The Summer Life

By WorkingGirl22.


16 year old Rachel Barbra Berry was looking forwards to spending the summer with her cousins in California after dealing with the slushy facials and losing Regionals. This was her break before Junior Year. Boy was she wrong. Instead her Dads surprised her by sending her to stay with her childhood friends in The Hamptons. There she helps her best friends out with watching the younger siblings while Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery are busy with work. All the girls will get paid for their work.

On the first day she meets the Montgomery's in house pool boy/Landscaper Noah Puckerman who changes her mind about having a crappy summer, She couldn't help but be attracted to this guy on her first night.

This summer will change her life forever. Enjoy. Oh the OC are Rachel's childhood friends and Rachel's older sister. Also I'm giving Rachel a older sibling. She'll be joining Rachel in two days at the Montgomery house.

Her sister also goes to McKinley but she's on the cheerios. She's not in Glee club and she gives Santana and Quinn hell whenever they slushy her. Her sister is going to be a Senior while Rachel is going to be a Junior. They are best friends not just sister.

Sorry guys it took me awhile to update but I promise to update more. Enjoy this chapter.

The girls were now inside due to the heat getting to them. Quinn didn't want her daughter in the heat anyways. So they were now in the living room. Mrs. Montgomery offered to take care of Melanie while they reconnect with each other. Quinn was not looking forward to the girl's grilling them on what's been happening between her and Rachel back in Ohio. Joelle decided to speak first.

"Why are you here trying to ruin my sister's summer?" Quinn frowns shaking her head. She wasn't here to try to ruin Rachel's summer. She was here to fix her friendship with her. She hated that they weren't close anymore. Yes she was excited to join the cheerios because she loves cheerleading but ditching her childhood best friend for Santana and Brittany? Was one of the biggest mistakes of her life. Rachel was like her sister.

"I'm not here to ruin anybody's summer." She replied softly. "I'm just here to fix things." Quinn said sincerely.

"Yeah right. All you've done for years is hurt my sister by sleeping with her boyfriend behind her back, ordering slushy facials, calling her horrible names like Rupaul? Man Hands, Stubbles, Treasure Trail, and Yentl, Flirting with Finn when she wasn't around-"Rachel interrupted her.

"You did what? Please tell me that she's lying." Rachel raised her voice. "No little sister. She would come right up to his locker after you left for class and place her hand on his arm and rub it, kiss his cheek and offer him sex at her house on the days you had dance class after school." Joelle tells her.

Rachel just stared at Quinn remembering the day she found her former best friend and her now ex boyfriend in bed together.


Rachel got finished with her dance class early. She decided to surprise Finn because he's always complains about them spending time together. She used the key his mother gave her to let herself in and made her way upstairs. She had a bright smile on her face. She was about to knock on his door when she stopped. She heard loud moaning. She slowly opened the door expecting Finn to be watching porn but that's not what she saw.

Her boyfriend was laying down on his bed while her so called best friend Quinn was riding her boyfriend completely naked.

"So this is what happens when I'm in dance class?" She yelled at both of them. They stared at her in shock and covered up quickly. Finn started to speak when Rachel put her hand up. She didn't want to hear what he had to say. It would have been a lie anyways.

"Baby look-"She threw her dance shoe at him. "I don't want to hear it. How long?" She yelled with tears in her eyes. Quinn stared at Rachel fighting her tears.

"Rachel please I'm-" She just walked over to the bed and grabbed her shoe. "How long?" She asked them tearfully. She just wanted to leave.

"Two months." Quinn spoke softly sniffling. Rachel just stared at them shaking her head and backed away from the bed.

Finn stared at his upset girlfriend panicking. He couldn't lose her. He loved Rachel. They've been together since 7th grade. Sleeping with Quinn was nice but not worth it if it means losing Rachel over it.

"I need to go." She rushed out quickly and slammed the door leaving the house and went to her car and sat in the driveway sobbing. They lied to her.

End Of Flashback.

Quinn stared back at Rachel remembering the day Rachel came up to both of them after she caught them in bed together. She lost her best friend that day.


Quinn walked up to Finn dressed in her cheerios uniform the next morning and tapped his shoulder. He stared at her angrily. He didn't even want to see her. Rachel ignored his calls and texts all night. He knew agreeing to cheat with her was a bad idea. Rachel Berry was his girlfriend not Quinn. Quinn cares about being popular instead being a good friend to Rachel. He feels sick to his stomach.

"Finn-"He shook his head no. "Don't Quinn." She stares at him frowning. She knows Finn is mad at her but she didn't want him hating her. They had something good and she doesn't want to lose it. Rachel walks up to her locker and opened it.

Both of them watched Rachel as she got the books she needed then close her locker. She turned to them sighing and walked over to them.

"I can't forgive both of you for what happened. I loved both of you differently and you just broke my heart." They stared at her sadly.

"Rachel please." Finn grabbed her hand. "I can't. We're done Finn." She backed away from him then glances at Quinn.

She couldn't even look at her without wanting to punch her in the face. Quinn was supposed to be her best friend. Now she was this person who slept with her boyfriend. Well now ex boyfriend.

"Rachel I am so sorry for hurting you." Rachel scuffed slapping her across the face. Finn stares at Rachel shocked.

"Go the hell Quinn. No you're not. He's all yours." She said firmly before walking away from the two people she hated the most.

Quinn ran off in tears and rushes to the girl's bathroom hating herself for ruining her friendship with Rachel. She never thought it would end like this.

End Of Flashback.

Rachel shook her head no and mutters she can't do this right now and walked to her room. All the girls stared at each other awkwardly. They all looked at Joelle and she says that they shouldn't have this talk without Rachel so for now they needed to back off Quinn for now. Quinn was relieved that they weren't grilling her at this moment. She wanted unpack and settle in for the day and just spend time with her daughter.

Noah walks in from working outside and saw the girls sitting on the couch without his girlfriend already.

"Where's Rachel?" Sofia stared at him and just points towards Rachel's room. He nods and walks to Rachel's room and knocks on her door.

She opened the door with tears in her eyes. "Baby." He whispered worried about her. "Just hold me." She said tearfully.

He nods closing the door then lifts her up and brings her the bed and just holds her in his arms not letting her go. He didn't like to see his girlfriend in tears and it was probably because of their new house guest. He was going to keep a close eye on Quinn Fabray. Nobody hurts his girlfriend and gets away with it.

At The Beach House.

Noah suggested that Rachel get away from the house for a day or two to Trent and he thought it would be a good idea. So Rachel packed a few clothes and things to spend time at the beach house. When they walked into the house, Rachel looked around while wearing a short pink halter dress with pink flip flops with her overnight back on her shoulder.

She looks around with her hand still in Noah's smiling with her bag still on her shoulder. The house looks amazing. There a huge foyer, a really nice kitchen with a kitchen island. Rachel looked out the window staring out at the water and the sand.

"Wow the beach is beautiful during the day." Rachel gasped watching the waves. He nods taking her bag and brings her upstairs. Rachel walks into the living room and smiled at how nice it was. There was a huge flat screen TV. The walls were light green with two white couches. There were white and green pillows on the couches.

There were pictures of the family on the walls. There even was a fireplace. Rachel walked over to the bookshelf and stared at the books. There were so many of them. Noah walks back downstairs and starts to unpack the groceries.

"Baby do you want to get a tour of the upstairs after I'm done putting these away?" He called out to her. She puts the book back and walks over to him.

"That would be nice." She answered smiling up at him. He grins pecking her lips. She pulls away and watched him put things away then he takes her hand and they walk upstairs. Rachel stared at the pictures on the walls. The walls were painted gray. He shows her the bathroom then shows her the master bedroom then each of the sisters and their brothers room.

He brings her to the only guest room in the house and opens the door for her. Rachel walks into the room and looked around. She saw that the walls were white but the bedding was light blue and white. She saw the beach from the windows. It was a very nice room. There was a bathroom in there as well.

She walked over to the bed and sat down on it. Rachel made a face as she felt the bed. It wasn't as comfortable as her own bed in Ohio and the one she's sleeping on while she's here in the Hamptons.

"Where's your room Noah?" Rachel blurted out blushing a little. He smirked raising an eyebrow. He wasn't expecting her to ask that. If she wanted to see his room? He'll take her to his room. He walks over to her and grabs her hand after she stood up and walks her down the hallway toward his room.

"And here we are baby. My home away from the Montgomery family main house." Noah said opening his door and they both walk in still holding hands. She looked around seeing how manly it was. His walls were dark blue, His bedding was gray and dark blue.

He had a TV in his room with a little couch. From his windows you could also see the beach. She walked into the bathroom checking it out then walked back out. She walked over to his bed and sat down feeling it. His bed was a lot comfortable.

"So where am I exactly sleeping?" Rachel asked him nervously. She's slept over Finn's house a few times when they were a couple but his mom was around so they've never actually done anything. He just did that with Quinn. Jesse St. James? Male lead of Vocal Adrenaline and Senior at Carmel High?

She stayed at his house a few times too. They were fine in the beginning but then he pressured her into sex but she firmly told him no. She wasn't going back to that again. She was ready to move on and so far she has with her new boyfriend Noah.

"I wouldn't mind you sleeping in here but if you're not comfortable with that? I'll understand and you can sleep in one of the other rooms." He tells her walking over to her and takes her bag from her and placed it on the ground then placed his hands on her waist, pressing his lips to hers.

Rachel closed her eyes wrapping her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss and felt him slip his hands to her ass and squeeze it. She moans a little and felt herself being lifted off the ground. She held onto him by the neck as he kissed her passionately, begging for more and she offers it to him by opening her mouth a little bit more. Rachel moans a little louder as their tongues roamed each other's.

They were interrupted by Rachel's phone ringing. They pulled away staring at each other and he puts her down. She whispered sorry and got her phone out of her bag and saw her daddy calling her.

"I need to take this." She whispered pressing answer and left the room closing the door behind her. He sighs in frustration. He knows that Rachel's waiting until 25 but he figured he would get a little under the dress action. He was tired of people interrupting them. He wanted her so badly.

Back At The Main House.

Quinn woke up from her short nap and allowed Molly the in house maid and nanny to watch her daughter while she got dressed to go swimming. She changed into a cute but simple dark blue one piece bathing suit. She wasn't ready to wear a bikini yet. She was still trying to lose all the baby weight from the pregnancy. She grabbed her towel and slipped on her flip flops and grabbed her sunglasses and sunscreen and left her room and made her way out back.

When she walks outside, she walked towards the pool and saw Libby and Sofia lounging by the pool in their bikinis showing off their perfectly fit bodies.

"Lucy." Sofia exclaimed coolly. Quinn waved awkwardly sitting down on the empty lounge chair and started putting on her sunscreen. She looked around not seeing Rachel or the other girls anywhere. Libby just glanced at her angrily.

"Shouldn't you be inside taking care of your bas-" She was interrupted abruptly by Sofia hitting her on the shoulder with her hard cover book.

"You better watch yourself Libby. Back off." Sofia sneered glaring at her sister. They might not like Quinn at the moment but they had no right to make snide remarks about poor innocent Melanie. She was off limits. Libby rubbed her shoulder and glanced by at Quinn.

"Sorry." She mutters bitterly before getting off the lounge chair and walked over to the steps of the pool and slowly walked into the pool to cool off.

"Thanks for that." Quinn whispered still putting sunscreen on her legs. Sofia stares at her.

"I did it for Melanie Beth. I didn't do it for you got it?" She said firmly. Quinn frowns nodding in understanding and finished putting on her sunscreen before relaxing.

"Um where is the other girls?" Quinn asked Sofia curiously. "Samara, Joelle and Larissa went out for a little bit, Taliah met up with some of her friends and is staying at their home for the night and Rachel? Well her and Noah are at our beach house for a day or two." Sofia explained to her.

Quinn sat there sighing deeply. Rachel really didn't want to be around her right now. Hopefully in a day or two they can talk privately without the others around.

"We will all be friends again at some point this summer right?" She asked Sofia softly. Sofia just stared at her unsure then went back to her book.

Find out what happens Next.