After the battle with the Governor, Rick took Daryl and Michonne to Woodbury to finish it for good. Along the way they met Karen, a soldier, who told them that the Governor had opened fire on them after they refused to go back and keep fighting. She had managed to make it out alive, largely due to the fact one of the corpses of the militia fell on top of her. From there they went to Woodbury, where all of their kids and old people were, protected by two guards. Ironically enough, they were part of the group that Rick had kicked out. Together they made the decision to bring back all of the remaining Woodbury citizens to the prison.

Carl was not too pleased with this, but I was more upset by the news of what had happened to Andrea. The Governor had tied her to a chair and told a man to kill her. He refused, and the Governor killed him, saying that now he would come back and kill her anyway. He left him to die and reanimate. Somehow, she managed to get free and kill him, but he bit her first. By the time Rick got there, she was almost dead already. After she pleaded with him, he gave her a gun and she shot herself.

Life soon became more peaceful for us. Walkers became less of a problem or priority, and Carl and I were able to relax for once. Daryl hunted frequently, and we never really worried where our next would come from. We've been able to meet other kids and make friends with them.

Carl and I asked Hershel to mark off that date on the calendar. April 27th. We've decided to consider this our anniversary. True, it's the day the Governor attacked the prison, but it was also the first time Carl called me his girlfriend.

It's been four months since the battle with the Governor.

And Carl still hasn't kissed me yet.

That's a wrap!

Sophia's Return is officially over, but the story isn't! Keep an eye out for the Christmas special, "Sophia's Gift", and the sequel, "Sophia's Return".

I love you all! Bye!