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Summary: After Third Impact, Shinji is left alone in a world all his own. It's what he wanted right...or so he thought. What he didn't know was that he wasn't alone. Adam, the first angel creator of the seventeen angels, allows a higher angel to descend and stand before the Third Child and offer him a choice. Return to the beginning and stop Third Impact, or repeat the process all over again.

1: Re-Turn

Shinji looked out over the ruined city again for what seemed like the thousandth time in the past day or so. Tokyo-3 lay before him looking like nothing but a pile of ruble. And it was all his fault. Once again he had been used by his father, and mankind had suffered because of it. He had hated it to the extent that he had let go of everything he held dear. Misato, Rei, Asuka, Touji, Kensuke, Hikari, all his friends were gone now. All because of him.

"This is stupid," he said, just to hear something other than the silence. "What exactly am I expecting to happen?" After everything had ended, nothing had been left. No life, not even animals. "It's not like anything's going to happen."

Oddly enough, he didn't feel any hunger or thirst, even though it had been at least two days, he didn't feel anything. "Probably because I was inside Unit 01." The giant humanoid robot had some how disappeared after Third Impact, there was no trace of the machine. The only thing that was left of was the white stone face of Lilith in the sea of LCL that disturbingly reminded him of a smiling Rei Ayanami.

"Why did I wish for this?" Shinji asked himself, "Did I really want everything destroyed like this?"

"That is a fine question." Said a voice behind him, making Shinji yelp as he jumped. He turned around, almost smiling at the voice, happy to finally hear another besides his own.

What greeted him was a shock, "Kaworu?"

The person in front of him laughed lightly, "No, I am not my little brother, Tabris. I am someone of greater power than he." He looked almost exactly like Kaworu, except he seemed taller, and had more color to his skin, and his eyes were golden instead of red. "I am of the true angels, Adam's first children. The ones you knew and fought against were those of the fallen, they who bring about the end of all things."

Shinji, though he knew that an angel now stood before him, felt little to no fear at all. "So, what do you want with me?" The boy asked, "Are you here to kill me?"

The angel threw back his head and laughed, "No, child, not in the least! I may be his right hand, but I only fight his battles when Adam requires me to do so. No, I am here of my own choosing." He stopped laughing and took a step toward the boy and placed his hand on his shoulder. "As you know, Adam was reduced to nothing but an embyro of his former self, and Lilith was crucified by your people at NERV, as they should be, so now my brothers, sisters, and myself are free to do as we please, even here, in a world that knows neither Adam nor Lilith. Only you, Shinji Ikari."

"And what do you want?" Shinji asked, growing impatient, "I'm happy to see another face, but what could an angel want with me now that the Earth is destroyed?"

The angel smiled, "That is the question, isn't it? You see, while Adam nor Lilith no longer have dominion over this world and have moved on to other worlds, you alone were left behind to decide the fate of this one."

"Me?" Shinji blinked, "Why me?"

Again the angel smiled, "Because of the Human Instrumentality Project, you, Shinji Ikari, have become an angel yourself." Shinji's eyes widened at this in alarm, but the angel in front of him waved it off, "No need to worry, little brother, you can still go back to being a Lilin if you wish."

Shinji, over coming his shock, sighed, "What good will that do? I'm stuck here in this...hell. There's nothing to go back to."

The angel sighed, "Not back to this world you dummy, back to the past!"


"As I was saying," the angel went on, "I've come down here to try and put things right, because with or without those fools in Seele, Adam and Lilith would have broken free and left the Earth alone. And you Lilin would have been free of them. My lower brothers and sisters would never have troubled your people again. But Seele and Gendo Ikari forced their hands."

"And how is that going to help me?" Shinji asked.

"I'm getting to that," he said, "Now the idea is to send you back in time to when my foolish little brother, Sachiel, attacked Tokyo-3 and you became an Eva pilot. I ask you this so that you can lead humanity to a better life."

Shinji looked slightly angry, "You're asking me to go through all of that again?! The was the epitome of hell for me! I fought for my life every time one of the angels attacked! I was an outcast! I watched as my own Eva tore my best friend apart, while another angel drove my other friend crazy, and another sacrificed herself to kill an angel!"

"And with your knowledge, and my help, you could prevent that this time around," the angel said, replacing his hand on Shinji's shoulder, "Brother, many things went wrong with that timeline. Many because of what your father put you through, and more because of your own indecision." Shinji looked away in shame. But the angel continued, "Yes, many of your friends died because of the lower angels of destruction, but you now have a chance to put it all right. They would be alive again, and you could be stronger for them and give them all the help you should have been able to give if only you hadn't been so lonely."

"I can't stand against my father," Shinji said, a hint of fear in his voice, "He'd kill me if I went against him."

"That's where I come in," said the angel, "If you do decide to go back, my brother, I will protect you the best I can without revealing myself." He pointed at Shinji's hand, "And, when I can't protect you, my siblings and I can give you a little of our power to protect yourself."

Shinji looked a little surprised, "Why would you do all this for me, anyway? Aren't I the cause of all this?"

The angel shook his head, "No you aren't the cause of it, merely the key. You did no sin by Adam's standards, or mine for that matter. I see no reason not to give you a second chance at being long as you keep Gendo from getting what he wants. It wouldn't work either way."

"Why's that?" Shinji asked.

"Because in all realities I've looked through, he never lives to see it through, causing Rei Ayanami to merge with Lilith, and seek you out, causing Third Impact." The angel sighed, "It's a shame that the man could never see what he had in front of him because he was always looking behind him to get to his wife." He shook his head, "But still it always amazes me that he could love someone so much that he'd risk the wrath of the one your people would call God just to be with her again."

Shinji looked down sadly, "He never showed anything like that to me. Only Rei, but I guess that's because she looked like Mom so much."

The angel nodded, "That's part of it, but the other reason is because she was part of your mother. In a way, Rei Ayanami is you blood-related sister, Shinji Ikari."

To say Shinji was stunned would have been an understatement, "Wha- How's she my sister?!" He shouted, "What the hell is going on?!"

"Easy there, Brother," the angel said, holding up his hands, "It was an experiment conducted by Seele and your father. He cloned some of your mother's DNA to make an egg, which he impregnated with angel DNA. The result being that Yui Ikari now had a daughter that she could not bestow her love upon because she was trapped inside your Unit 01."

For a long time Shinji just stared at the angel, not knowing how he could help change the fate of the world. But the idea of going back and stopping this from happening was tempting, too tempting.

"What would happen to the world if I stopped my father?" Shinji asked, "If Instrumentality was stopped, where would mankind be?"

Now the angel looked slightly sad, his smiled dropping. "This is the unavoidable part, Brother, because Seele, no matter what, will attack NERV headquarters with the Mass Produced Evangelions. Should you defeat them, I foresee something akin to what Lilin call an EMP blast coming in the near future that originates from the Seele headquarters. This blast would be so great that it would all but bring the world to a standstill. But the Lilin would survive as they did for thousands of years." He said, his smile returning, "And I see your happiness as well, Shinji Ikari, a true happiness."

"And I'll be able to help my friends?" Shinji asked.

"That and more," the angel extended his hand, "Do we have a deal?"

Shinji reached for the hand, "I don't even know your name."

"Ah, forgive me," he said as he grasped the boy's hand, "My name is Abraham."

Suddenly everything started to darken and fade away. Shinji's vision blurred as Abraham's body glowed a blinding white. "It's time to go. Good-bye, Shinji Ikari. Send a prayer to me once Sachiel has been defeated in battle. Then I will come to you in your dreams to grant you my blessings." Abraham's voice echoed through his ears until it faded away as everything else did. And the Third Child fell through space and time.


Shinji opened his eyes to find himself holding a green pay phone in his hand, a mechanical voice coming through the receiver telling him of a state of emergency and urging him to take shelter. He blinked in confusion at his new surroundings. He was on the street, a perfectly intact street. There were no huge chunks missing, no massive craters. But what caught his attention the most was the blue sky and the lack of LCL.

Tokyo-3 was back to the way it was before Third Impact.

"I'm back..." he breathed out, on the verge of tears, "I'm really back!" He could have jumped for joy had it not been for the massive tremor that shook the ground beneath him. He snapped his head around and caught sight of gunships hovering just in front of a massive green bipedal creature with a mask for a face and hulking shoulders.

"Sachiel!" The gunships fired off multiple missiles at the monster which exploded on contact, but did no damage at all

The scream of tires against the road caught his attention as a familiar blue car fish tailed around only for the passenger door to pop open. "Hi there, sorry I'm late!" Misato said with a smile, "Get in, we need to get out of here!"

Shinji didn't hesitate, or even stop to say hello. This was it, the starting point of it all. He climbed in, and buckled his seat belt. "Let's go!"

Misato smiled at him, "I like that attitude of yours."

Shinji smiled back at his past, and now future, guardian and friend, "Thanks, its new. I like the car."

Misato threw the car into reverse and stepped on the gas just as Sachiel's foot came crashing down where they'd been sitting moments later. "Thanks, it's new, too!" The car swerved around while she threw it into third and sped away from the battle.

Shinji actually felt a little thrill rush through him as the car flew down the streets. The feeling of moving so fast after what seemed like forever in a lifeless world was like a dream as they climbed up a hill and pulled to a stop to watch the battle that was raging out of control as the gunships continued their assaults. But Shinji knew that the bullets and missiles wouldn't do any good against an angel.

Suddenly the gunships dispersed and fled. Misato saw this and grabbed a pair of binoculars, "What the hell?" She looked above the angel, "Oh, crap! They're gonna use an N2 mine! Get down!" She dove over Shinji just as he ducked down. He'd forgotten this part, even though it was probably the most memorable of them all.

Outside the N2 mine crashed into the angel causing an explosion akin to a nuclear blast. The car rolled as the force of the blast pushed them 's stomach felt like it was about to fly out of his throat at any moment when they stopped. Misato pushed her sunglasses down over her eyes and peeked out. Shinji, not wanting another mouth full of dirt, stayed put, knowing full well that the explosion had given them the time they needed to put the car back on the ground.


Gendo Ikari smirked as the JSSDF finally relinquished control of the mission to him and the NERV personel. The third angel's body on the screen was slowly beginning to regenerate as a new mask pushed the old one out of the way.

"Fuyutsuki, have Unit-01 prepped and ready to launch," he said coldly.

"Commander," Fuyutsuki said, a little shocked, "Sure you don't intend to use Rei?"

"No, I have Major Katsuragi bringing in a spare." He said, leaning against his clasped fingers, "The Third Child has been chosen."

Kozo Fuyuytsuki nodded in understanding, "Yes, sir." In truth he felt sorry for the boy. After ten years apart, this would be the worst possible reunion for the father and son.


"Are we lost?" Shinji asked, though he already knew the answer to that.

"Look I'm new here and I'm still learning my way around this place!" Misato said in a slight annoyance. Ritsuko is so gonna kill me! She thought, Of all the things that could have happened on the day of the Third's arrival, an angel just had to show up! And my favorite dress was ruined by all that dirt that got blown at us with that damned N2 mine! And I looked so good in it too!

The two stepped into an elevator and started their descent. Shinji was pretending to read the Welcome to NERV hand book as he fought back a laugh as the doors opened to reveal a very annoyed Ritsuko Akagi.

"Geh, oh, er, hi there Ritsuko." Misato said, shakily. Ritsuko stepped in, keeping the glare on her face as Misato stepped back. "Why are you wasting my time?" She asked, "You should already know your way around here without having to use a map!"

"Ehehe, sorry!" Misato said, making an apologetic gesture.

The blonde woman sighed, then looked at Shinji, "So, is this him?"

Shinji hmphed, "Him has a name," he said, snapping his guide closed, "And it's Shinji, thank you very much." His tone wasn't harsh or haughty, but cool and even, reminding the woman slightly of his father.

She raised an eyebrow, "Shinji, hmm? Well, I can see you have your father's attitude."

"I don't think I do," he said matter of factly, "For that to happen, I'd have to be around him more often."

Ritsuko nodded, "I suppose you're right, but still, you resemble him."

Shinji gave an innocent smile, "Then I guess I'll just have to change since I don't want to be anything like that cold-hearted bastard that left me behind for ten years."

Ritsuko suddenly had an urge to slap him after insulting her commander, and someone she cared about. Shinji saw her hand twitch, and smiled, "I'm stronger than I look." This time his tone was full of warning which made her flinch.

Misato saw this as an excellent time to step in between them, "Now now, you two, we should try to get along." Ristsuko huffed and turned to press the desired level for the elevator.

Still smiling, Shinji said, "So, after all this, I assume we'll be discussing my payroll?"

"Payroll?!" Ritsuko snapped.


Ten hair pulling minutes later found the aggravated trio on a platform ascending to the bridge where a large purple giant was waiting for the fourteen year old boy. He played the part of an awed child to a T as they approached the machine. Seeing Unit-01 after so long felt like seeing an old friend, even though the thing still kept his mother trapped inside the core.

"Wow, a real robot!" Shinji said enthusiastically.

"That's right," Misato smiled, "this is mankind's ultimate weapon, the Evangelion Unit-01."

Ritsuko gave him a grim smile, "And you will be the pilot, Shinji Ikari."

"You want me to be the pilot?" Shinji feigned shock.


Shinji looked up, seeing the grim face of the man he hated the most. His father. Every once of his fascade dropped at that moment as an almost feral sneer appeared on the boy's face. "Well, I guess it's not surprising that you're here, Dad. But I never thought you'd come meet me yourself."

The two women beside him were more than a little surprised. Both of them had never seen anyone speak to their commanding officer that way, let alone a child.

Gendo showed little notice of the boy's attitude, "It was necessary for me to see you, as you are now a part of our organization." Shinji ground his teeth at the man's coldness, "As I said, you are now the pilot of this Eva unit."

Shinji crossed his arms, "And why should I do anything for you?" This got the attention of everyone, maintenance workers, and researchers alike. "You abandoned me when I was barely four years old, just after my mom died, and haven't spoken a word to me in ten years. And now, just when you find out that you need me to do something for you, you expect me to come to you and be the happy little boy that would do his father's bidding without question?"

A ghost of a smiled appeared on the man's face, "I'm glad to see the ten years away from me have helped you grow a spine, Shinji."

"I've grown more than a spine, Father." He spat, a slight flash of red gleaming in his blue-grey eyes. Too far away to see this, Gendo merely smiled again.

"So, you refuse to pilot it?" He asked.

Shinji smirked, "I didn't say that." Gendo was a little taken aback by this, expecting the boy to outright refuse him. "Since I am now technically your employee, and an invaluable one at that, I expect to be paid as such."

Ritsuko growled, "Again with that? Look kid, I -"

"That is agreeable." All eyes snapped back to the elder Ikari. "As an Eva pilot, you're given a card which acts as a limitless cash card, and personal ID which is reissued each month."

Shinji nodded, but last time he hadn't asked about his privileges as a pilot, now was as good a time as any. "What else does being a pilot entail?"

"Legality to drive if you wish to apply for a license, a furnished living space," Ritsuko said, still a little stunned that the commander had relented, "What more could you want?"

Shinji smirked, deciding to throw the blonde off, "Would a hot woman be out of the question?" Ritsuko sputtered, but Misato, who'd never seen this side of her friend before, laughed.

"Oh, I like this kid already!" Misato cackled.

"What we have offered should be more than enough compensation," Gendo said, ignoring his son's last comment. "Now, will you pilot?"

Shinji smirked, "Okay, Boss, I'll pilot. But you still have a major ass kicking coming to you."

"I'll be looking forward to that, if the day ever comes," Gendo smiled, seeing a little of Yui's fire in their child. He turned to the monitor on his right, "Fuyutsuki, we're about to prep the Unit-01 pilot. What's the status of the target?"

"Still silent," his second in command said, "But the regeneration process will be done in moments. We need to hurry. It'll head straight for the city."

"I know that," Gendo said, "After we launch the unit, have all maintenance crews resume work on Unit-00 at once."


"Also see to the other units." Gendo said, "Unit-02 through 04 should nearly be ready for transport."

"The UN won't like giving us so much power," Fuyutsuki reminded him.

"Then you may wish to remind them that we have what the angels are after," Gendo said coldly, glancing at the second in command, "If we aren't fully prepared, then all of mankind will be destroyed."


As Shinji, now decked out in his "new" plug suit, sat in the familiar confines of the entry plug, he felt the warm presence of Yui somewhere in the depths of the Eva's core.

"Shinji, what we're about to do is flood the entry plug with a fluid called LCL," Ritsuko's voice said over the link, "There's no need to worry, once your lungs are full of the liquid, your blood will be oxygenated directly."

"Understood," Shinji said, and then the orange liquid started filling the cockpit. Shinji didn't even flinch when he started breathing the substance in.

"Doctor Akagi, sync rate is a steadily holding at 88%." Maya said in amazement, "It's almost like he was born for this!"

"I agree," the blonde woman said, a little stunned herself, "This boy is full of surprises. This is the highest untested sync ratio I've ever seen to this date."

Misato smiled, "We may actually have a chance at beating this thing after all." She turned to Aoba, "All systems normal?"

"All green, Major, we are go for launch."

"Ready Shinji?" Misato asked.

"And waiting." Shinji grinned.

"Eva Unit-01, launch!" Misato yelled.

Shinji felt the catapult lurch, shooting him up the tunnel. This is it. I'll have to get that thing out of the city first. I can't afford to have it hurt anyone like last time. Touji's little sister especially. I'll need him if I'm going to put this world right again!

The Eva came to a stop as the elevator opened, letting him see the outside. Night, just like the first time around, and right in front of him, lumbering around dumbly, was Sachiel.

"Okay, Shinji," Ritsuko's voice came over the communications link, "You'll need to concentrate for this next part. Think of yourself as the brain of the Eva, and move it like you would move your own body. Try walking first."

"Walking, huh?" Shinji grinned, "Why not a leap?"


True to his word, Unit-01 crouched down, then sprang back up, rolling through the air at the angel. Sachiel raised its right arm, ready to impale the incoming Eva with its lance. But Unit-01 crashed into the creature before it could launch its attack, smashing it to the ground. Shinji didn't give a chance to move, reaching down to grasp the creature's legs.

The stunned personnel at NERV HQ watched in awe as the normally temperamental unit obeyed its pilot's commands. Sachiel was picked up and swung around by the legs, once, twice, and hurled clear across the city.

Shinji directed his Eva to climb one of the buildings to leap after the thrown angel as it careened into the side of one of the small mountains surrounding. "Weapons!" Shinji shouted, "I need a weapon out here!"

"We're sending up a gatling gun right now," Misato yelled as another elevator shaft sprung up beside him, "That's it, take that sucker down!"

"With pleasure!" Shinji yelled, taking the gun as the vault opened. Sachiel was just getting to its feet when Unit-01 came flying at it again. then it did something that Shinji was not expecting. The eyes of the angel flashed brightly, shooting a beam of energy from them. "Shit!" The beam cut right through Unit-01's right shoulder pylon. The Eva landed with a crash, wasting no time in pulling the trigger of the gatling gun, showering the angel with a hail of bullets.

"Come on!" Shinji ground out as the angel's core was pelted, "Go down already!"

Maya Ibuki, who had been transfixed by the battle, was distracted by a flashing on her monitor. "Doctor Akagi! I'm detecting a high energy reading coming from the target!"

"What?!" Ritsuko yelled, "Another energy attack?"

"No ma'am, this is centered around the core!"

Suddenly all watched as Sachiel leapt on the purple Eva, wrapping around it completely.

"It's gonna self destruct!" Misato yelled.

"AT-Field detected around Unit-01!" Aoba yelled, "It's surrounding the unit!"

"Is the Eva protecting itself?" Ristuko asked.

"Sync rate exceeding one hundred percent!" Maya yelled.

"What?! That's impossible!"

Gendo watched in contentment as the angel sefl destructed, engulfing the Eva, and his son in the explosion that took the shape of a feiry cross in the night sky. "We've done it." He said as Unit-01 appeared out of the flames, completely unharmed, its eyes glowing a pale white in the red glow of the explosion.

Misato sighed in relief, "Confirmation on the pilot?"

"All vitals are normal," Aoba smiled, "He's alive and well."

"Patch us through to Unit-01, please." She said.

"We're linked," Maya smiled.

"Shinji? Can you hear me?" Misato asked.

"Coming in clear, but dammit my ears are ringing!" Shinji's response startled a laugh out of the listening personel. "So how did I do on my first day?"

Ritsuko stepped in smiling from ear to ear, "You were exceptional, Shinji. Your sync rate with the Eva was beyond anything we expected, and the skills you've shown in handling the Eva has given us all a chance to win this war!"

"Thanks," Shinji said, "Were there any casualties?"

"No," Misato smiled, "You got the angel out of the city before any moajor damage could be done. Which is lucky. I received a report that a little girl was out on the street directly in front of the angel. If you hadn't knocked it down, she would have been crushed."

In his seat, Shinji sighed in relief, "That's good to hear." Touji's sister is safe for now. He thought. "I'm returning, now. Can someone point me toward a retrieval route?"

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