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Eren had been assigned with the mission of taking care of Levi, who was not feeling too well.

Currently Levi was lying down while Eren stood at his bedside holding a tissue.

Levi's nose started to tinkle, he could feel a sneeze coming on.

"Achoo!" Levi shouted sitting up immediately. His nose was filled with mucus.

"Sir!" Eren shouted.

He held the tissue up to Levi's nose.

Levi blew into the tissue.

Shortly after Eren pulled the tissue away, Levi sneezed again.

"Jaeger." Levi called.

Eren jumped. "Sir!"
He folded the tissue from before.

Staring at Eren with a disgusted look on his face Levi replied, "I hope you don't think I'm going to blow my nose into that tissue."

Eren was confused. "Sir, supplies are limited and-"
"I'm not blowing my nose into that tissue. It's filthy."

"But sir if I just fold it over you can-"

"I'm not blowing my nose into that soiled tissue."

Eren who seemed to be a bit annoyed with the corporal decided to just shove the tissue in his face anyway. Under normal circumstances such an act would result in him having a boot in his face, a missing tooth, a broken nose etc. However, Levi was sick. Surely he didn't have the strength to fight back.

"Sir I'm sorry but your acting like a spoiled child."

Levi frowned, pushed Eren's arm away, grabbed his shirt and blew into it as hard as he could.

Eren couldn't believe what just happened.

"S-sir that's disgusting!"

"Just fold it over."

"But sir it's still filthy!"

"Now who's acting like a spoiled child."

Eren sighed while rolling his eyes, "Permission to get a new shirt sir?"

"Permission granted."

Eren turned to leave.

"And get a new box of tissues as well or history is doomed to repeat itself." Levi added.

The end