Alright, this is a more 'into your life' experience. I felt that we needed a chapter that would explain more of your emotions, digging into your life so far a bit.. And there is a little more emotion and memory in this one! Tell me if you like it and I'll continue this kind of thing! Anywho, enough blabber from me! Enjoy~







"Okay... just a .. five more minutes..."


"Okay! Okay! Fine! I am getting up! God!" You moan aloud, yawning a big yawn and stretching out your arms as you get up from your once beautiful slumber. You turn to your phone that is on the little drawer in the hotel room. You stare at it blankly.

"What?.. Why isn't it..?" You pick it up, turning the lock screen on to see that you haven't gotten any recent text messages. "Then.. who-"


You jump. There is a glimmer coming from the bed, just a little faint light that you can make out. You quickly run over to the bed, throwing the covers up into the air and snatching the lit object before the sheets came falling back down. You look at the object, it's obviously a phone, but..


The screen lit up, revealing the lock screen and all it's text messages. You study the screen, and immediately notice - "Oh my god!" The name from the messages read 'Marzia 3' and the small font under the name was all 'angry caps lock' font.

"Felix.. Last night.. Agh! He must've forgotten this when leaving from the heat of the moment... Agh! I gotta text back!" You grin a determined grin, sliding the arrow on the lock screen. "Crap." You say aloud. A passcode was required, of course. You stand there blankly for a moment, and then it hits you. "M.. a.. r... z... i...a!" Unlocked. "Yes!"

Without hesitation you open the messages from Marzia, or in this case, Felix. "My phone! Ahh! I forgot it there!" "Can I come pick my phone up?" "I can't pick it up right now actually, is there a way you could get over here?!" "Oh, by the way this is Felix." "Oh! And my passcode is : Marzia." "Unless you figured that out." "..." "HELLO?!" "PLEASE! I REALLY NEED MY PHONE!" "AHDSASJKDHasjdhJKASDHjkasdhJKASHDJHLASdhkasj"

You can't help yourself but laugh aloud with a smirk. You quickly type back. "Not a problem. I think I have the time to come over." and click send. You sigh with a smile, heading over to your drawer to get undressed, although it was useless. In a matter of a second, the phone gaze it's vibration. You turn to the phone. "Wow." You giggle, reaching your head over the phone. "Phew! Glad you answered! Just ask Adler to give you a ride!" the phone read.

You did just that. You got dressed, packed up any mess you had quickly and headed right out the door. By this time, you were hopping into Adler's car and were all set to go, but once you sat in letting your weight crash into the seat, it hit you back:

You had Felix's phone, was in his friend's car on his way to his house, you were about to meet Marzia, and you were in Sweden, and you were... overly happy.. Though, there was a sad thing.

The sad thing was, you only had a day left here, then this would all be a distant memory, something you'll look back on and wish you had done better. All the happy moments in your life seemed to end up this way.. And you also knew that this was going to be the best moments of your life.. Just because.. Your life will never be as happy as this..

"Is that what mom-" You whispered.

These thoughts were falling in too fast, a torrent of sad thoughts and far off memories rushed through your mind, and boy did it hurt like hell. The only way you figured you were going to release it was out of your eyes, and so you did. Tears quickly came flowing out from your eyes and landing somewhere on your lap. You felt yourself burning up, your stomach blooming butterflies. Your childhood, your life, your inspiration. Everything.. Everything that you have been waiting for.. Been fighting for.. This was the time.. this.. this was something special.


"Yes, _?"

"Am I going to live a happy life?"

"Oh yes dear. I don't see why not. You will live a beautiful life."

"Yay! ... But, Mommy, how do you know that?"

"Because, I can see into your future."

"Wow, mom! You're special! You must have lived a perfect life!"

"I'm not the special one, you are, _."

"I am?"

"Of course, and you're going to live a special life! You're going to have a special love! You're going to have a special experience that no one else is going to have! It's going to happen one day, and you're going to know it!"

"Wait.. Why, why me though?"

"Because, dear."

"Because why?"

"Because, you're you. And you are special, and special people get something special in return.. always!"

"Mom.. When did we lose that relationship?" You whisper to yourself.

"Hmm?" A voice from beside you came. Your heart began to pound, and you couldn't help yourself but quickly shoot your head in the direction the voice came from. It was Adler, he was standing outside the open car door, about to hop in. His expression suddenly changed. "Are... are you alright, miss?"

You quickly wiped the tears from your eyes, and gave him a friendly grin. "Ye-yeah! Just thinking about something." You giggle. He laughed loudly. You looked at him awkwardly.

"Whatever you say." He smiled, jumping into his seat and starting up the car. "Next stop, Felix's."

As the car drove smoothly on the road, you looked outside. You enjoyed what you could see.. Colourful buildings, interesting sights, a couple of kids enjoying a game of hopscotch. It was all too sweet, you haven't seen something so adorable in awhile. This was wonderful.

"Pretty, isn't it?" Adler said joyfully. "I enjoy living here, it's a nice neighbourhood. Of course, I am jealous of you though.. Living in America.. Hm."

"What's so good about America?" You turn to him after a moment, taking a mental picture with your eyes of the nature around you.

"Meh. Things in America are just.." He stopped himself. "I just want to live somewhere where I can take a chance. That's all, I guess. I can't really get into that topic much."

Adler didn't look happy. He obviously had a memory or something that has happened to him that is going through his mind now.. Funny how you notice these things, you think. You just assume the usual, it's because it happens to you often.

"I understand." You state. You'd rather not talk to him about it, or even ask. You hate it when people ask you about personal things, and you'd also never open up to a stranger.. Though, you rarely ever open, even if it's to your family. You feel that you can't even trust them at times. Guess it's just the way you grew up, how your mother sort of changed and your father never felt to be on your side.. This annoyed you. Never having anyone to open up fully too. You really only had Stephanie, Chris and Mark to turn too in your time of need. Other than that, there wasn't really a single soul you could turn to..

You haven't met that special love your mom mentioned to you..

Or have you, and you haven't gotten to notice?

Thanks for reading! Sorry if it's short.. The next one is planned to be long so stay tuned! And merp, Adler is looking not to be a side character now? Mhm. Who knows? (;