was almost the exact way that her husband would make love to her, and for half a blissful minute, there was no dildo, and no Naruto; just Minato Namikaze expressing his affection for his wife.

"Minato? As in... dad?" Naruto blinked at his mother, starting to feel very uncomfortable with the situation as Kushina had drowned in ecstasy. The noises and the erotic ways her body moved with pleasure, her hands groping her breasts, was setting him to burst. "This is getting WAY too weird!" His finger slipped on the edge of the false penis, tripping the vibrate function, and losing his grip on it completely.

Kushina, however, didn't care, or even notic, that Naruto wasn't handling it anymore; as she screamed in sexual delight, she grabbed the invisible man supposedly making love to her, shouting his name over and over.

"Minato! Minato! MINATO!" Tears welled up in her eyes, though tears of sorrow, happiness, or both, Naruto couldn't tell. "I-I I love you, Minato! I lo... Lo-love...!" And in one final lust-filled scream, Kushina climaxed, the fake cock being expelled from her pussy, and throwing her back into the real world.

"Ahhh..." She sighed, turning to Naruto. "Thank you for helping me, Naruto. Sorry for making you do something so weird, y'know?"

"Mom, um... are you alright...?" Kushina's eyes were still flooded with tears, and Naruto was beginning to feel like this was something that he shouldn't have done, or at the very least, shouldn't have seen.

"I'm perfectly fine." Kushina giggled, hopping off the bed and picking up her clothes, wiping away her tears. "I'm sorry I made you do something so uncomfortable."

"You... already said that." Naruto muttered, even more weirded out.

"Did I? Well... Anyway, don't worry about me, y'know?" Kushina put on a huge grin, flexing her arm in a tough pose. "You and Hinata are now ready to be the happiest couple possible, y'know?"

"Uh, sure. Thanks, mom..." Naruto said awkwardly. "You know, you were yelling dad's name..."

"I wha...?!" Steam billowed out of Kushina's ears as she blushed so red, her face was almost camouflaged into her hair. "I uh... was I really?"

"You were."

"Well then..." Kushina almost felt like she could die of embarrassment right where she stood. "I'm... I'm really sorry you had to see that, y'know! I just... I miss him... Your father, I mean..." She giggled awkwardly. "Naruto? Please, don't repeat this to anyone, not even Hinata, y'know?"

"I won't." Naruto muttered as he left the room. As it turned out, he wouldn't need to repeat such an event to Hinata, as she had been waiting just outside for him, looking quite anxious.

"Ms. Uzumaki?" She blinked, hoping for an explanation to the uproar of ecstasy.

"It's nothing..." Kushina sighed. "Now, before I let either of you go, I have to talk to you about a few things that can't wait until later. Tonight, the both of you plan to finish what you started last night, right?"

"Yes." Hinata and Naruto said simultaneously.

"Then first of all, I hope both of you know that I have no intentions at all of coming between you two." Kushina stated. "I know my actions have been a bit more... hands-on than you're comfortable with, but they're not without reason; You never truly learn anything until you do it yourself, and I can already tell that both of you have learned an important thing or two from today's lessons."

"I-indeed?" Naruto and Hinata were both thinking, awkwardly blushing and turning away from the others, both learning a little something extra they'd rather not have learned...

"Second of all," Kushina continued. "I get the feeling that you two don't seem to be entirely happy about having your lessons separated from one another, and I'd just like to say that not all of your lessons will be this way; I will occasionally teach you two separately, and when I do, I'll have important reasons for doing so, but other than that, almost all of your lessons beyond this will have the two of you together."

"That's good to know." Hinata nodded, almost a bit excited at the idea of having whatever Kushina's next lesson be done together with Naruto.

"Thirdly, I'd like to suggest an idea that I'm curious to know if you'd agree to."

"What kind of idea?" Naruto asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Would you like for me to watch you two as you consummate?" Kushina proposed.

"Eh?!" Hinata gasped, Naruto blinking, not quite understanding what 'consummate' meant. "No! Please, don't!" At this reaction, Naruto began to understand what Kushina meant, turning redder still.

"Why would you want to?" He asked. It certainly seemed to defeat the purpose of making their first time as enjoyable as possible.

"I wouldn't be sitting in the corner, or standing over you two as you did it, of course." Kushina amended. "I'd be well-hidden enough that you two wouldn't even know I was there. And the reason I ask is because if I know how you two fucked, then it would make your little wife test a bit quicker and easier.

"But fair enough. I was actually expecting you two to want complete and total privacy, which I will fully respect. The last thing I want to discuss with you two; We're all family here, so I want you both to be as open with me, as well as with each other, as possible. Yes, Hinata, you too." She added. "You're not married to my boy yet, but some day you will be, and seeing how close you two are, you really are as good as family to me."

"Uh? R-really? W-why thank you, Ms. Uzumaki." Hinata smiled, quivering to repress a delighted little giggle at such flattery.

"You can call me 'Kushina,' or even 'mom' if you want." Kushina said with amusement. "Like I said, you're family, you don't have to refer to me by such an uptight name."

"I can't..." Hinata muttered.

"It takes her a good while of knowing someone to be able to call them by a less formal name." Naruto explained, shrugging. "I guess it must be a Hyuuga thing. For the first year we were at the Academy, she called me 'Uzumaki-kun,' before she could call me by my first name."

"How cute." Kushina giggled, Hinata blushing. "But there we go! You two were open with me about something. If we're as open with each other about everything in our lives, then we'll get along just fine. Now, you're both free to go, unless you have any questions."

"Ma'am? Will you be teaching us as... hands-on as you have today?" Hinata asked, rather regretting doing so, as she knew the answer.

"No, actually." Kushina shook her head. "The more I have to teach you, and the closer we grow to each other, the MORE hands-on we'll be getting! And since you two will (hopefully) graduate your virginity tonight, I feel no shame in doing so."

Neither Naruto nor Hinata could say that they shared Kushina's thoughts on the matter, but how could they argue her point?

"So..." Hinata mumbled, images popping into her mind of Kushina demonstrating sex to her by screwing her with the strap-on she had earlier. "We'll be doing... those kinds of things?"

"Indeed we will." Kushina nodded. "But at any rate, I do have one last thing that I need to talk to you two about, and that's that neither of you should be feeling as shameful about messing up your first time as you think. In fact, I do kinda regret blowing a fuse with you earlier, Hinata, because I kinda thought the exact same thing when I gave Minato his first blowjob."

"Indeed?" Hinata muttered awkwardly, looking as though she didn't want to read too much into this.

"And we actually went through a bit of a rut, because we were fucking SLOPPY about our first time." Kushina laughed. "We tried going at it every night for a whole week, failing every time, before we finally graduated our virginities! ...And even then, we didn't exactly have the most coordinated sex ever. I'll tell you guys all about it tomorrow if you'd like."

"Uh, thanks." Naruto grunted. Did it really take his dad a whole week to figure out how to get 'it' in the 'hole'?

"Well, unless there's anything else you want to know, you're both free to go!" Kushina smiled.

The rest of the afternoon for the future married couple was largely quiet as they contemplated what Kushina told them, as well as contemplate what they were going to make their special night perfect.

Even though he wouldn't have any missions for a few days and he was already in optimal shape, Naruto opted to spend most of his time working out in his room. He wasn't usually the kind to pass the entire day doing push-ups, but physical exercise was always something that helped him think straight.

"Not that I don't appreciate what mom is trying to do for us..." He thought, reaching about 200. "But... still..." Kushina's moment of ecstasy flashed into his mind again, and he remembered her cry his father's name. "Did she mistake me for Dad? Or was she feeling so great that she was just imagining him?" Then he began to think about Hinata, and recalled the noises that permeated from his room during the time that she and Kushina were alone in there.

He knew she didn't do anything really serious with Hinata, not after she emphasized how important it was that Hinata and Naruto graduate their virginities together, but regardless, his inquiring mind had to know...

Then he began to think about Hinata, their attempt at intercourse last night, and the night ahead of them, and his face went red as a beet as he remembered what his mother had told him, and he ran the knowledge she gave him through his head as he planned how to apply such knowledge.

Hinata, meanwhile, was looking around the kitchen, gathering utensils and ingredients. Even though dinner was hours away, and she didn't usually start cooking until just a few hours before hand, her searching of the refrigerator was something that helped her mind find some sense of clarity, as she wanted to at least partially take what was going to happen tonight off of her mind.

She too had been remembering the previous night, but more than dwelling on how guilty she felt for fainting and supposedly ruining their moment last night, the biggest weight on Hinata's back was how to make things right tonight. And right now, she was starting to regret not asking Kushina more questions, because so many of those unasked questions were running through her mind so fast, it was difficult for her to think properly.

"Should I start out dressed as I am, or wear something more revealing? Are scented candles a good idea for our first time? Should I undress myself, or let Naruto do it for me? Should I undress him? If so, should I do it before or after he undresses me?"

She gave a sigh, shaking her head, feeling like the stupidest girl in the world right now. She thought that the only thing she had to do was spread her legs and let Naruto do the rest, but Kushina Uzumaki sure did a number on her conception of sex, even in the short span of time that she's known the mother of Naruto.

Deciding to just let things come naturally like she did last night, she got straight to work cooking as lovely of a dinner for two as she could, her kitchen work an excellent way to take her mind of the stress of the events to come.

"Hm..." She mused, taste testing some of her food some time later. "Beef? Or Pork?" This was a dinner for two, so she decided to ask Naruto for his thoughts, but when she opened the door, it was to find her lover doing what she assumed was supposed to be push-ups, though Naruto clearly had his mind elsewhere, leading his exercise to look far more suggestive.

"Beef it is." She decided, leaving Naruto to it.

A little over an hour and a half later, the table was set for the loveliest dinner they would have eaten in their lives; the perfect start to their perfect night!

However, after peaking in on Naruto a second time, Hinata saw that Naruto was still doing his 'thrusts', and judging by the look in his eye that she briefly saw, she knew that he wasn't going to be done any time soon, so she decided to take a quick shower just before dinner.

She turned on the shower to let it warm up as she undressed in front of the bathroom mirror, giving her reflection a determined face.

"I can do this!" She told herself, stepping into the shower and letting the steaming water soothe her body, though her mind still slightly pent-up. She looked down at herself, remembering the trick that Kushina had taught her earlier today.

"I figured that some of your little... insecurities might go away if you got worked up enough." She had said just after eating her future daughter-in-law out.

"Time to see if this works..." Hinata told herself as she reached down, giving a moan as she masturbated in the shower.

To Be Continued...

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