A/N: Here we have some of those 'Hints' that Katara had been dropping before Moonlight and Lace. This is added as a second chapter but it's actually a prelude. So yeah. Have fun!

Dancing at a festival had never been more hypnotic for the young Avatar. Everyone around him was having fun. This wasn't about him so no eyes were on him. Just hundreds of people spinning around him and his partner, paying attention to their respective partners. He could have been alone with her in a secluded room and the only difference would be the lack of electricity in the crowd as the drums were beating through their chests, like their hearts. The people didn't hypnotize him though. She did. She was a different woman right now. Not the Katara who was so easily labeled as a mother hen. No, not tonight. This woman was rhythmic, breathtaking, spinning around him and moving her hips in a way that made it so he couldn't look away.

He started to sweat, feeling pressure building up inside of him watching her spin around him, move in sync with him. He exhaled shakily as her hips found his. She pressed her back against him briefly and his body went crazy, his blood pulsing and rushing, a deeper need for her growing in just that brief second they connected- and then it was gone. She was off his body and spinning around him, his hand coming to find hers. She danced back into his personal space, face to face this time and he reached out to her, holding her close.

She was excited as the music was the only thing she could hear, excited because he seemed to be noticing everything she was doing, and excited because the struggle within himself was clear on his face. He wanted her. She made that happen. She let out a soft sight and pressed herself against him, sliding her body against him as he held her close.

The feel of her body sliding against his made him almost lose his mind. He wanted to both make her stop and beg for more at the same time and it was driving him completely insane. He felt like he was going to explode. He reached for her face and cupped her in his hands, kissing her deeply, giving in to his weakness-his want. She returned the kiss happily but didn't realize how he was going to light her on fire… she didn't anticipate his tongue pushing through her soft lips and tangling with her own. How she would completely lose herself in his searing kiss. She didn't know how long they were like that, but it was long enough for others around them to stop dancing and gawk. he was the first to pull back, looking around and whispering to her breathlessly his apologies. he back away from her slowly until the space between them was arms length, holding his hand out for her to take so they could continue to dance. He silently promised himself he would be on his best behavior and not let his lust fog up his thinking again.

Katara was disappointed when they didn't kiss or brush against each other again the rest of the night, getting a simple kiss on the cheek as her goodnight parting gift. She made a promise to herself to try harder next time to get his attention.


"Hey!" He complained as he was pushed onto a couch by his other half, flopping down rather ungracefully. "What was that fo-?"

Her lips silenced him. For one quick moment he was distracted. She didn't have much time, but enough time to make an impression; Sokka would walk in any minute. She broke contact with him and bent down, her arms coming up around his neck, kissing him deeper.

He started to feel that feeling again. That burning desire starting to consume him. He wasn't going to deny her, but he wasn't sure where it was going either. Suddenly her knees were digging into the couch on either side of him and her lap was in his, her body pressing against him. Her hair formed a curtain around them and her tongue was sliding so very slowly against his bottom lip. Despite his promise, he granted her entrance. Something he never should have done. As her tongue slid against his, it was becoming harder and harder to control himself; as was clearly evident because his arms were suddenly around her, holding her to him. He didn't remember deciding to do that. Katara didn't mind; It's what she wanted. She longed for his hands to be on her like this. She broke their kiss and leaned over to his neck, kissing him softly. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. Her hot breath tickled his skin in way that made him want more and his hands started to slide down her back. When her tongue touched his skin he was absolutely gone, lost in a cloud of lust.

"Katara…" He whispered softly, unable to formulate anything else. His hands slipped lower still until he was about to caress her plump rear when they were rudely interrupted.

"Hey guys, ready to go-o-o-O-OO! GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY SISTER!" Sokka yelled as he opened the door. Katara quickly turned her attention from Aang to her brother, but stayed in his lap.

"GET OUT!" She screamed back, pointing to the door as Aang ripped his hands off on Katara's body, holding them up in surrender.

"Will you PLEASE get off him?!"

"GET OUT! This doesn't concern you!" She said and got up, marching over to the door and shoving her brother out, slamming the door in his face. The momentary interruption gave Aang the chance he needed to calm down and think clearly. He stood from the couch and walked over to Katara.

"I'm sorry, but we should go. We're going to be late…"

Katara pouted for a moment and considered that he was right. She sighed and opened the door, finding Sokka still on the ground from being pushed out the door so fast.


"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow." He said and leaned in for a goodnight kiss. She denied him and opened her door.

"Just come in for a little bit. Not long. Please?" She said with a little pouty lip. He smiled and she knew she had him. She smiled and took his hand leading him inside and closing the door behind them.

"Not long, okay?"

"Sure sure… Just a little while." She said and took off her outer robes, hanging them on the sofa. She took her hair out, letting it fall around her. She was absolutely beautiful as usual, but there was a certain gleam in her eyes.

"Have anything on your mind."

She came over to him and pressed herself against him, trapping him between her and the door.

"Just you."

Before he could react her lips were on his and he was in bliss. His hand was quickly tangled into her hair, pulling her up to meet him. in an instant they were burning up together, like pieces of paper in a fire, the blood boiling through their veins. She pressed her chest against his and was trying to be as blunt as possible, pressing her hips against his. He didn't fail to notice, but he was under the impression it was unintentional. Somewhere in his mind he needed to stand outside of this heat between them, but something kept pulling him back in. Was it her soft, warm lips? Her smell of sea salt and perfume? The feel of her body on his? He wasn't sure. His breathing was shallow and he knew he was giving into something she wasn't ready for, but seemed to be pushing towards anyway. Was it for his sake? She broke the kiss and kissed down his neck, making his previous question float away temporarily. The feeling of his whole side go numb from just her lips on his skin was completely overwhelming. He felt the pressure start to build inside him again. He needed her in way he couldn't admit. Not to himself. not out loud. not outright in thought. But he did. And he was ready to beg for it on his knees, the way her tongue was sliding across his skin. He took in a breath and kissed her on the forehead, pushing her away.

"What's wrong?" She asked, seeming worried about him.

"Nothing! I just uh… I need to go. I have to get my rest. I love you. Goodnight." He leaned in and gave her a quick peck on the lips, leaving her completely frustrated. She wasn't the only one.