She woke up to the sound of swearing in the kitchen and stifling a laugh, she slunk into the kitchen behind Jacob, who was the one doing the swearing, apparently, and at a skillet of what appeared to be slightly lumped pancake batter. She rested her chin on his shoulder and pointed out, "Not sure, babe, but I don't think pancake batter looks like that. They smell yummy though." her lips brushing against his neck as he turned around, pulled her against him and trailed his finger around the rim of the bowl he'd been attempting to mix the batter up in, held it out to her.

"Mmm. It is yummy." Emmaleigh muttered as she licked the batter from his finger, looked up at him, smiled. "Why'd you let me sleep?" she asked a few minutes later, as he shrugged and said "You looked like you were finally getting a peaceful nights sleep, I didn't want to wake you up." reaching above her into the cabinet, grabbing plates as he added, "Besides.. You made me breakfast, I wanted to do the same thing for you."

"Awww." Emmaleigh said as she ruffled his hair, her arms resting at his shoulder blades, before pressing her lips to his and saying casually, "I could get used to waking up like this."

"Bella called your cell phone about an hour ago." Jacob said as Emmaleigh groaned and said "Guessing she's back in Forks now. I wish they hadn't.. I mean this isn't their fight, really.. They've already been through way much more than they should've because of the Volturi.." as Jacob shook his head and pointed out, "She's your sister, it'd be kind of selfish if she didn't come back to try and figure out how the hell to get Alec to stop stalking you, threatening to turn you. Though personally, I still say we run if we have to." taking a bite of his food as he looked at her.

Emmaleigh chewed her pancakes and then leaning in, she said quietly, "If he keeps showing up, trying to use my dad, or my family, or you to make me turn to him, I just might take you up on that, Jacob. But what about our parents? I know it's not gonna be easy to leave everyone we love, everything we love behind.. Maybe we see if anything good comes of the Cullens talking to the Volturi."

"But we both know it won't." Jacob admitted as Emmaleigh sighed and then said "Let's just hope for now. If it does come down to running.."

"You're not gonna be alone, there's no way in hell I'm going to just let you leave." Jacob insisted as Emmaleigh took a bite, then a sip of her orange juice as she looked up at him and nodded. She knew that if it meant keeping him safe, she'd run without him if she had to. But she also knew that somehow, he'd manage to find her. His having imprinted on her, well.. It linked them.

Which could be a bad thing if she were say, running to keep him safe from the vamp that wanted to turn her. And she did. Because she'd die before she let anything happen to Jacob, especially given it'd taken her this long to FINALLY have him to herself with no obstruction or obstacle.

"Em.. Are you okay?" Jacob asked, looking at her in concern. He could tell this whole thing was wearing her down, and he could tell she was literally a breath away from snapping and doing something, even if it weren't the smartest idea. Which worried him because he loved her, not just because he'd imprinted on her because he had to, but because he always had loved her all along, he'd just been too blind to see it then.

"Yeah, I was just thinking, babe." Emmaleigh muttered as she stretched and stood then asked, "Where's your dad?"

"He went fishing with your dad and you know they'll most likely be gone all day.." Jacob said as he pulled her back down into his lap and said quietly, "Hey.. I mean it.. You're safe. I'm not going to let anything happen to you.. And if we have to run, Em, we'll do it together."

She nodded, but her recurring nightmare, Alec using her father or Jacob, or her mom and her sister even to get her to cave in and let him turn her came back and she leaned her head against him as she pointed out quietly, "I don't want you or anyone else I love getting hurt because of this prick though." as he pulled her lips into his, giving her a long slow kiss before standing, her legs wrapping around his hips as he carried her back to his room, door shutting firmly behind them.

At the creek, the two old friends fished as Charlie spoke up and said "What do you two make of this whole thing with that vampire, it's fixation on Em?" looking at both of his childhood friends. Now that he knew the truth about them, what they'd been when they were younger, what their sons were now, it made their conversations one hell of a lot easier. Nobody was hiding anything now, it all felt much more like it had before his friends became shifters and he began to feel like an outsider.

"Dunno, Charlie.. But I do know Em's really made Jacob a lot happier." Billy admitted with a smile as he added, "I don't see how he didn't just imprint on her the first time around? Why he even really thought it was Bells, because those two spent a lot more time together as kids than he did with Bella." Charlie nodded and laughing asked, "You remember that tree house? The way she used to boss him around in it? "

"And there was the time that Quil and Jacob messed up that easy bake oven. I think those three argued about that for over a month." Billy laughed as Charlie groaned and then said "Don't remind me. She actually cried about that, because she hit Jacob in the forehead or something, and she was afraid he'd get mad at her, wouldn't want to play with her anymore." as they cast their lines into the river, Charlie and Billy trying not to think about the situation with Alec, how it affected their son and daughter presently. Charlie had to say he was happier knowing that Jacob and Emmaleigh might finally get a chance to be together after such a long friendship and childhood knowing each other.

"So.. How'd it go last night?" Charlie asked finally, as he turned his gaze to his friend, sipped on a beer that sat beside him on the bank of the river.

"Well, walked in on them trying to tickle one another in submission, apparently fighting over the remote.. He wanted to watch UFC, she wanted to watch the days episode of General Hospital that Rachel recorded earlier." Billy snickered as Charlie nodded and said "Yeah. I accidentally got sucked into that show."

Billy raised a brow at his friend as he asked, "Why?" and looked at him in curiousity.

"Wanted to see why Emmaleigh was always sitting on the couch crying and throwing grapes at the television screen. It's so overdramatic." Charlie said as Billy nodded and said "Rachel does that too."

Back at the Black house, Jacob gently pushed Emmaleigh back onto his bed, leaning over her as he kissed his way down her neck slowly, his hands interlocking in her hands, pinning them by her head as he muttered quietly, "Peace and.."

The phone ringing had them both grumbling, sitting up, Emmaleigh pouting as Jacob handed her the phone and mouthed, "Bella."

She took the phone and her sister said quietly, "Alec's determined not to give up, sis.. But we're going to try a few things. Maybe if we threaten them with the vision that Alice saw that they got spared from when they ran during our fight over Renesmee.."

She bit her lower lip, raked her hands through her hair as she sat up and leaned against Jacob, trying to stay calm as she asked, "What did happen when you guys talked to Aro?"

"Basically, Aro said that whatever Alec wanted, Alec got. One way or another.. But Carlisle thinks.. What are you doing, Emmaleigh? Your voice sounds kinda breathless.."

"Sis, trust me.. When I tell you that I love you, but you have probably THE worst timing in the world, I say it in the most caring of ways. Jacob and I were finally alone together."

Bella giggled a little then said "Just don't go doing anything stupid, let us at least keep trying this. And you two.. Don't rush everything.. "

"Bells... I love you, but you're an interupting ass." Emmaleigh said with a slight laugh as she hung up, slid off of Jacob's lap, stood and promptly started to have a tantrum. Jacob stood, steadying her, pulling her against him as he said quietly, "Lemme guess.. Aro didn't cave."

"Nope.. Jacob, this.. What if we have to run?" as she looked at him. He trailed his thumb over her cheek as he said quietly, "Just breathe.. Everything will eventually be okay."

She took a few deep breaths, leaning against him, her forehead pressed to his chest.