Power Rangers GPX Supercharged, episode 24: One Month Later

:-:-:-: We're the best damn chance you got, :-:-:-:
Pow-wer Rang-gers G-P-X, let's go!

Start your engines, lift the green flag high
We're taking the lead, we're here to save the day
Stare our enemies down, our victory is nigh
There's a battle to fight, WE'RE NEVER GIVING UP!

Stand up, take your chance, we're here and will unite
We're ready, and we're gonna take them down
They can't beat us, we're united in our fight
We're invincible, and we're never gonna die!

We're the defenders of the human race,
Power Rangers G-P-X, GO!
We're never gonna lose the race,
Power Rangers G-P-X, GO!

We're gonna save the day,
We're gonna save the day,
We're gonna save the day!

:-:-:-: POWER RANGERS GPX, GO! :-:-:-:

Col. Alan Greene, United States Army, had a few reasons to feel good. After the December 24, 2010 Battle of Madison, his Project was now truly legitimized in the eyes of the public. It had been an eventful three months leading up to the Battle, especially after the first two months earlier in the summer. During that time, humanity had learned things that until 2010, had been considered to be simple sci-fi or fantasy.

First, they found out aliens did exist. Now, the existence of aliens is not too hard to imagine, when you think about it, given how big the universe is. It's the other discovery that still has humanity confused.


That's right, Elves. Col. Greene rubbed his face. He remembered when he got the first reports about Elves attacking Madison, Wisconsin. This couldn't be real! Elves came right out of a fantasy novel or a fairy tail or a Christmas movie for cryin' out loud, how can Elves exist? In his forty-something years, the African-American Colonel never thought the likes of elves could ever exist.

Well, they do and they've pretty much forced humans to face the realities of living on Earth. They were relentless, fanatical, determined to wipe humanity off the face of the Earth for the planet's own good.

However, someone stood up to them.

Five—er, make that seven ordinary people, that is.

They came from all corners of the globe, first brought together in Tokyo last May. They were trained by the Project Col. Greene helped lead for close to ten years to fight off the alien invasion that turned out to be First Contact. The other First Contact however, was not foreseen. These five—seven—should have had a peaceful life. But their elven enemy had other plans.

Col. Greene looked around the conference table. Top brass in the US Military sat on each side of the table. Their eyes were all on him. "This seems familiar," he said. "I hope you all know why we're here. So last month, much of the city of Madison, Wisconsin was damaged in a massive attack by elves, just two days before Christmas. It was part of a larger campaign by the elves against us humans, supposedly God's Will.

"They were of course, resisted by the Power Rangers. And, after suffering a major loss, the Power Rangers managed to counterattack with the help of a few civilians and the Queen of the Elves, and sent the attacking Elves away with their tails between their legs."

"A nice story," said one of the generals. "Why haven't these elves attacked yet? It's been a few weeks."

"Yes, well, we're not entirely sure," said Col. Greene, "We don't have any spies in their midst. We have, however, been monitoring their communications, and from the information our translators have given us, they've been rather quiet."

"I don't trust these translators," said one of the officers. "How do we know they don't have ulterior motives?"

"The translators we have do not have ulterior motives," said Col. Greene. "We do expect another attack, even with the lack of noise." Senator Evergreen must have been meeting with him.

"What about their queen?"

"I can't divulge that information," said Col. Greene. "What I can say is that she and her lover are in hiding and have taken on new identities."

"And the Power Rangers?"

"They'll be ready," said Col. Greene, "They're always ready."

:-:-:-: PRGPX :-:-:-:

Sean O'Callahan, Wisconsin hockey left winger, lay on his couch, sleeping. No, there was no reason for it. He just was. He looked like a picture of grace, with his left arm draped over his eyes, his right leg hanging off the seat and his left leg hooked over the back of the couch. Okay, so the author was being sarcastic. His dog, a Beagle named AJ, sat looking at him, with his head tilted to the side. "YIP!"

O'Callahan jumped up and sat up, looked around and sighed when he saw AJ. "Jesus Christ," he said to himself, getting a bit of his shaggy brown hair out of his brown eyes. "What is it, AJ? You want to go out?" The dog started wagging his tail and jumping around excitedly. "Figures." He jumped off the couch and led AJ to the foyer of his new house just a bit east of the UW campus.

He got his jacket on, a University letter jacket, which wasn't exactly flattering for his figure, which was athletic but not really buff or beefy. He put on a Chicago Bears beanie, which covered up much of his hair. His skin tone was fair, but with a hint of a tan from a July he spent down in Central Florida. He's 22 years old, and actually a little baby-faced and pretty handsome.

AJ was wearing a doggie jacket and boots, and Sean hooked his collar onto the leash. "Come on, boy!" he said in his Chicago accent.

Outside, Madison was covered in a blanket of snow… except for the streets, that is. It was a mixture of black and white, a little bit of trees and cars spattered the scenery. Compared with the romantic atmosphere of Christmas time, this scene will have you ask 'WHEN THE FUCK IS SPRING COMING!?'

He nodded his head at a passer-by while AJ turned a spot of snow yellow. When AJ was done, he pulled the dog in a different direction to walk northeast towards downtown. He felt a sting of pain on his forehead and reached for his iPhone so he could get a look at it.

A large, still-healing scar was on his forehead above his right eye. From a certain point of view, you'd think it looked a bit like Harry Potter's scar. However, it wasn't entirely lightning-bolt shaped. It just looked that way at an angle. No, it wasn't infected or bleeding, it just looked bad. Getting hit during a hockey game kinda irritated it.

Sean sighed, remembering the day he got the scar. It's likely he'll only tell a few people about how he got it.

AJ's whimpering and pawing at his jeans pulled him out of his reverie. He smiled and pulled AJ along. But his thoughts made him recognize he needed to get to a therapist soon.

After a couple more minutes walking the street, he led AJ back to the house and went inside. He took off his shoes, jacket and beanie and went into the kitchen of this McMansion on Langdon Street that doesn't exist in real-life Madison. No, he doesn't own the house. He's renting it with about 3 other people and a little help from his Miyazawa Foundation scholarship and one other person.

The kitchen was occupied as he walked in to grab a Muscle Milk from the fridge. The man was lithe and strikingly handsome, much more than a normal human was. Sean leaned backwards to get a look at the man, and snapped his fingers just to get his attention. He looked up at Sean with his blue eyes as if to silently ask him what he was doing.

"Whatcha lookin' at?" asked Sean.

"Your friend Kevin wanted me to read this," said the man, adjusting the beanie that covered much of his hair. "The Silmarillion."

"Probably for good reason," said Sean. "I wonder how the girls are doing?"

:-:-:-: Power Rangers GPX :-:-:-:

All the way on the other side of campus, a young woman, Karen Schmidt of West Allis, Wisconsin, could only stare in amazement at the assortment of merchandise that her new roommate had put up on her side of her dorm room at Elizabeth Waters Hall. "Holy crap," she said quietly. She ran her hand through her dark blond hair, her brown eyes darting left and right while her Japanese roommate put her things up.

A woman, who looked around 22, turned around and shrugged. The Latina woman said, "Sorry if we're making you nervous."

"It's… okay," said Karen.

"I'm Maria, by the way, Maria Aparicio," she reached to shake Karen's hand, which Karen shook. "Yes, I do know she's kind of strange like that."

"You say that like it's a bad thing," said the Native American woman next to her. Also in their crew was a young woman with brown hair and a beanie that she never took off at all.

"Of course it isn't," said Maria. "But I think your new roommate is kind of weirded out by you, Hitomi."

The Japanese girl turned around and saw Karen's very flustered expression, and then jumped off the chair she was standing on and walked over to her. "I'm sorry," she said. "Am I making you uncomfortable?"

"A little," said Karen.

Hitomi felt hurt by her roommate's confession, but then she stepped back and took a bow. "Konnichiwa. Watashi was Miyazawa Hitomi desu. Hajimemashite?"

Karen looked around, wide-eyed and confused, before Maria mouthed to her what she just said. "Oh, um, I'm Karen Schmidt, I'm from West Allis, and I'm a freshman here."

"So am I!" said Hitomi.

"And me," said Maria, "But I'm a new transfer for this semester. I used to go to the University of Rio de Janeiro."

"I've been to Rio!" Karen lit up instantly. "Are you from Brazil?"

"Actually, I'm from Venezuela," said Maria. "I'd rather not talk about why I had to leave my home country, though. Maria's coffee-with-cream colored skin, a result of her mestizo heritage, glistened with the afternoon sun. "Could you please close that blind? It's getting in my eyes."

"Sorry," said Karen. "So, why does she…"

"I like anime," Hitomi said with a hurt tone of voice. "Don't you?"

"I… not really," said Karen.

"Don't get too worked up, chica," Maria said while rubbing Hitomi's shoulders.

"I do kinda like Miyazaki movies, though."

"Which one!?" Hitomi jumped up and got in Karen's face, a lot of excitement was in her eyes. Hitomi's got a rather light skin tone and lighter hair, which makes her look like a J-Pop singer. She's also rather slender, a more average body build than Maria, who had a sort of Wonder Woman-esque build.

"Um, Spirited Away?" Karen said.

"AAAAAH! That's my favorite!" Hitomi screamed.

"Relax, chica," said Maria. "Oh, and I guess we should introduce these other two. This woman here is Janet Redwater, she's from the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario."

"Nice to meet you," said Janet.

"And this lovely woman here is Lizzie Kingson," said Maira.

"It is a pleasure to meet you," she said with a lilting, melodic voice that almost sounded too lilting and melodic to be human. In fact, Karen could have sworn that Lizzie's hair was dyed.

"So, what's up with her?" she asked, pointing at Lizzie.

"What are you talking about?" asked Maria. "Oh, I'm sorry, she's a singer, wonderful soprano voice, I might add."

"Uh-huh. Be honest, what's her story?"

"There is no story!" Janet said with a laugh. "Oh, uh, you know what, I think we need to go, I have to get to the rink so I can get my ice time in."

"Are you a figure skater?" asked Karen, "I love figure skating! Can I come?"

"Uh, no! No!" Janet vehemently refused and pushed Maria and Lizzie out of Hitomi's room, which left the two new roommates alone.

"So, Hitomi," said Karen, "How's it going?"

"That was a close one," Janet said once they left Waters Hall. Cars had lined the street as the students were beginning to move back in for the Spring Semester at UW. Sweat glistened on her copper-toned skin. "Jeez, Lizzie almost got caught."

"I did not know she was going to be suspicious," said Lizzie. "Is she a—"

"Doubt it," said Maria. "Let's get back to the house, I'm hungry."

"Agreed," said Janet, "But really, I do need to get to the rink soon. My skating coach is going to have a fit if I'm late."

"You know, I never said how great it was that you have an actual reason for an excuse," said Maria.

"Why thank you very much," said Janet.

:-:-:-: PRGPX :-:-:-:

There was another gathering in the west side of Madison, a couple blocks west of Camp Randall Stadium, but just as informal… in terms of the dress of at least two of the men seated at the table, that is. Two men, both in their mid-twenties, with short hair, one dark blond and one light brown, looked awkwardly at the Japanese man, who didn't look much older than Sean, sipped his tea, indifferent to the stares of the other two.

"Um, is that suit absolutely necessary?" the dark blond-haired one asked in an Irish accent.

"Of course it is," said the Japanese man, "I have a meeting with a potential investor later today, O'Donnell-san."

"You know me as Kevin," he said. "We've known each other since May, Daisuke."

"Yes, well, I apologize," said Daisuke. "What do you think, Jackson-san?"

"It's Rob," he replied.

"Forget it Rob," said his wife, Bridget, and Sean's sister. "You've seen how he tends to grate on Sean's nerves, haven't you?"

"Of course I do," said Rob. "And right now, he's lucky I'm only on duty on the weekdays. Thank the Union!"

"I just hope those Scott Walker rumors aren't true," said Bridget, "I know he campaigned on it, but it had better be just talk."

"If Walker went after police and fire unions he would be committing political suicide," said Kevin. "Relax Rob, you're fine."

"But I'm a public employee! I work for the university!" said Bridget. Kevin's eyes widened while he took a sip of his tea.

"Oh, dear."

"Relax," said Daisuke.

"Yeah, you can say that when your livelihood isn't on the line," said Bridget. "And not only that, we have other issues. For one thing, I'm concerned my veteran husband is starting to show symptoms of PTSD, and of course, you three have the other enemy to deal with."

"We haven't had to deal with that in a while," said Kevin. "I wonder what they're planning."

"Whatever it is, it must be dealt with," said Daisuke. "We have grown complacent ever since the attack on the Capitol."

"We were prepared the last time it happened," said Kevin, "Kinda."

"That 'kinda' doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence," said Bridget.

Kevin, who has the build of a small rugby player, sighed through his nose and fingered the handle on his tea mug. His brown eyes looked around the kitchen, eyeing the Northwestern degree that Bridget held, framed on the wall near the fridge. He rubbed his rather fair skin, and then sighed. "Sorry."

"Look at us," Bridget laughed, "We're under threat by Elves and we're arguing about labor rights."

"It's fine," said Rob. "Kevin, how excited are you to be going to grad school now?"

"I'm glad to have the chance," he said. "I thought I was here to discuss that, though." He eyed Daisuke out of his peripheral vision.

"I apologize for being rude," said Daisuke. He was rather handsome like Sean, but a little more on the plain side, which didn't really matter to him in the long run. His black hair was combed perfectly, and suit masked his also athletic, but slender form as well. Contrasted with his sister, he was basically your average Japanese citizen… except he's exceptionally wealthy. "But I also enrolled at the University semester."

"Perfect," Kevin said with sarcasm dripping from his mouth. "I can't believe he has to live with us again. How we survived with Rich Boy in the house I'll never understand."

"If I am not wanted, I shall leave," said Daisuke.

"Except you have to ride with me," said Kevin.

"It's the sad truth," said Rob. A former active-duty-now-reservist Marine, Rob had a just as impressive physique as Kevin, albeit a little more downplayed. He was in his mid-twenties like Kevin and Bridget, but you could tell he'd been through some rough patches during his time in Iraq and Afghanistan, especially in his worn-out blue eyes. His skin had the last remnants of a light tan he got during his time as a Marine. His light brown hair was still cut short.

"Sorry, Rich Boy," said Bridget.

:-:-:-: Power Rangers GPX :-:-:-:

"How the fuck does anybody read this thing?" Ritchie Metoxen, age 22 of Green Bay, Wisconsin asked while examining Kevin's copy of Les Misérables that he helped purchase for the Irishman's birthday. He dropped the book and it hit the floor with a light thud. The right-winger for the Badger hockey team picked it up and looked it over again.

"Maybe I should give it a try," he said. He opened it up and tried to give it a read, but noticed a bookmark somewhere in the 700-page range. Kevin was still reading it. But, he might as well start at the beginning.

The Oneida Indian's brown eyes scanned the text as he read about Bishop Myriel of Digne. Come on, get to the good part, he thought. Patience, Richard, there's a reason they call it 'The Brick'. Don't expect to finish it in a single setting.

"Ah!" he groaned, dropping the book on the couch. So what could he do? There was nothing on TV, his beloved Packers were not playing and there was no good hockey game on right now. He looked at The Brick again and decided that he wasn't going to wait for Jean Valjean to show up, so he looked around the bookshelf above the TV to find a good book.

There was a book on Norse Mythology, which he decided to give a good look. Might as well expand his mythological horizons. He sat down with the book and skimming through the pages. There was a chapter on Elves, and he took a look at it. Apparently Dark Elves are actually Dwarves. There must have been a few changes in the depictions as the years went on. He wondered how the Norse could have met the Elves long ago. Weren't they supposed to be hiding?

He got to the end of the book and found a passage on Ragnarok, the end of the world. "Jeez, these guys love destruction," he said to himself. He scoffed when he found out there was only supposed to be two people left in the world after hiding out in Yggdrasil. "And I thought Christians were Armageddon-crazy," he said to himself.

Ritchie rubbed his face, his skin tone copper…ish. He's full-blooded Native, a point which fills him with pride, but as you will (hopefully) see, he still considers people of half-Native descent Indians. Although he had little patience for obviously fake Indians. His black hair was rather short, about medium-length. He once had a ponytail but Coach Granger made him cut it before hockey season started. And just like Sean, he had an athletic build, but rather small for a hockey player, but since his game is speed-based, it makes sense. By the way, don't expect him to wear braids, beads or buckskins. He'll most likely be wearing Packer gear, although you'll see why.

He continued to look through the book, and he came across the part about Loki. He started laughing and then really broke out laughing.

"What the hell is so funny, Metoxen!?" Sean shouted from the kitchen.

"One of Kevin's Norse Mythology books!" said Ritchie. "Apparently, the god Loki turned himself into a horse and got pregnant!"

"Dude, what?" Sean asked, rushing into the room. "I didn't know about that!" The beanie-wearing dude also came into the room, curious about what Ritchie was talking about. Sean walked over to the couch. Ritchie pointed at the passage, and Sean burst out laughing. "Oh my god! And I thought Greek Mythology was strange." All mythology is strange, really. "What else is interesting?"

"Ragnarok made me chuckle," said Ritchie.

"And it looks like you tried to read Les Mis, too," said Sean. "You get bored?"

"I'm already bored," said Ritchie.

"You want to play Smash Bros Brawl?" asked Sean.

"You're on!" Ritchie clapped his hands while Sean rushed for the Wii.

"I call Link!" said Sean.

"Damn FIB!" Ritchie groaned. However, he took off his hoodie and straightened out his gold long-sleeve Packer shirt.

"Oh, you gotta be kidding me," said Sean. Yes, the Bears-Packers rivalry will be played out by proxy here. Just a short explanation: Sean is from the South Side of Chicago (Beverly neighborhood, to be exact) and Ritchie is a native (no pun intended) of Green Bay. "By the way, here's a controlled, why don't you play?" he asked the other guy.

"Which one is Link?" The dude wearing the beanie asked.

"The elven-looking dude in green," Sean said, pointing at the guy on the battle select screen. "Yeah, I know elves are real, but this guy's not an elf, he's Hylian." The guy in the beanie sighed and picked Pikachu. Ritchie went with Samus.

The new guy wiped the floor with them.

"OH, COME ON!" Sean shouted, nearly throwing his Wiimote. Ritchie just glared at the new guy and shook his head with disapproval.

"I win?" he asked.

"Jeez, when's Maria getting back?" asked Sean.

Right on cue, "HEY! Sorry we took so long!" The Venezulean woman said as she burst into the room carrying a bag of groceries. Sean shrugged and got up, strode over to her and wrapped his arms around her in a big bear hug. "Nice to see you too," she said. She was about to say something else, but Sean gave her a big kiss, cutting her off. "Wow."

"Get a room you two," said Ritchie.

"I keep hearing that, is that a human expression?" asked the new guy.

"Okay, fine, we'll stop with the PDA," said Sean.

But when Lizzie entered the room, the new guy got up, walked over to her and gave her a passionate kiss. "Get a fucking room!"

"What do you mean by 'get a room'?" Lizzie asked, "You keep using that phrase, what does it mean?"

"It means you two are getting too lovey-dovey," said Ritchie, "Because we don't want to be in the same room with you when bow-chika-wow-wow starts playing."

"No, just you," said Maria. Ritchie looked over at a coy Maria and a very flustered Sean, new guy and Lizzie.

"You didn't," said Ritchie.

"Well, maybe—"

"Okay, okay!" Ritchie said, "Let's keep playing Smash Bros!"

"I call Link!" said Sean.

"WILL YOU STOP CALLING HIM!?" Ritchie shouted.

"What, have you ever played Legend of Zelda?" Sean asked.


"Then let the local Zelda fan play as him," said Sean.

"I call Samus!" said Maria.

"Oh, COME ON!"

"Let's do two-v-two!" said Maria.

"Oh, I like that idea!" Ritchie proclaimed. "But lemme guess, you two are—"

"Bingo," said Sean.

"Correct," said Maria.

"Fine," said Ritchie.

This time it was Sean and Maria who did the floor wiping. Link and Samus basically demolished Pikachu and Pit, leaving the couple celebrating while Ritchie fumed in anger, threatening to break his Wiimote in half and glaring at the new guy. "That's it! We're playing Madden! I'll be the Pack, you're the fucking Bears!"

"You're on!" said Sean. But then he stopped and remembered something. "Holy shit, Da Bearsss are on right now!" Ritchie screamed, while Sean rushed off and grabbed a Bears jersey from his room.

"THAT'S IT! I'M GOING TO MY ROOM!" Ritchie bellowed as he stormed out of the TV room.

"Yeah, yeah, don't let the door hit you on the way out!" Sean replied.

It was around that time a young man of African extraction hobbled by on crutches while Ritchie stormed out of the TV room. "What was that about?" he asked in a South African accent.

"Sorry about that, Ndebele," said Sean, "He's just pissed off. How's your back doing?"

"It was feeling better," said Aaron, "But thanks to your bickering, it feels like shit."

"Sorry," said Sean.

"And why are those two still wearing hats?" Aaron pointed at Lizzie and the new guy.

The couple looked at each other and shrugged, and then pulled off their hats. Remember that Queen mentioned earlier? She's Queen of the Elves. And she just pulled off her hat, revealing her pointed ears, and it was the same story with the curly-haired dude. These are Queen Eruvanda II and her lover, the former general Arquen.

And, if you're smart, you've probably recognized that Sean, Maria and Ritchie are Power Rangers, as are Hitomi, Kevin, Daisuke and Rob. Apologies for playing coy, but it's a habit.

"Well, we're not expecting anyone," said Sean.

"Lizzie almost got caught," said Maria. "Hitomi's new roommate mentioned she didn't sound human."

"It is not my fault," said Eruvanda.

"We're not blaming you!" said Sean. "Now that I think about it, Eruvanda probably needs to work on casual speech patterns."

"What about Gina?" asked Eruvanda.

"Well, she did live among humans her entire life," said Maria. Gina is one of Hitomi's friends, who is still attending high school (since Hitomi only needed one semester of high school to graduate, she attended Madison West for one semester) whose parents defected from Alfheim before Gina was born.

"Yeah, she wasn't royalty," said Sean. "Guess it's a little hard to break that habit. We'll have the others come over later so we can have a meeting, but first—DAAA BEARRSSS!"

:-:-:-: PRGPX :-:-:-:

A couple hours later, the Rangers had gathered in the TV room of the McMansion Sean was renting out. Everyone was there: Sean, Kevin, Daisuke, Maria, Hitomi, Rob, Ritchie and Aaron.

With the exception of Rob, all of them were trained by the United Nations in order to defend Earth from threats to humanity, both internal and external. Although external came first, as they had to fight the Zordonian Empire, a stellar empire that originated on Earth and came to reclaim their ancestral homeworld. They sent them running with their tails between their legs.

And then the Elves showed up.

Once again, they fought hard and just last month, sent the Elvish Commander Ragnar running with his tail between his legs, but as Sean is about to say, "I know it's been a while—a couple weeks—since Ragnar attacked, but we should stay on our guard."

"Obviously," said Ritchie.

"Please don't interrupt me, Metoxen," said Sean. "Okay, the Japan Five—me, Kevin, Rich Boy, Maria and Hitomi—are back together, so this should be an interesting dynamic. But whatever!"

"SWORD says they haven't heard any chatter from Alfheim," said Kevin. SWORD, the Strategic Worldwide Organization for Reconnaissance and Defense, is their current employer.

"They're subtle," said Sean. "Now that I think about it, we should have captured someone. But then again, we already have two Elven guests who don't know what Ragnar was planning. Yeah, that helps."

"They'll be gluttons for punishment if they come for us," said Rob.

"Of course they are," said Sean. "We're the Power Rangers. We don't quit, we don't surrender, and most importantly, we don't lose."

"That does not address our situation," said Daisuke.

"Did I ask you for your opinion, Rich Boy?" asked Sean. "You pissed me off in Japan, see how that ended?"

"I was enjoying myself," said Daisuke.

Sean scoffed and rolled his eyes, unhappy with the Green Ranger's attitude. "Whatever. Also, hockey season ends March. Hopefully we'll win it all, but I understand we might crash out in the WCHA playoffs. I don't want that to happen, of course."

"And neither do I," said Ritchie. Hey, they're hockey players. They wanna win.

Oh, and one more bit of infodump before we get back on track. Sean is an American from Chicago, Kevin is from Dublin, Maria was born and raised in Caracas, but lived in Rio for a couple years, Daisuke and Hitomi are from Kyoto, Aaron is from Johannesburg, and Rob is from Naperville, Illinois. Sean is Red, Kevin Blue, Dasiuke Green, Maria Yellow, Hitomi Pink, Rob Silver and Ritchie Gold. Are we up to speed? Alright, let's get going.

"Anything else we should be worried about?" asked Sean.

"What about those other Project Ranger trainees?" asked Kevin. Project Ranger is the codename for the operation and project that trained the Rangers and provides support both tactically and technically.

"Oh, that's right," said Sean. "Okay, so we have one suspect as of right now, and that's my cousin Jimmy. Other than that, pbbbt!" He blew a raspberry and gave a 'thumbs down' to emphasize the fact they didn't know shit.

It was not something they wanted to hear. "Thanks a lot SWORD," said Ritchie. "Why won't they tell us who it is?"

"Because they're assholes," said Sean. "How the hell did the UN know about us?"

"Miyazawa had your resumes on file," said Daisuke.

"Interesting," said Sean. "Alright, meeting adjourned."

"Hitomi, why don't you ride with me?" asked Rob. Hitomi nodded, with Daisuke opening his mouth to object but sighed and resigned himself to his sister's choice. "By the way, is everyone excited to finally be starting American college?"

"Of course!" said Hitomi.

"Yes," said Maria.

"Yes," Aaron added.

"I can't wait," said Kevin. "Some of the Irish students invited me to play some rugby with them."

"Sounds fun," said Sean.

Rob and Hitomi left the house, and now there were still six Rangers (one former) and two Elves left in the house. "Alright, what do you guys want to watch?"

"We have Gatchaman and Jetman," Daisuke said, pointing at the DVD box sets.

"No, not those," said Sean. "How about… Blues Brothers!"

"Aye!" Everyone but Daisuke raised their hands in agreement and Sean pumped his fist, grabbing the DVD of the classic movie and putting it in the DVD player.

Don't think that this is a one-shot. This is just the beginning of the second half of the Rangers' battle with the Elves. So strap in tight and get ready. This is Power Rangers GPX Supercharged, Part 2!

:-:-:-: Power Rangers GPX :-:-:-:

Sean VO: "Next time on Power Rangers GPX Supercharged!"

Sean: "First day of classes!"

Ragnar: "They have grown complacent."

Tirna: "Let me handle them."

Maria: "Who are you?"

Hitomi: "He's real nice!"

Sean: "Back for more, huh?"

Sean VO: "That's next time on Power Rangers GPX Supercharged!"

So how was that? Okay, I'm sorry if you were a little disappointed, but I had to set up the plot, do a little foreshadowing, find a few arc words, this and that. Episode 2 should be better, since we're going to have the Elves attack again.

So tell me what you think! Was this a good starting point? Do I still have room for improvement? Let me know! The reviews are right down there!