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Chapter 1

(3rd person POV)

She ran through the woods, her breaths unlabored and coming in pants. She was desperate to escape, pushing herself further than she was capable, hoping her attempts wouldn't be in vain, unaware that no such luck would find her.

Without a sound, the predator to her prey caught up, knocking her down. He was small and very fast, deadlier than any child could guess, let alone fear. His kind were supposed to be sweet, cheerful and helpful. Yet, he used the claws no one knew he had to pierce the woman's back and throat, gaining pleasure from her pain and letting her know he was not to be taken lightly.

"Now, yer goin' ta go back ta town," the tiny man said in an Irish accent, "and yer goin' ta tell ev'ryone of our encounter-or you'll neva see yer kids again; yer gonna tell them I've returned."

"And who are you?" The woman panted out from her exhasuting run, scared and angry with the spirit.

"Oh. Well do forgive ma manners, ma'am. I'm Saint Patrick." He tipped his green hat in an almost courteous gesture, had it not been for the malevolent grin he shot her, baring his sharp-to-the-point teeth.

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