Connor was nervous. He knew his robes were perfectly straight from having looked at himself three times in the mirror as he was getting ready that morning.

Today was a big day for him.

Today was September 4, the first day of his new life.

Slowly, the students trickled in. They were fourth year. He recognised most of them from seeing them in the corridors the last few years but didn't know any of their names. When the chimes rang to indicate the beginning of class, Connor stood up, took his wand and wrote on the blackboard: 'Philosophies of Divination, Connor McKeithan.'

"Good morning, everyone," he greeted them. "Welcome to the first class of Philosophies of Divination. If you are here to learn about parlour tricks, or to have me tell you your future, you are not in the right place and I would invite you to leave now.

"In this class, you will learn the history behind Divination including the history of some of the greatest Seers in history. You will also learn the history of the Wing of Seers and why it was not at Hogwarts six years ago. You will also learn the five different forms of divination and read and discuss some of the prophecies that were made.

"This class is meant to make you learn how to think.

"Now, if that doesn't interests you, I would invite you to leave."

Connor glanced over his classroom and saw that his students seemed in fact fascinated with his topic.

"Good. Now that you have decided to stay, let's begin."

And Connor knew at that moment, that he would love his new life.