The Vigalante – Garrus Vakarian - 19 hours after the battle for earth

Garrus Vakarian stood in London, where the heart of the battle for Earth was fought. What he looked at did not look like one of the many crown jewels of humanity. It was littered with bodies, debris and the city was a war zone. The Reapers destroyed everything they saw, attempting to wipe out all organic life in the galaxy. The horrors they inflicted on all galactic races were unforgiveable that in some peoples mind, the dead were lucky. Those who experienced the Reaper war weren't the same people who entered it.

Garrus decided he'd leave earth on a later transport. The Normandy made it back to Earth within hours after crashing on the uncharted world, the ship was assumed lost with all hands and its return was the best thing to lift the morale of mourning families and soldiers. It is the ship that led the charge against Sovereign, conqueror of the Collectors and the destroyer reapers.

"No, that wasn't the Normandy, it was him." Garrus quietly murmured to himself, thinking out aloud. Garrus was about to spiral into a mountain of regret before he was thankfully interrupted.
"Garrus Vakarian, Geth platforms have completed salvage for their own forces. We offer assistance as you see fit." One of the Geth Primes said. During the initial battle in London, the Geth ground forces were focusing mostly on the western side of France and Belgium, setting up artillery and AA cannons to help the fleet. They succeeded but with extremely high casualties. Without their artillery support and AA cannons, the Reapers would've sent in too many re-enforcements for the London teams to handle. Everyone owes the Geth their lives and the irony wasn't lost to anyone.

"Thanks, umm, Geth?" Garrus had no idea what to call it, "Can you and whatever platforms you can spare help the Asari search for survivors on the other side of the river?" Almost every squad sent in on the opposite side of the Thames had lost communications; Major Coates reported an 87% casualty rate.

"Acknowledged, this platform will stay within the immediate area in case of any notifications you should be informed of." The Geth Prime immediately turned around and walked off towards the closest Alliance shuttle to help with repairs. The Prime communicated to other Geth at the speed of light and within seconds Geth fighters were overhead.

Garrus would never get used to someone asking him for advice or orders. But like it or not (which he didn't) he was the highest ranking Turian on Earth since Primach Victus left for Palaven and was designated to lead the Turian's search and rescue effort of the UK and France. But, since he was a famous all round Turian bad boy, he'd unofficially become the top dog on the search and rescue. Garrus never did like leadership, or leaders for that matter. The only real exceptions being Shepard and Victus and that alliance admiral, what was his name? Gerrel? No, that was the Quarian. Hacket! The few chances Garrus had at leader ship Garrus failed, on Omega when he got his entire squad killed before Shepard pulled him out of the fire. Garrus had had fleets at the tip of his three fingers and couldn't save his home world. Palaven would be nothing but ashes without Shepard's intervention. Shepard, Shepard, Shepard. No matter how hard he tried, Garrus couldn't help his train of thought going back to his late commander. Why did he leave? Why did he turn tail and jump on the Normandy. He was there witnessing Tali pour her heart and soul at to Shepard, while marines died around them, and Garrus couldn't even muster up a goodbye. He wanted to fight; he should've fought beside the best dam person the galaxy would ever know.

"The galaxy wasn't worthy of you Shepard. For what it's worth, I'm sorry. Sorry I wasn't there for you til the end." Garrus would never live down the regret he faced over his decision. Why did he run he kept asking himself? Then his omni-tool made a beep, indicating he had a message. Grateful for the distraction eh checked the message and he found his answer to the question that was ripping his soul apart.

To: Garrus Vakarian

From: Tali Zorah Vas Normandy

Garrus, I don't know what to do know. For years my people had searched for a home that wasn't a spaceship. I was lucky enough to find it. But then, well you know the story. I need help Garrus; my home is gone, he went to the Citadel and never returned. I don't know what to do anymore. I need a friendly face with me. This dammed fleet can't reach Rannoch fast enough. I'm planning to go to the place where our shuttle landed and Shepard, he gave me a rock. A rock! The only dammed thing I have to remember the love of my life is a rock from a world he'd never been to. Oh Keelah, here come the tears. Anyways, I'm going to go there and build a home. Please, whenever you get a moment, come visit, I know you have important things to do but please. I need a friend, someone to mourn with. Liara said she'd try to come soon but I doubt that will be for months.

Please Garrus; you're one of the few friends I have in the universe.

That's why he left. Tali needed him. The moment he was finished here on Earth he would get the first shuttle to Rannoch. If none were going there he'd make one. He was about to go co-ordinate the search and rescue with his second in commands when he was interrupted by a Salarian.

"Garrus Vakarian?" He asked, Salarians always sounded excited, but this one seemed a whole lot more than usual.

"Yeah, that's me."

"I'm Major Kirrahe, I believe we met on Virmire and then again on Surkesh, but that doesn't matter right now. Garrus, we've found him. We found Commander Shepard."