1.) Who Doesn't Love a Surprise?

It was just another routine day for Detective Kate Beckett of the 12th Precinct, homicide division. She, her partner and consultant, Richard Castle, and two of her cop partners, Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito were all stationed by the door of apartment 407.

Beckett knocked on the door addressing the suspect's name and then said, "NYPD open up!"

They could hear shuffling inside.

"He's running," said Beckett.

At the same time downstairs Emma Swan had said the exact words.

Beckett watched from the balcony once she and her team made their way in, her suspect taking off from the fire escape. She made her leap hoping her fall would land on him but her suspect was faster.

"Watch Henry," Emma said as she too chased the man whom Gold believed to be his son.

Both women were in hot pursuit. For Emma Swan this was nothing new. As a former bail bond's person and current sheriff of Storybrooke, Maine, she was used to suspects running.

Emma rounded an alley hoping to cut off some distance while Beckett continued to follow the suspect's path. Emma was the first one to reach him, tackling him to the ground.

Once the two composed themselves Emma looked up to see Gold's son only to discover it was the man she was least expecting.


"Emma!" he replied as shocked to see her as she clearly was.

A second later Beckett arrived behind Emma.

"Get up slowly," Beckett said holding her gun on them both.

Emma and Neal did so and Emma looked at Detective Beckett so did Neal.

"NYPD," Beckett said showing her them her badge. "Neal Cassidy," she said going to him. She put the gun back in the holster and grabbed his hands placing them behind his back. "You are under arrest."

"Arrest for what?" asked Neal.

"Neal, what did you do," asked Emma.

"Nothing Emma, I swear!"

"You know this man," Beckett asked.

Emma's mind was going a hundred miles an hour. She had been sent to find Gold's son only to discover he was her ex-boyfriend who was now under arrest.

"I- I'm not sure," said Emma.

"Neal Cassidy," said Beckett, "You are under arrest for the murder of Tamara Jones."

"You've got to be kidding me," said Neal. He then turned his attention to Emma, "You're not sure," he said sounding shocked. "What do you mean you're not sure? Emma you know me!"

"I'm not sure I do anymore Neal."

It suddenly dawned on Neal: she knew who he as, who he really was.

"Tell me you didn't- you brought him to me how could you do that!"

"Hey," Emma said raising her voice to match his, "I am the only one who's allowed to be angry here! Did you know who I was, where I was from this whole time? Did you even care about me at all? I want the truth Neal, tell me!"

"I hate to break this up," said Beckett, "but whatever's going on will have to wait. Let's go Cassidy."

Emma took a breath to calm herself. "Where are you taking him?"

"12th Precinct," said Beckett.

"Then I'm coming with you," said Emma.

"Emma you don't have to," said Neal. "I don't need your help on this one."

"I'm not doing it for you."

"Then tell him you lost me, tell him anything. You let me go you'll never have to see me again."

Emma wanted more than anything to do that but it was pointless. She knew Gold and she knew how far he would go until he got what he wanted and more than that if she let Neal go now Gold would end up thinking she didn't live up to her end of the deal and that never fared well for anyone.

"I can't do that Neal. I made a deal with your…father… to bring you to him and since you're clearly in some kind of trouble I can't just let you go."

"I'm not getting rid of you am I," Beckett said to Emma.

"Where he goes I go," Emma said not expanding on the why.

"And what is your involvement with Mr. Cassidy?"

Emma looked at Neal with a mixture of hurt, distain, and confusion.

"It's complicated," was all Emma said.

Beckett didn't pry. The anger in their conversation was enough to tell Beckett that there was more being said than either of them was willing to admit.