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Two Years Ago (When you were 17)

Your life couldn't possibly be any worse now, you thought to yourself. Your father was a terrible and grumpy man who disapproved almost everything you asked for: To be out later than 10, he'd disapprove. To wear the shorts your friends were wearing, he'd disapprove. To walk out on your own to meet up with your friends at 5, he'd disapprove. You just couldn't bare it anymore. Usually your mom would agree but say "ask your dad" and well, it would never be a yes because your father over rules everything in the house. This has been happening for years, and it's killed part of your even if you didn't realize it.

One day, after just mad chaos, you screamed and ran to your room, slamming and locking the door shut and crying in front of your computer, thinking it was your only friend. Your hair flopped all over the desktop, your own personal puddle of hair.

After minutes of sobbing, you decide you need to cheer yourself up before your father yells at you to be quiet because he's studying and cannot close his door because he has a hurt back but also lacks of energy, being quite lazy. You sigh at the thought.

Quickly opening up your internet browser, you browse youtube and end up seeing a thumbnail a game called Amnesia. Well, you thought to yourself once again, better scary than sad. You read the title quickly before clicking, "I scream for my mom while playing Amnesia", you quickly giggle as you click it and it loads. By now, the tears are already drying and for some reason, you're already smiling. Then, the video begins.

Now (When you're 19)

"Bye-bye mom! Bye-bye dad!" You giggled, hugging your parents. The worst was behind you now, life has cleared up and you were off to travel the world! For your 19th birthday, you got a "Around the world" ticket, worth going to a bunch of countries of your choice. You choose very quickly to your parents surprise, and they agree'd with your choices which made you even more happy when you got the ticket. You laugh at the thought, pulling out your paper that had the 'plan' on it:

You start in Canada for a couple days to visit the amazing Falls and eat their bacon, then you fly to England 'for some tea', next would be Sweden where your inspiration lives..

You begin to daze off into the airport, remembering the first day you ever let eyes on a PewDiePie video. Ever since that day you've watched every single video he has ever posted and have always obeyed him but were always a bit shy to ever get into contact. Besides, you sigh, what would he want with me?

You say your final goodbyes to your parents and jump onto the plane! You're are so excited and over-the-moon to begin this journey.

Later on the plane, you're browsing apps on your phone and notice the "Free Video" one. You click it, and see that before you went you saved a bunch of Pewd's videos! You whispered "Yes!" to yourself. You turn to the right side of you to see if the passenger beside you heard you, but it seemed the coast was clear because she was passed out. You giggle and turn to your left, dazing out the window and into the night and close your eyes as you listen to your inspirations voice- holding in the laughter of his hilarious-ness but at times you just couldn't, but you were lucky. Most people on this flight were passed out.

"Attention passengers, we're now landing in the Toronto airport. Please, put your seat belts on and prepare for landing." The Pilot announced over the PA system in the plane.

You quickly got ready and before you knew it you had already landed and aborted the plane.

That day, you met up with a couple friends and had a blast! You went shopping downtown, saw a musical, ate dinner at the Olive Garden and went to your friend's house to spend the night. There, you unpacked and got changed and were ready for some horror movies! Running out of the washroom, you caught your two friends on your phone.

"Hey, who's this guy on your lock screen?" The girl on the right asked. She had red straight hair and green eyes. You met her through the internet some years ago over a chat site and have communicated so well since. You consider her you online BFF and your BFF in real life too. She is polite and sweet, but, she's a super-dare devil and loves horror movies. She has two personalities into one which makes her extremely unique you think to yourself. Her names was Stephani.

"Pff- Stephani, you do know she has like a total crush on him? And how do you not know who that is? That's-" A skinny man laughed. He had black wavy short hair. You met him the day you saw "I scream for my mom while playing Amnesia" in the comments. He had a top comment and you replied to him on Youtube, you guys connected fairly well and enjoyed each other's company a lot. This was actually the first time you two were meeting but it somehow felt you've know him for your whole life.

"Shush! I so do not have a crush on Felix, so be quiet Chris!" You laugh with a little red glow on your cheeks. Chris rolls his eyes with a smile.

"Sure you don't" He whispered.

"I-" You stopped, and just giggled.

That night, you spent the day watching a ton of horror movies with your two friends, Stephani and Chris. You swore this was one of the greatest days of your life and were even more excited to see what would happen next. You smiled at the thought, cozied up, and took a short nap.. Because well, it was already 3AM and you had to wake up at 6AM. Once again you giggle, and let the wind take you asleep.

The next morning, you wake up. You rub your eyes, brush your teeth, comb your hair, your usual get-up routine. While doing your makeup, you remember a dream you had, just a pinch of it though. It included someone you really cared about- What? You noticed in the mirror you blushed when you remembered. You tried to remember harder about this dream, but it was just no use. You couldn't remember a thing.

"Hey! _, you coming? We need to go! My Uncle won't wait for us forever you know?!" Chris shouted from the door.

You whip your makeup back into it's little purse and throw it in your suitcase. You quickly bolt it to the door, slamming into Stephani who just giggled. "Someone didn't get enough sleep." She giggled. You wanted to cross your arms and say "No!", but you just smiled and realized you actually didn't want to because, well, it was true.

You continued into Chris' car and you were off to his Uncle's house down south a couple hours to see the Falls. You were so excited! You can't remember ever seeing a waterfall, especially in one of these romantic locations. You were always on and off about romance when you were a kid, even now. You had a couple crushes here and there but.. You just wanted someone who was perfect for you. Possibly a romantic gentleman? Nah, sounds too spot-on. Maybe a comedian, funny man? Nah, sounds too usual. You just seriously wanted a man who was like you but more of themselves. Who weren't afraid to be who they were, to do anything they wanted without anyone thinking it was weird. You wanted that kind of man, but knew there was only one perfect man like that and you'd never meet him.. You sigh, looking out the window into the heavy traffic. I'm just a one person in a world of traffic, never at top and never at bottom, you think to yourself and take this time to have a nice nap.

You wake up suddenly to a loud honk!

You realized we were here, and you smiled. It was a nice little house in a cute little neighborhood. But once the man stepped out of the house, he seemed like he wanted to start a party. He rushed out the door almost immediately tripping over a stone but managed to keep himself up. You held in your giggles. Then, he threw Chris out of the drivers seat in the car.

"Uncle Joe!" He yelled. His face looked so furious you couldn't help but laugh and realized Stephani was laughing along with you. Chris blushed. "Ugh." He sighed, and sat in the back.

"Alright, let's go." Uncle Joe giggled.

You spent the whole day touring around Niagara Falls! You saw the falls, went for coffee at Tim Hortons, visited Clifton Hill, it was a blast! Sadly, the sun had set and you were already extremely tired, and when you got to bet and went to lay down, it felt like morning came instantly.

You rushed to get your things and scurried out the door with Chris. It was once again 6AM in the morning and you were tired as hell. This morning also seemed a bit chilly to you, so you wore your PewDiePie sweater.

"Nice sweater." Chris complimented you from the drivers seat. You were in the seat beside him, and smiled back.

"Thanks!" You cheerfully said. The car began moving and you were off to the airport which was back in Toronto, but it didn't matter. There wasn't any traffic this time of day, but you and Chris did have a conversation that was stuck in your mind in the boarding into the plane and on the plane :

As you were waiting in line to go through customs, Chris asked: "Do you think you'll be lucky enough to meet Pewds in Sweden? Or wherever he is?"

You sadly didn't have time to answer because Chris was asked to leave immediately and you had to go through customs. He quickly waved and yelled at you "Bye!"

The memory ended, and you smiled as you looked out the window into the morning sky. It was beautiful.. and.. a good time to take one of those naps.

England! How fun, you giggled to yourself. You didn't know many people here, maybe that fellow Mario fan you met online a couple years ago but you had no plan to meet. You haven't talked to him in ages. You sigh, and grab your bags from the airport and hop on a cab.

You drive to a nearby hotel that seems in your budget and settle in. You know for a fact you'll drink some tea while you're here, but you also want to go look around too. You decide to go out for a walk to find a place where you could drink a bit of tea.

You're out the door and walking now, it's a bit chilly for the time of year it is but it's fine, you smile to yourself. Once you turned the next block, you saw some buildings, one had a tea cup! You run toward it, and stumble in. You notice the people in the cafe turned to you, but they gave a warm welcome. You ordered some tea and sat down. The place was nearly full, you weren't expecting that, but you don't care. These people gave you a good greeting, might as well be happy en-

What? You spotted a man, sitting down on his laptop. The man looked awfully familiar. He had dark spiky hair, glasses..

"Could it be?" You whisper to yourself.

It was! You couldn't help but squeal.

It was Mark! Back some years ago in your younger years back on an art site you were on, you met an amazing artist who shared an interest in same cartoon as you and man was his art amazing! You managed to write a comment on his profile about how he was an inspiration to you.. And well, you two became instantly connected! Chatting almost everyday, sharing thoughts, dreams, hopes. You considered each other brother and sister after awhile!

You quickly ran over to him and gave him a big hug. He was shocked, but when he noticed it was you, he hugged you right back!

Later after a welcoming chat and hugs, you brought up a question.

"Hey, you haven't told me why you are all the way in England? So why are you?" You smile.

Mark lives in Hong Kong. This is surprisingly one of the first times you two officially met because you two were just too busy to get to see each other, but, you did plan to stop in Hong Kong to meet him but, this was even cooler!

"Art purposes! And because, who doesn't love some tea?" He laughs a response.

"Of course, I should've known." You smile. "So I'll be seeing you twice this trip?"

'That's quite right!"

"Well, I'll be here for a couple days, then it's off to Sweden."

"Sweden?" He raises a brow. "We all know why you wanted to go to Sweden." He begins to laugh.

"Shush! I've had this conversation too many times." You face palm. "He doesn't even know me. It won't work."

"Aww, come on. Have some hope, sis." He smiled.

You couldn't help but smile back. "Alright. I'll just hope for some Titanic-like story, without Jack dying." You smile.

Time passed and you had to part ways, but you messaged him on your laptop that night.

As you were browsing your sites, you went on youtube and.. "A new Pewds vid?!" You squeaked quietly. You quickly clicked the video to watch in, getting lost in his eyes as he spoke and saying "Pewds does everything~" when he said it. He was just too amazing.

end of chapter one! hope you liked D: