Chapter 12.) Make Your Own History

Upon arriving to the docks, Henry got on board the Jolly Roger along with Emma who helped Neal get Gold below decks.

"Now that is cool," Castle said as they watched their new friends one minute and gone the next.

Neal arrived back to where Castle and Beckett were waiting.

""So you coming," Neal asked his sister.

"I have to get back to the precinct,' said Beckett, trying to wiggle her way out of this one.

"The Precinct will still be there," said Castle, "How often do you ever get the chance to go on a real life invisible pirate ship?"

Everything about that sentence sounded so wrong to Beckett.

"None of this is supposed to be real," said Beckett.

"Trust me," said Neal. "I know how you feel."

"You do," Beckett said having a hard time believing that.

"I spent my entire existence running from magic. According to the calendar I should be well over three hundred years old, so should you given that we're twins and all."

Beckett could not think of how to make that sound any better. Castle only smiled at Beckett and she could tell what he was thinking- he was dating an older woman, a way older woman, someone should be down the lines of a great-great grandmother or even further down the line than that.

She did her best to put those thoughts to the back of her mind. "But you're still going," she said to her brother.

"Regardless of what Rumple has done he's still my father and he's yours too, he's still our blood. That always means something."

Castle had his 'here-we-go' theory look on his face. "So the lost boy is discovered by fate and reunited by not just one of his families but two and when he spent his entire life intentionally being lost he decides to risk his own invisibility to come out of the shadows so that he may save his dying father and be reunited with the son he never knew he had." He smiled. "I like it. Too bad it doesn't feel like my story."

And of course it wasn't.

"You're really enjoying this aren't you," said Beckett.

"Are you kidding, this is better than any story I can come up with and better than even those cases that I thought were real but weren't. Come on Beckett, take a leap of faith, can we go please," Castle said sounding like a little boy begging his mother for a new toy.

"What about your family? Martha, Alexis."

"Alexis is in college, she can take care of herself for a while and my mother will be there for her. I have a cell phone too. Come on aren't you the bit curious as to where you come from?"

Beckett wouldn't admit to that but she knew Castle wouldn't let this go and she loved him too much to deny him this after everything he had given her.

"Fine, we'll go if this will make you happy."

Castle smiled his widest smile and then gave her a deep and passionate kiss to the point where Neal had to look away and from the invisible ship Emma had been watching and also looked away.

"God love you," Castle said to her.

"You'd better," Beckett replied with a smile.

He smiled and then turned, "All aboard the Jolly Roger," he said. He then leaned forward as he tripped. He placed a hand on something he could not see. "How do you get aboard this thing anyways?"

"Follow the dirt," Neal said to him.

When Castle was gone Neal turned to Beckett. "He's like a kid in a man's body. How did you find him?"

Beckett smiled at the memory of when she first met him, "He didn't find me. We found each other. Believe it or not it's one of the things I love about him."

"As long as he makes you happy," he said walking to Beckett's car.

"What are you doing?"

Neal stabbed Beckett's tires with some nails he had found on the dock.

"Working on your alibi," he said to her. "It's a unit car right so when you don't show up they're going to be looking. Mind popping the trunk?"

Beckett did so and Neal took out the spare title and hurled it into the ocean.

"Take what you need from the car just enough to make them think you and Rick took off to get help. I'll see you on the ship."

Beckett nodded.

Leaving the trunk open Beckett reached in for her and Castle's overnight bags. It was something that she as a cop had learned to do in case of emergencies. Castle had come into the same habit. Closing the trunk she checked the inside of her car finding nothing of importance.

She pressed the lock on the car and made her way to the invisible steps. She looked at the car and back out across the way. There was no turning back now.


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Part II:

The Silent Guardian