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Chapter 40: Christine's POV

{A few years later…}

Today, we celebrated Fleck's wedding!

She married a wonderful man; a freak working at Phantasma just like her. She is so happy with him. They love each other deeply; it is adorable to watch.

She looked so beautiful today. I was the one who helped her prepare today, just like she did for me on my wedding day (except, of course, I didn't try to drug her out of jealousy). The way her new husband looked at her when she walked down the aisle made my heart smile. Their love is unique and faithful, like ours, Erik.

There was a reception after the wedding, and there was lots of dancing. Fleck was always dancing with someone, even if it wasn't her husband. You and I danced, but only for a few songs.

During the last song we danced to, I decided to tell you something that I had wanted to tell you for a long time.

"Darling?" I asked.

"Yes, love?" you replied.

"I have a surprise for you."

"Really? What is it, my love?"

I smiled up at you and whispered,

"I'm pregnant."

Your eyes almost immediately filled with tears of joy and happiness.

"Hello, pregnant," you said, "I'm dad."

I giggled and you kissed me sweetly. You hugged my tightly and we swayed for the rest of the song.

I looked around at the joyous scene and felt an overwhelming sense of… well, rightness is the only word I can think of.

Everything just felt right. I saw Gustave, now a handsome young man, shyly talking to one of the beautiful young ladies at the reception. I saw Erik Jr. eyeing a piece of cake on the table while Katherine and Bekkah played ring around the rosy.

I smiled widely at our beautiful family. I thought of how different my life would be if I had never come to Coney Island. I would feel so cold, alone, and depressed, but since I came, I feel warm, welcome, and happy.

My life wasn't anything close to what I had imagined as a young girl.

No, it is far better than anything anyone has ever imagine.

Erik, my love, darling, and angel, I will love you and our wonderful family til the end of time.