HI EVERYBODY! I thought of this today, when my dad asked me what the national bird of New Zealand is.

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Dan Granger looked at his daughter's begging face. Emma, his wife snorted back her laughter, while Dan tried to find the will to say no. "Alright Hermione, lets play." Hermione cheered. "Ask me about the national birds of every country." Hermione said stubbornly. Dan got his laptop out, went onto Wikipedia, and started.
"National bird of Afghanistan?"
"Umm… White-Tailed Eagle."
"That's right! National bird of Australia?"
"OOH! OOH! I KNOW! It's an EMU!"

"Correct! National bird of China?"
Hermione pondered this for a while. "Hmm… RED-CROWNED CRANE!"
Dan nodded and went down the list, choosing birds he knew Hermione would know. Honestly, most children didn't even know that the national bird of U.S.A. was a bald eagle, let alone the (unofficial) national bird of Afghanistan was the white-tailed eagle. The next one on the list was New Zealand.

"Ok Mione, last one." Hermione looked miserable for a second, but then cheered up. Dan drew out the suspense. "What is the national bird of New Zealand?" Nothing prepared him for the answer. Instead of saying the kiwi, which he expected, Hermione shouted out "CREBAIN, FROM DUNLAND!" Dan and Emma broke out into laughter, marveling at the mystery that was their five-year-old daughter.

How did you like that? LOLZ! If you haven't watched or read LOTR, you might not get it, but "Crebain, from Dunland" was what Legolas shouted before the Fellowship journeyed to Caradhras. I'm such a LOTR geek. Have any of you read The Children of Hûrin? I'm reading it right now! Please take the time to review!