Having an older sister is like having a built in best friend. You have someone to share your secrets with, you have someone to talk to when the parental units just won't suffice, and you have someone to steal clothing from..

Unless of course, you're me, Emmaleigh Marie Swan, younger sister of Bella Swan. Then you have to worry about your sister getting the guy you're madly in love with's attention and stealing his heart before he even realizes you're alive.

Which is exactly what happened to me when we were probably 10, 9 and 8 respectively. I know, I know.. Melodramatic, nobody knows who their true love is at 8, yada, yada, yada. Well shut the fuck up, because I did!

See, there's this guy we both grew up with named Jacob. And ever since I could remember? He's been the Ken to my Barbie.. Mentally, of course, I've never told him this, I'm not a complete freaking crazy.

It's just too bad he didn't feel the same way about me. Over time, I just sort of forgot about it, I suppose, I grew up, I coped as best as I could, limiting my visits back to Forks to few and far between, staying with Mom and Phil when Bells moved there permanently.

Which would have been great, really, if Fate hadn't had another plan in mind for me, apparently.

It's my freshman year in college, and my mom and sister are both insisting that my dad wants to see more of me, that they think it'd be nice if I moved to Forks with my dad, who's alone in the house again, seeing as how Bella's married now, and she's moved to Alaska, and most likely, she's not ever going to move back to Forks.

Visit, she might.. But moving back, she won't.

And this time?

I will NOT be trying to get Jacob Black's undying affection. I could give two shits less whether he notices my puny pathetic existance on this earth or not.

Forks Washington, Here I Come

She stepped out into the lobby of Port Angeles Airport, and was about to drop all of her suitcases, when she was pulled into a hug by her older sister, Bella, who was visiting their father for a week.

"So.. You finally caved." Bella asked, stepping back, looking at the young woman her younger sister turned into, deep dark tan, warm brown eyes, long and wavy dark hair, full lips, curvy.. "Wow.. I remember when we used to chase each other with shovels in dad's back yard."

"Me too." Emmaleigh admitted as she tugged on the low rise skinny jeans she wore, gave her top a little more of a zip. Couldn't have her dad worrying over her, she didn't want him to think she wasn't daddy's little girl anymore.

"You make me sick though.. Those abs."

" I took a few dance and fitness classes.. Turns out I could make a pretty damn good stripper if I chose to." Emmaleigh said, smirking, then giggling as her sister gaped at her for a moment, before adding, "God, Bella, relax. It was a joke." and fluffing her older sister's hair, giving a cheeky wink as she walked ahead of Bella through the airport.

"This better work, Alice." Bella muttered to herself as she watched her younger sister with a mix of amusement and concern. Sure she seemed okay.. But there was just something about the look in her eyes just now..

She shoved the thought to the back of her mind, people went a little crazy when they were in college, or so she'd heard.

Being immortal now, she didn't have that particular woe.

She'd caught up to her sister when their father finally got the car parked and after a look at Emmaleigh, who he hadn't seen since he'd flown to Florida for her graduation last spring, along with the Cullens, he smiled, hugged her and said "I'm glad you decided to come and stay here, go to college here."

Emmaleigh flashed her father a bright smile and hugged him as she said quietly, "I didn't want you to be alone in the house again, daddy."

"Well, if that's all your stuff, then let's get home. I actually just got a call in, Em.. Are you going to be alright while I'm at the station?"

"Dad.. I'm 19.. How much trouble can I get into here?" Emmaleigh asked, thinking it was a perfectly innocent question, wondering why Bella and her father exchanged worried glances for a moment.

"And again, people, another joke.. Seriously, you act as if this place is freaking dangerous or something.. I mean it's what.. 2 crimes a year, maybe? Sounds pretty peaceful to me."

As she slunk ahead of them out of the airport, Bella nudged her father and said quietly, "She has no idea."

"I didn't tell her anything about the stuff that happened to you and Edward, the Cullens. She'd have laughed at me and asked me to share the pot, Bella. It is a little bit outrageous."

"Yeah, wow.. This is a really, really small town.. Daddy, was Forks this small last time I visited?" she asked from the backseat about 10 minutes and one block from home. He chuckled and nodding said "Actually, Emmaleigh, yeah."

Emmaleigh nodded, stretching lazily. She hadn't been here since she was maybe 12. That was the summer Jacob noticed her older sister, and that was the final nail in the coffin for her, really. She'd moved to their moms and hadn't been back since.

Now, oddly enough, she found herself wondering what was Jacob doing?

And inwardly kicking herself as she did so. The car pulled into the driveway of her father's house and they got out, unloading the trunk and it's overstuffed contents.

From the porch, Alice called out, "Wow.. and I thought I had a lot of clothes."

"Sadly, Alice.. This is mostly shoes."

"Ahh, girl after my own heart." Alice smiled warmly as she asked, "So.. How have you been?"

"Great, actually. Ready to start classes, actually." Emmaleigh admitted as she said "Bet you guys are excited, moving to Alaska."

"We're looking forward to it." Bella admitted as Edward's arms slid around her, adding, "So, when are you starting classes at Port Angeles University?"

"Next week. Gonna kind of take a few days and settle in or something." Emmaleigh said as she added, "I'm going to major in Cosmetology, I think, maybe open a salon or something when I'm done."

"So you'll really be giving little old ladies pink hair, huh?" Bella teased as Emmaleigh scowled momentarily and then said "Most likely, yes."

After a few more moments, Bella and Edward, Alice, left, and Emmaleigh flopped beside her father on the couch, noisily.

"So, daddy.."

"What's up?"

"Anything on television?"

"Yeah, there's a game on. Do you wanna watch it with me?"

'Yeah, I'm kinda a night owl." Emmaleigh admitted as her father nodded knowingly, then turned on the television, finding the game.

And outside, a patrolling Jacob Black caught the scent before he realized what was even really happening. The night air filled with the heavy scent of wild strawberries and vanilla, and before he realized what he was doing, he was running down the scent, mouth watering. When he found himself at the back of Charlie Swan's house, he paced in the wooded clearing immediately behind it, wondering what the fuck kind of screw up this was..

He hadn't imprinted on Bella, and he hadn't imprinted on Nessie, her child with Edward as Alice had supposedly seen happening.

So why then was he standing in the woods behind Bella's dad's house?

Emmaleigh just happened to be walking into the kitchen to grab a drink and maybe make herself some nachos, when she saw the giant wolf standing in the woods.

"Whoa.. Hey Daddy?"


"There's a huge wolf.. In our backyard..."

"Well don't go out the door, Emmaleigh." Charlie warned as he stood, walked to the window. He realized who said wolf was, being fully aware now of the wolf pack among the quileute tribe, and vampires, so he said nothing, instead smiled to himself.

"He's probably more scared of you than you are of him." Charlie mused as Emmaleigh backed up and shaking her head said "Doubtful, Daddy."

The howl the wolf cried out into the night, however, sounded like a sad one, a cry of longing, and biting her lower lip, Emmaleigh found herself drawn to the patio door.. She'd stepped outside before she realized it, and was standing directly in front of the large wolf, nachos in hand, eating as she studied the large animal up close and personal, wearing a long and baggy red and black plaid shirt, bare legged, bare footed, even though it was already a great deal colder, considering it was October.

The wolf howled again, and she jumped back a little.

"I, uhh.. Are you hungry maybe?" she asked cautiously, her long thin fingers moving through her wild and long dark brown hair, catching in it as she bit her lower lip.

"Is that you, Emmaleigh? Wow.. I haven't seen you since we were kids.. And yes, I'm hungry, but I don't want the nachos, babe." Jacob thought to himself as he stepped forward, nuzzling his cool wet nose against her bare upper thigh, making her giggle as she raked a nacho through cheese and held it down to him. "Not too many of those though. Nachos probably aren't a wolf friendly food.. Especially when there's half a jar of jalapenos in the cheese." she said quietly as she really looked at the wolf's eyes. If she blinked, they almost looked human.

She shook her head. "And that's why you don't drink the worm in the bottom of the bottle at a frat party." she mumbled to herself as she sat down beneath a tree, on a piece of the trunk, nibbling on her lower lip as she absent mindedly stroked the wolf's fur.

"Nope, nothing the slightest bit odd about this, no sirree." she said aloud as the wolf licked her cheek and then her hand where she had some cheese left from her nachos.

About 5 howls filled the night and the wolf leaned in, licked her cheek again and nudged her towards her house when she'd stood, watched her walk in before it took off into the woods.

"Umm, daddy?"


"That wolf.. Nevermind.. It's crazy, even for my standards, and I've done some seriously crazy things." she muttered as she gave her father a kiss on top of his head from behind him, then announced, "Going up to bed, daddy."

"Night.. And Emmaleigh, it's nice to have you here."

"It's nice being here, dad." Emmaleigh admitted as she walked up to her room, flopped onto the bed, rolling onto her back.

"Nothing weird about what just happened outside at all." she mused as she got in the covers, shoved the pillow over her head to get some had to be jet. lag. And that's what she'd keep telling herself too, definitely. The eyes of that wolf looked human and if she had to swear by it, they looked familiar in some odd sort of way. But werewolves didn't exist. That stuff was made up, tales told to keep kids from playing in the woods after dark and getting lost or hurt.


Jacob emerged from the bushes, phased back to his human form as Leah and Seth, the other members of his pack asked, "Wel?"

"It wasn't Nessie.. Or Bella.. Alice must have seen the wrong Swan."

"What do you mean, man.. The only one left is Emmaleigh and she NEVER comes to Forks." Paul stated as Embry nodded in agreement.

"Well apparently she does now." Jacob said as he sank down onto a log, stared at his hands.

"You owe me twenty bucks." Jared stated to Quil who slipped him a 20 and then said to Jacob, "Walk it off, big guy, walk it off."

"Whoa.. You two bet on this?"

"When you didn't imprint on Ness after seeing her when she was here, yeah.. We all kind of figured it had to be Emmaleigh, Jake."

"Why though? I mean she hardly ever came around."

"Because, you kissed her that one time, and it's all you freaking talked about for weeks after. We got sick of hearing about it, actually." Embry joked as Jacob thought about it and smiled.

So he'd essentially wasted the last four years of his life.. Typical dumb luck.

Now, he just had to figure out a way to get himself into Emmaleigh's life. That couldn't be too hard, right? He had to hope not, because seeing her tonight only sort of woke up any and all old feelings that he'd dutifully shoved aside when they were kids because he didn't want to give her the wrong impression or hurt her, and he didn't want to make Charlie mad either. Emmaleigh was after all, the baby of the family.

"Apparently, she's moved in with Charlie. Something about she didn't want him alone in the house since Bella, Edward and Renesmee are all moving to Alaska, to keep the Volturi off their backs and ours." Jacob stated as he leaned against the trunk of a tree, trying to figure this whole thing out. Alice's visions weren't always stunningly accurate, but she had seen him imprinting on a member of Bella's family. When Bella announced that Renesmee was her daughter he'd gotten slightly hopeful, though not as hopeful as he'd thought he'd be.

When he hadn't imprinted on Nessie, he'd sort of thought that maybe she saw it wrong. But in the back of his mind, even if he didn't dare admit it, he'd hoped that it'd be Emmaleigh. Because after everything he went through with Bella, it sort of made him realize that maybe he'd only thought he loved her, and he'd been displacing the feelings felt for Emmaleigh onto her older sister, seeing as how Emmaleigh wasn't readily available.

And now that she was, he found himself wondering what he'd seen in Bella in the first place.

A/N: Okay, so Bella is NOT my favorite Twilight character. And everybody's been doing these amazing sis fics, I wanted to join in the fun. There will be occasional Bella bashing, so if you don't agree with it, or the fact that Nessie is NOT Jake's imprint, my original character is, then yeah, you won't like the story.

Story is set POST SERIES. It will be pack and Jacob / oc centric. Meaning I won't be writing in the Cullens too terribly often, this is sort of an alternate life/imprint/ending for Jacob, who happens to be my favorite wolf. ;p

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Anyway, yeah.. Nobody get mad at me, this is just a scenario that's been dying to be written by me for a while now, so I decided to go for it finally.