Shinobilegends Society

Disclaimer: I do not own Shinobilegends, and many of the characters represented are loosely based on their game RP counterparts. I in no way own the Naruto franchise either, and this is done for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. Reader discretion is advised.

The story begins not in the present, nor the future, but the past, at a time before now. Perhaps I should explain before confusing you any further. This current present is ruled by a powerful overlord who cannot be stopped; many simply refer to him as 'Master of all things in time'.

I personally don't entirely believe that such a thing is completely true, but the man and his woman companion are in charge. There are no Kage, no Daimyo that are not subject to their whims.

Granted, hardly any is seen of the man, his woman companion, who goes by the title "Grand Mistress", seems to do much of the work. Only when their empire is threatened by a large revolution is the man seen in full glory, in which case, all time seems to stop, and all resistance becomes non-existent.

As a result, rebellion on such a scale is considered futile, as the few who have existed to remember these altered events keep it hushed and their identity a secret, and with good reason. All that man needs is a name, a sample of blood, or even a simple look at the face and said person's fate may be sealed without the slightest inclination.

However, many still remember a time before this was true; a time when such abilities were completely folly compared to the power of the sharingan, or its ultimate form, the rinnegan.

In fact, there were so many who could claim Uchiha descent, many began to wonder if incest had already begun in the realm simply from the incredibly numbers of Uchiha, or if everyone else was there simply to prevent incest. There was a time even before then that the explosion of Uchiha wasn't even seen as a possibility.

We are not going that far back, however, simply due to convenience. We shall start at an odd time, a transitional period, where a society of shinobi came together in an ambition to change their world; nowadays, it merely goes by the name of Shinobi Legends Society, SLS for short.

Many despise the name, and all the connotations that come along with it, and perhaps, once you learn more of this tale, you too may understand why many speak the name with such venom and vice.

Popular belief starts the formation of this society with the fourth Hokage and his so-called predecessor. Popular belief may have spawned as a result of some skilled propaganda artists, but the truth is not as simple as that at all.

In fact, popular belief is quite wrong, at least in the context of this organization. Mayaps they founded something similarly named, but this organization was founded by none other than the twelve, whose assembly shall be the first of our focus.

It is a surprisingly bright room for the dark deed ahead; a large, circular room with a circular table in the center. Completing this 'circle' were the circular windows, which allowed in the light of the day and a fresh, chilly breeze.

Below, the inhabitants of this town continue blissfully unaware of those who gather. Shinobi, merchants, and all manner of things congregated below, the music of peace and commerce, along with the disruption of the occasional crime and the misfits' pranks.

In dark clothing, with arms folded and crossed, a bright, red eyed man stares at the places below with a smile. His skin was rather pale; almost pitifully so, and his black blazer clashed with his skin almost as much as the dark red hair, which almost shone bright red in the sunlight.

What a morning indeed, as the man stared from the window, listening as the doors behind him opened and shut with timed coordination.

His black gloves touched the window pane lightly, a twitch here and there as shuffling at the round table commenced. He blinks, and his eyes focus in on a particular figure down in the busy streets of Ninja Central.

A barking dog held tightly on a leash by random traveler. It seemed strange that this would fixate his attention, but the man uttered a joyful sigh, as he commented to himself, "Ah Kyutu, what a sight to behold. If only home could look more like this."

Suddenly the door slammed shut, and Kyutu's attention immediately turned from the window to the last entrant. As the last to arrive, this entrant took the second to last empty seat. Kyutu smiled, and then walked towards the 'front' of the room; truly it was hard to tell since the room's dimensions were so perfectly even.

The architects truly were brilliant in their design, and as Kyutu stood at the last empty chair, the chairs themselves high in the back, yet covered in relative plush, one could hear what sounded like contraptions at work.

Despite there being adequate lighting for seeing, the entryways and the table were hardly illuminated, making it very difficult if not impossible to tell who was in attendance, even if one sat right next to another. The man took his seat, crossed his legs, and then looked at the congregation.

To equate this table as a clock would be the simplest way to proceed; if Kyutu sat at twelve o'clock, then each person's relative position could be marked to the positions relative to a clock. Therefore, Kyutu would be considered twelve, and so on and so forth.

The lights outside suddenly dimmed by what seemed to be ominously placed curtains, and the figures became even harder to distinguish, with only a single light only on Kyutu himself. The twelve had finally gathered, and Kyutu seemed pleased that every single one of them had shown up, more or less on time.

"Thank you for your attendance here today," Kyutu announced with a loud boom, apparently awakening some of the attendees with his volume, "I would ask for introductions, but there is a reason that the lights have gone out you see." "So it is that kind of party huh? Six joked, "I'm sorry, I came with all my clothes. Forgot the party favors."

"Party?" Four jested, "I know not who you are, but you wouldn't know the good definition of a party if it struck you in the head!" "Ladies, ladies," Five joked with a certain savvy choice of words, "Not only are you both smart, you are both invited to this party."

"This is not a party!" One shouted, "We came here for a serious meeting, not some dirty jokes!" "Speak for yourself," Six sounded again, "I read on my invitation that there would be free drinks all around!"

"Gentlemen, ladies, whichever you are, and whichever you think you are," Two roughly declared, "We are all here for different or similar reasons, but we are certainly not here to mock each other."

"Didn't you just…" quietly started Seven before silencing again. "Other than those who spoke, are there a few introductory words any of you would like to voice before we begin?" Kyutu asked, offering his hands outwards to the so far silent attendees. At first no one else spoke up, but eventually Nine found something to comment on.

"Silence is the most deadly sound, but you lot are probably the most lethal killjoys in the whole shinobi realm!" Nine commented, "I was actually enjoying the light humor." "Yeah well, there is nothing light about seizing control of the world," Ten gruffly pointed out, "Or at least that is what I think we are here for."

Eleven chirped, "But if we don't joke around before we start, then we will all be quiet like we were before, and since the red haired guy turned off the sounds of the outside world, we'd all die of curiosity." "Speaking of that, when do we get to see each other?" Three asked, "I am most curious to see who I am paired up with."

"You sound like the Sage type," Six jeered, "Shouldn't you be able to feel all with those extra sensor hairs of yours?" "That was uncalled for!" One shouted out, "Do you have something against sages?" "None," Six replied back, "Do you have something against jokes?" "No, just yours," Four joked in response.

This oddly enough inspired some laughter in the crowd; all save for Kyutu that is. He did not seem at all amused.

He cleared his throat as the laughter died down, then pointed out, "I brought you all here to cooperate, not prepare to kill each other. When I turn on the lights and you see each other, I most hope you restrain yourselves."

"Aren't we all from the same village?" Two inquired, "I thought this was a one village thing?" "Idiot, you can't take over the world with just one village!" Eight harshly reproached with a hiss, "This is clearly an international meeting. And the lot of us could have just tried to kill each other in the last war for all we know."

It was a most curious thing, as silence pervaded upon Eight finally speaking. A strange calm had attended the room, and Kyutu rose, the spotlight following his face as he rose.

"We are all here to bring about a new union, in which all nations can cooperate with each other in a greater sense of order and peace. This shinobi world has just been ravaged by a great war; it matters not who technically won, as all sides were negatively impacted by the conflict.

In order to form a more perfect union, we establish a new organization that will benefit the entire realm! Before I continue, I must ask if there are any objections to this objective."

"Well, yes, actually," Three piped shortly after Kyutu finished, "In what manner will we achieve this goal?" "Through international peace, he or she just said it," Two answered, "Err, which are you?" "Obviously a man," Ten stated, "When we saw the upper torso it should have been obvious."

"What if she's flat chested?" Six suggested, "The deep voice could just be a puberty thing too."

"The only thing deep around here is the well of ignorance you draw from," Four huffed, apparently offended, "The man mentioned clearly that the guy with the red hair was going to be the host of this event. And flat or not, you should be able to tell a woman from a man by now."

"Your unknown reputation precedes you," Six mocked with a hint of malice, "I can't wait to get a good look at you so I can split you in half." "Oh great, what will the children think when they hear that story?" Five joked, "Seriously, you two might as well go ahead and hook up, regardless of your sexes."

"This round table reminds me of the Icha Icha series back home," Kyutu reluctantly jested to redirect the attention, "It's all fun and games till someone actually pulls down their pants."

Oddly enough this incited some chuckles and one resounding laugh that clearly came from Eleven's direction.

"Anyways," Kyutu continued, "The world is in disarray. I had hoped that with your support, we could not only gather the tailed beasts into a fair assembly, but also create a neutral country in which all people can come and unite under a single banner.

More importantly, an empire ruled by an aristocracy guided by those who remain by the end of the cause."

"Revolution achieved through what means?" Three patiently asked, "You have still yet to tell us how you think this should be achieved. Bloodshed or the bedroom?"

"Okay, I think we have all had enough of the dirty jokes," Eight declared.

"No, seriously," Three insisted, "Do you know how many agreements were made behind closed doors without blood being shed?" "Yeah, the kind that don't last very long," Six interjected, "You always have to have a few drops of blood in order to make lasting agreements. After all, death is a good way to reinforce a point."

"If you are a sadistic, inhumane scoundrel!" Four accused, "What kind of world do you live in where there is nothing but killing on the mind?"

"I dunno, maybe someplace like the naruverse," Six shot back, "No matter what ideals are being pressed, and somebody has to die in order for it to come to fruition."

"The point I want to make is," Kyutu called out with a hint of frustration, once again redirecting the attention back to him, "The decision is entirely up to you on how you want to execute your objectives.

This loose alliance is intended to organize cooperative efforts, so both the mass murderers and the pen writers may help each other in their respective causes."

"Sounds like a plan," Seven quietly agreed, only being heard due to the silence after Kyutu's statement. "You have got to talk up," Six insisted, "We are gonna lose our sense of hearing just trying to hear you talk." "Only fools open their mouths to let the world know how foolish they are," Two pointed out.

"Ah, but a fool doesn't know they are a fool if they don't invite others to prove it," Eleven countered, "After all, if you yourself held all the answers, then you would be dead from the sheer amount of knowledge."

"I can agree on that," Four said, "If you do not allow your voice to be heard, you may be stomped out by the louder crowd." "What if he/she has a naturally down volume voice?" Eight said, "Please red haired man; continue before this devolves into a social gathering."

"Thank you," Kyutu said, letting out a sigh as he prepared to continue. However, a knock on the door interrupted him, and he called out, "Who is it?"

"The Black Dragon ANBU," a feminine voice responded back, "Officials of Ninja Central have issued a declaration that this region is to be used for peaceful activities only." "Your point?" Kyutu shot back, "We are merely talking in here."

"Make sure that is all that it stays!" the ANBU shoots back through the door, "One more chakra flare and we will have to come in there."

"Duly noted," Kyutu replied back. The sound of footsteps accompanied Kyutu looking around the darkened room.

"Who flared their chakra?" Three inquired, "I did not realize we were about to come to blows."

"I don't think we have enough women in here for that," Six joked, earning the irritation of a surprising number of the assembled members.

"I thought I had said enough of the dirty jokes!" Eight once again growled, slamming something hard onto the table, "This is removing the seriousness of this entire meeting!"

"And how do you know who's a woman and who isn't?" Eleven shot afterwards, "Or do you treat them all the same eh?" "How do you know a few guys wouldn't mind a blow from some other guys?" One interrogatively cried out, "For all you know, you could be the only dick around here other than the red haired one!"

Kyutu face palmed as the previously civil conversation began to divulge into what felt like shouting chaos, though not all members participated equally. Despite this, Kyutu felt that it was about time to wrap things up, and with a screech, brought order back to the table.

"It is clear that you lot are not ready to see each other," Kyutu concluded, "However, at our next major meeting, you will indeed see each other. Your ability to sense each other's chakra had been suppressed upon entering the room, as I had requested from the local ANBU.

Now, your first task is to gather the biju; I assume you can take some pages from the Akatsuki on how to go about that. By the time of our next meeting, there should be no free roaming biju, understood?"

The group was silent, but it appeared that they all agreed to take on the task. "So, new rule," Kyutu finished as he turned away from the assembled, "No free roaming biju. All tailed beasts must be kept either within a host or a village.

The beasts shall have no such thing as freedom for as long as we remain assembled. Now go forth, and be tactful in how you attend your duties."

And so most of the figures suddenly warped away, remaining ambiguous to each other as to who the others were. It could be assumed that they had sworn to utmost secrecy beforehand, but, as usual, it can also be assumed that not everyone would keep their vow of silence.

And Kyutu, somewhat concerned about this, walked back over to the windows as they were uncovered, and looked back down at the crowd.

"So much to be done… And I have yet to begin in my home country," Kyutu murmured, "But where to start…" In a few moments, he would walk towards the door, apparently having an idea, and would walk out. Thus concluding the first meeting of the Twelve; and sealing the fate of the nine legendary beasts of great power.

This is just the first chapter, but we'll see

how it goes. The audience should already be

able to pick out some of the personalities

I have drawn some of the characters from, but

even if you are not a SL member, I'm sure you can

still at least get the clashing light-dark humor and

conspiracy that went on here. This is, again, just

a taste, and to build some interest for the rest.