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Hi... just a quick announcement for anyone who starts reading the story now...

I've decided to start a new syot once I finish this one, the 36th Hunger Games! If anyone is interested in submitting a tribute, I am now open for submissions! All the information and the character form is on my profile if you are interested, please send me the tributes via pm. :)

Enjoy the story!

Head Gamemaker Elroy Criswell knocked on the wooden door.


Elroy pushed open the door, and saw President Collin Neal sitting at his desk. The gamemaker approached the desk nervously. Despite being one of the people in the Capitol closest to the President, Elroy was still terrified of him. He feared that he would one day become another victim of Capitol politics.

"Hello Gamemaker Criswell"

President Neal was a tall man, well built with a sadistic looking grin consistently upon his face, made more obvious by his lack of hair. "I trust you are here to show me the plans for the 35th Hunger Games?"

"Yes sir" Elroy eagerly pulled the file containing the plans from his jacket and handed them to President Neal. The president began reading the plans in silence, while Elroy stood nervously waiting.

"No" Neal suddenly said. "This simply won't do Criswell." The President got up and walked over to gaze out of the large glass window that covered most of the back wall of the office. "I would like you to create a simpler arena, but with a touch of a personal idea I have had of my own.

Elroy stood, confused. "What do you mean Sir?"

President Neal smiled as he stared out of his office window. "Let's just say that the districts are going to be reminded of how punishing it is to commit crimes against the capitol."

Hello! Welcome to the 35th Hunger Games. I'm a new member, currently working on this story. The tributes have now all been chosen, and the first chapter is now up!

I hope you all enjoy my story, and please review! it's my first story so would love to hear feedback.

Tributes for the 35th Hunger Games:

D1 Girl- Bluebell Jamison (18) (ForeverYoung362)

D1 Boy- Velour and Shimmer Gemine (18) (peace and joyce)

D2 Girl- Andromeda Ryan (17) (seanthesheep356)

D2 Boy- Runyon 'Tiger Eyes' Greenlaw (18) (EverlarkClato4ever)

D3 Girl- Bree Lloyd (16) (xxxRimaxxx)

D3 Boy- Orren Noults (18) (Munamana)

D4 Girl- Alissa Crestwood (17) (twiheart2thebone)

D4 Boy- Salton Calder (17) (dannnnzzzz)

D5 Girl- Mimi Laven (16) (MidgetandProud)

D5 Boy- Murray Greene (17) (Theuglyduckling492)

D6 Girl- Medusa Krinvox (14) (MockingStorm)

D6 Boy- Bryce Lichen (17) (Hutsune)

D7 Girl- Azalea Tigris (18) (EverclarkClato4ever)

D7 Boy- Nash Lockhart (15) (TallTalesInk)

D8 Girl- Audrey Manzel (14) (Amor-deliria-nervosa-7491)

D8 Boy- Teddy Garland (16) (ForeverYoung362)

D9 Girl- Fenella Reed (16) (xxxRimaxxx)

D9 Boy- Patrick 'paddy' Ackerman (13) (Myself)

D10 Girl- Karina Carr (12) (EverclarkClato4ever)

D10 Boy- Morris Wayward Jr (15) (Zephyrme)

D11 Girl- Lily Star (16) (EverclarkClato4ever)

D11 Boy- Vern Tillier (18) (Socially Awkward Wolf)

D12 Girl- Natasha Trent (17) (Tasherekalb)

D12 Boy- Alex Trent (17) (Tasherekalb)