I know, it seems kind of far-fetched, but hey, it's fan fiction, am I right? I'm a huge Sophia fan, and I always was really upset about her death.

Chapter 1

With narrowed eyes, I walked toward the sound of voices, a hand on the knife I had found long ago. They were both close, but neither seemed familiar.

"We got the formula for Judith."

"Thanks, Maggie."

"No problem, Beth."

"Hey, Maggie?"

I paused. That last voice sounded familiar. I strained my memory, trying to remember.


"Glenn wants to see you."

Glenn? Could it be? I remained hidden, and decided to wait a little longer. Hiding behind the cover of a tree, I listened as more voices drifted towards me.


"You better hurry, though, sounded like he was real anxious to talk to ya."

"Of course. Thanks, Daryl."

"No problem."

Daryl? I'd heard Daryl and Glenn. It seemed unlikely that there would be another group with two guys named Glenn and Daryl. I stepped out from behind the tree cover, and walked toward the fence to the prison. I got about three yards before I noticed one of the figures pointing at me.

"Hey, guys. Look." A young woman with blonde hair pulled into a pony-tail was looking at me, her finger raised. Next to her was a woman with short brown hair, and about four yards behind her was a man with a scruffy face looking at me, a crossbow slung over his shoulder and a head of dark brown hair. Daryl. I raised up her hands, the knife still clutched in one, and began to jog forward.

"It's me!" I called, "It's Sophia!" As I got closer, I could see the look on his face turn from confusion to recognition. He remembered me!

"Sophia!" he shouted, jogging towards the fence, and throwing it open. I ran faster as he walked out of the gate,

"Daryl!" I cried, tears running down her face, as I launched herself into his arms. He awkwardly wrapped his arms around me, stiffly patting my back. I pulled away. "Where's my mom?" I asked.

"Follow me." He instructed, walking towards the gate. I followed him, and when they got in, he closed the gate behind them. He began to walk towards the prison, and we were joined by the two women.

"This is the girl that you guys were looking for, isn't it?" the blonde said, "Sophia." Daryl nodded.

"Sophia, this is Maggie," he introduced, gesturing to the brunette before motioning to the other, "And this is Beth. You've missed a lot." I nodded.

"I would guess so," I agreed, "How are Carl, Rick, Lori, and the others?" Daryl stopped, prompting the other three to stop. Maggie swallowed hard, and Beth looked down at the ground. I stared at the others. "What?" I asked, eyes wide. "You've really missed a lot." Daryl muttered.

A cold sinking feeling set in my stomach, and I got the feeling that it wasn't a good thing.

So, I know that it's short, but I felt like it should be cut off there. I'll try to make the other ones longer. Thanks for reading!